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Mt. Penn High School
1985-86 Varsity Soccer Team
1986 Varsity Soccer Team

Top Row: Sean Gimeno, Harry Siklas, Jeff Petersen, Steve Monroe, Barclay Wilson, Nick Baer,
Darren Straka,
Leon Pace, Jason Miller, Charles Truckermiller, Coach Messner
Bottom Row:
Dave Dunkelberger, John Henry, Rick Schreiber, Victor Calvaresi,
Brendan Kane, Kerry Motze, Mike Dautrich, Jeff Volutza

Could those socks be any taller?
(Clockwise from left): Dave Dunkleberger, Sean Gimeno, Leon Pace, Jeff Petersen, Brendan Kane, Barclay Wilson

Nice socks, Kane.
Brendan Kane

Jeff Petersen

Versitile Pace, class clown by day, goalie by night
Leon Pace

No information is to be divuldged about this guy.
Sean Gimeno

From the October 1985 Penn Post

     This year's team got off to a great start in defeating the visiting Twin Valley 4-1 and then blanking Exeter 3-0. This year's team, with plenty of hard work and hustle, could surprise plenty of people. Having plenty of enthusiasm and optimism, this year's team can easily earn a respectable league position.
     Mr. Messner said of this year's team, "Everyone is playing much better than anticipated. The team is blending together well and if we continue to improve as we have done in the last three weeks, we will have a better season than expected."

From the October 1985 Penn Post

     Currently, the soccer team is in fourth place behind Fleetwood, Kutztown, and Oley with a league record of 4-5-1. The hockey team on the other hand, is in third place behind Wyomissing and Daniel Boone with a league record of 4-5-1. The golf team finished third with a record of 6-4.
          - Kerry Motze

From the November 1985 Penn Post

     The soccer team, after jumping out to a quick 2-0 league start, lost a couple games in a row to drop the league record to 2-4. Our team has had very little success in non-league games, losing every one. Mt. Penn has had a very hard-working team this year, giving the better teams tough, close games.
     This year's soccer season had its ups and downs, and its fair share of dramatically close games. The Mounts league record ended up at 5-6-1. Next year's team will have plenty of experience.
          - Kerry Motze

From the November 1985 Penn Post
      Even though the soccer team did not win their division, they still had individuals who were acknowledged for their achievements on their respected teams.
      Leon Pace who played striker and goalie and Kerry Motze who played center half back were both selected to the Berks All-County team honorable mention. Congratulations to these athletes for their achievements and hope that the teams will keep having individuals who excel at each and every sport.
          - Danny Hafetz


Mt. Penn High School
1984-85 Varsity Soccer Team
MPHS 1985 Varsity Soccer team featuring Brendan Kane

Top Row: Coach Messner, Tom Schmitz, Tom DiGiacamo, Dave Werner, Joe Boyle,
Leon Pace, Barclay Wilson, Dave Chlebowski, Matt Elvin, Steve Monroe, Harry Siklas
Bottom Row: Kerry Motze, Todd Ringler, Rick Schreiber,
Brendan Kane, Greg Tucci, Sean Gimeno, Jeff Volutza

October 1984
     This year the Mount Penn soccer team has experienced an enthusiastic �break-through.� The Mounts won two of their league games this season. The victories were against the Exeter and Twin Valley High Schools. Unfortunately, Fleetwood beat the Mounts in a 4 to 1 battle. The Mounts have 2 wins and 2 losses in the Berks County League and have 4 wins and 2 losses over all.
     Mr. Messner, the head soccer coach, feels that the Mounts are doing very well, and he believes that they will hold their place against most of the other soccer teams.
     Although the Mounts lost three starters (Jeff Motze, Jack Evans, and Kevin Epler) this year, Mr. Messner feels the team has a very strong defense. The offense is a bit weaker because of many injuries, such as the ankle injury sustained by Dave Werner.  Mr. Messner thinks that the Mounts are playing as a team this season and will contribute to many more wins this year. Although the Mounts are on the right track, Mr. Messner believes there is still room for improvement and the need for more playing time.
     Disappointingly, the J.V. soccer team hasn�t been doing as well. The reason may be a lack of experience of the individual players.
     Mr. Messner likes the fact that more people are interested in playing soccer and hopes the interest will continue in the future.

