June 1983

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

JUNE 1983

     Commencement exercises for the MPHS Class of 1983 will be held June 16 at 8 p.m. Deborah Yoder, senior class president, will welcome everyone; Gregory Clark will give the invocation; Richard Denby, class treasurer, will give the benediction.
     Speakers will include Beth Long, valedictorian, whose speech is entitled �Every person is responsible for all the good within the range of his abilities, and for no more, and none can tell whose sphere is the largest.� Carolyn Horst will speak on the topic �Failure is part of success,� and Patricia Hill on �No man is an island entire of itself.�
     Mr. Frank Orlando, high school principal, will present the graduates as they receive their diplomas from Mr. Robert Gettis, school board president, and Dr. Horace F. Darlington, Jr., superintendent of Antietam schools.
     �Pomp and Circumstance,� played by the MPHS band will welcome the soon-to-be-graduated seniors. The band will also play �North Star Overture,� and a senior ensemble will be singing �Flying Free.� Beth Long will sing a solo entitled �Theme from Mahogany,� and the band will close with the recessional �Raider�s March� from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
          - Stephanie Rosenthal

Senior Prom
     The Senior Prom, held on the third of June at the Reading Country Club, was a successful evening for all those who were in attendance. The evening started off with a meal consisting of filet mignon or stuffed flounder. The seniors then commenced to the dancing floor where a night of fun and excitement greeted them at every turn.
          - Marshalle Palm


Beth Long

Greg Clark

Lisa Hafetz

Patricia Hill

Rick Denby

Pam Horning

Carolyn Horst

     BETH LONG, has been active in music as a member of both band and chorus. In the art field she has won many awards. She also has worked on the Penn Alma and the Penn Post staffs. Beth, a member of the National Honor Society, received full academic scholarship to Ursinus College. Her other awards include academic excellence in social studies and scholarship awards from the Mt. Penn Junior Women�s Club and AAUW.

The remaining students in the top 10% of the Class of 1983 follow alphabetically since at press time individual rank could not be determined.

     GREGORY CLARK has been an active member of the audio visual crew and Boys Leader Corps. He has been a capable athlete in the sports of soccer baseball, and volleyball. Greg, a member of the National Honor Society, recently received a scholarship from Cabot Corporation. For his outstanding service to the school, Greg received a service and leadership award from the Mt. Penn Rotary Club. His other awards included the DAR Citizenship Award and the I Dare You Award, plus an award for excellence in mathematics.

     RICHARD DENBY has displayed his financial talents as Senior Class treasurer and Business Manager for the Penn Alma. He has participated in the sports of soccer, bowling, and baseball. Rick has also been a member of band, the Audio-Visual crew, and National Honor Society. I or his versatility and outstanding contributions Rick received the Roscoe H. Ward Memorial Scholarship Award.

     LISA HAFETZ has been especially active in sports. She has been an important part of the girls� basketball, volleyball, and softball teams. She has also participated in Leader Corps, Y-teens, and AV crew. Lisa rounded out her education this year with a 2-week trip to Israel.

PAMELA HORNING has participated in field hockey, Y-teens, and Modern Language Club. She was also a member of the Penn Alma and Penn Post staffs and the Prom Committee. Pam was chosen as Mt. Penn�s first Homecoming Queen. