Darren Max

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Darren Jeffrey Max
Typical Teen

Darren Max, 6th Grade (1980)

Paco Juan Diego

Darren Max, vegetarian

Darren Max, Softball Stud

Darren Max, 2004

Darren Max, 2006

Location: Email:
Mohnton, PA

Max - Sands Wedding Announcement
married April 25th, 1998

Deb and Darren Max, wedding announcement from the 6/21/98 Reading Eagle/Times

Debra L. Max
Darren and Deb have the same birthday!
Both were born on April 7th!

Debbie Max, lovely wife of Darren Max

Deb and Darren Max, 1/04/04

Damon Max Simon & Damon Max Simon Max
(Born 8/21/93)
(Born 5/15/00)
Pets: 1 dog named Rusty
Post H.S.
Education & Achievements:
B.S. in Physics from Millersville University
Occupation &
Where I Work:
Had been working as a Process Engineer at Colorcon, now has a new job.

 2003/2004 ELEMENTARY

Mifflin Ice Hockey
Mifflin Ice Hockey
Darren's son Damon played on Mifflin's Ice Hockey team in 2003/2004.  Proving that it's a small world, Dean Stremba and Eric Groscup were also on the same team.  Dean's Dad, Steve, is my team partner at work, and Eric's Dad, Tom, used to be one of the supervisors of the department that I'm in before he left to form his own engineering firm.  Eric is in the top row of kids all the way to the left, Dean is in the top row of kids 3rd from the left, Damon is on the far right, Steve is top left, and Tom is the guy without a hat on the right.  The Mifflin Hockey team has their own website.  CLICK HERE for more information.

High School
Career Goal:
In the senior yearbook, Darren lists "Engineering" as his future career path.
Favorite H.S.
My first sexual encounter
Exciting Things
Since H.S.:
Went to South Dakota, drove to Florida and had a child (not all at the same time, and not necessarily in that order).
Ideas for future reunions: Have it in Wintergreen, Virginia
High school...the last time being "typical" was a significant accomplishment.

Class of 1986
Typical Teen:

Kathy Ford
Darren Max

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
RB ... Brick ... Upper Dauphin ... Midnight Swims -- RB, ES, JP ... Big Splash ... Night School -- JP, RB, ES ... Philly -- LP, JP ... RB ... B-Ball ... B's Duet ... Box at Suzanna's ... Finals at Leon's ... RB -- Go IN.

Ryan Petersen, Jeff Petersen (King),
Randy Boyer, Darren Max, Leon Pace

Darren, do you mind if I belch my Italian Sandwich in your face while we do this?

Which is a better title: "Nice Hair, Guys!" or "Didn't they feed you in high school"?

Would it have been so hard to close the car door before this picture was taken?


From the March 1986 Penn Post
Paco Juan Diego     Darren Max, our Male Senior of the Issue, is a starting guard on our boys� basketball team. He has played basketball since ninth grade, playing his last two on the varsity squad. Besides basketball, Darren plays baseball which he also played since ninth grade.
     In addition to participating in sports, Darren is a co-editor of the sports section of the yearbook and is the treasurer of the Boy�s Leader Corps.
     Darren�s favorite subject in school is Calculus. He is planning on a college education in the field of physics.
     Darren�s hobbies include playing basketball and being with friends. He says that he will miss being close to his friends everyday after he leaves Mt. Penn.
Danny Hafetz

Chris Mal Notes:
Darren was a driver in my wedding.

Due to the lack of Jewish people and the large population of Indians in South Dakota, when Darren visited there he was affectionately known as "Jew-ronimo."

I'm guessing that when most people read Darren's favorite memory from high school, you were thinking to yourselves, "Yeah, actually, now that I think about it, that's my favorite memory too!"  You bunch of perverts.

Darren and I played softball together every Sunday from 1993 thru 2000.

Randy and Colleen Boyer are Darren's son, Damon's, God-parents.

Darren was one half of the B's Duet, and co-writer of the hit single "I Can't Believe I
t." If I remember right, the flip side of the single was "La Bondero de Astados Anitos Me Te Gusta Entonces Leer Leer Leer" (which translated means "The American Flag, I like to Eat, Read Read Read."  It's deep, you wouldn't understand.)

The first time I ever met Darren's wife, Debbie, was to watch the Flyers second to last play-off game in 1986. As a puck squeeked through Hextall's legs she yelled, "Woooah! There's a crotch burner!" We've loved her ever since.
Carter is camera-shy
I am also quite fond of Debbie's corn salsa. It is to die for! I'
m telling you, once you eat her corn salsa, you'll never crave regular salsa again. Her corn salsa is God's greatest gift to this world.

Question - just remembered something - neither Darren nor I were in the Nation Honor Society.  Why not, damn it?  15 years later, I demand an answer.  We were both
in the Top 10 in the class, what gives?

Darren�s son, Damon, was the ring bearer in Erin Miller�s (Class of �91?) wedding in 1999.

The picture shown to the right is of Deb and Darren Max, Collen and Randy Boyer, Kirsten and Carter Cheskey (well, the top of Carter's head), and me and Bev - from our trip to Viva Good Life Bistro and Lounge in Reading near the VF outlets, 1/10/04.  If you haven't been there yet, GO!  Awesome food.

In the 1983 Senior Class Will (found in the June 1983 issue of Penn Post), Jordan Max left his right to be a cynic to Darren Max.

Not only does Darren share a birthday with his wife, but he also has the same birthday as former classmates Dave Knorr, and the late Kenny Hoverter.

Great Adventure '88

Genesis....was this from the Invisible Touch tour?

Great Adventure has never been the same.

I don't think I'd want to hug these four after a flume ride.

He seems to have
an Invisible Touch?

Half of MPHS '86 does
Great Adventure

Hot sweaty men

Eat my dust, Homeboy!
Ying and Yang
3-1/4 inch vertical leap.
Darren displaying
his 3-1/4" vertical
leap, 1986
Ryan, Darren, Barry and Ron contemplating the latest brick.
Ryan, Darren,
Barry, Ron
Darren and Brendan learning CPR, 1986
Darren & Brendan
learning CPR,
If you listen closely, the plastic baby is saying "Waaaaaaaaaa."
Nice mop, Darren.
Yearbook Staff
Seniors-Lisa P.
Faculty-Cathy K.
Randy Boyer (Prez), Leon Pace (VP), Darren Max (Treasurer), Steve Kunkel (Secretary)
Boys Leader
Corps Officers

1984 JV
Basketball Team

1985 Varsity
Basketball Team

1986 Varsity
Basketball Team

1985 Boys JV Basketball team starring Barry Mowery!
Click to enlarge!

1985 Boys Basketball team starring Ron "When in doubt, shoot!" Slutsky
Click to enlarge!

1986 Boys Basketball team starring Randalstilskins Boyer
Click to enlarge!

Number of weeks that "I Can't Believe It"
remained in the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100
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