Joe Boyle (co-captain)
Dave Werner (co-captain)
Tom DiGiacomo (co-captain)
Leon Pace
Rick Schreiber
Brendan Kane
Todd Ringler
Matt Elvin
Barclay Wilson
Sean Gimeno
Harry Siklas
Dave Chlebowski
Kerry Motze
Tom Schmitz
Steve Monroe
Greg Tucci
Mike Dautrich
Jeff Hoyt
Darren Straka
Victor Calvaresi
John Henry
Charles Truckermiller
Nick Baer
Dave Schmitz
Kyle Seidel
Kevin Haney
Dave Dunkelberger
Jay Kissinger
Bill LaBate
Jason Miller
Jeff Volutza

November 1984
     This season there were some surprises for the Mounts. The biggest surprise was the tic score against Oley, because Oley had previously beaten the undefeated Fleetwood Tigers. The Mounts went into the game ready to play and psyched. They really shocked the visiting Lynx.
     Mr. Messner, the head coach, feels the team had a very good season despite the number of losses.
     In the beginning, the team didn�t have a goalie.
Leon Pace volunteered to fill the position. This year he did an outstanding job and will be back next year.
     Next year, the Mounts will lose many senior starters They are Joe Boyle, Dave Werner, Tom DiGiacomo, Todd Ringler, Matt Elvin, Dave Chlebowski, and Tom Schmitz. They are losing many starters, but next year they will still put up a good fight. Despite the loss, there will be a great number of players returning.
- Diane Churan


Most Improved:

Leon Pace, Outstanding Athlete, November 1984 November 1984
Outstanding Athlete - November 1984
This issue�s male athlete is Leon Pace, a junior. This year, Leon has been playing the varsity soccer goalie. This is Leon�s first year as a goalie. At the beginning of the season the team had no goalie and Leon very graciously volunteered his services. He is doing very well and is considered just as good as the other experienced goalies in the county. Leon also participates in volleyball and baseball. On the baseball field, he plays pitcher and left field.
- Karen Denby
Tom DiGiacomo, full of aggression and pep! December 1984
Outstanding Athlete - December 1984
This issue�s outstanding athlete is Tom DiGiacomo. Tom plays a major role in the Mount Penn athletics. He most recently played as a member and one of the captains of the soccer team. Because of Tom�s great efforts and aggression, he also boosted the team�s morale, leading them to many victories. Tom also takes part in many other sport activities such as volleyball and baseball. Since Tom is well known for his great enthusiasm and pep, he can always be counted on to cheer the boy�s basketball players in the stands with his friends.
- Karen Denby
Joe Boyle February 1985
Outstanding Athlete - February 1985
     This issue�s most outstanding athlete is Joe Boyle. During the Mount Penn Varsity soccer season, Joe protrayed the important role of captain and played the striker position on the field. With his tremendous efforts and talent, he helped the Mounts pull ahead against many other school teams. Although he actively participates in other school activities, he also finds time to keep statistics for the Mt.Penn boys� basketball team. Joe has been their manager during his four years at Mount Penn. With an interest in first-aid, Joe acts as trainer for the team by taking care of sprains and minor injuries.
     On the baseball field, he is well-known for his ability as pitcher. Because of his great agility on the field and ability as a pitcher, he managed to achieve MVP for Mount Penn last year. He portrays an outstanding athlete with a great inspiration to his fellow teammates.
- Karen Denby

Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 Varsity Soccer Team
MPHS 1984 Varsity Soccer team featuring Mane Kane

Coach Messner,
Leon Pace, XXXX, Jack Evans, Jeff Motze, Tom DiGiacomo,
Kevin Epler, Greg Tucci, Matt Elvin, Steve Monroe, Dave Chlebowski, Joe Boyle
Kneeling: Todd Ringler, Jeff Volutza, Steve DeCamillo,
Brendan Kane, Sean Gimeno, Dave Werner


Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 JV Soccer Team
1984 JV Soccer team feature nice hair by Darren Straka

Bill LaBate, Dave Dunkelberger, Barclay Wilson, Nick Baer, Mark Ruemmler, Darren Straka, R. Keller (Coach)

Is everyone else short, or was Barclay REALLY tall?
Barclay Wilson (right)
HOLY CRAP!  Look at that guy next to Bill.  What was he?  7 feet tall?!
Bill LaBate
Was Barclay dating the photographer at the time or what?
Barclay Wilson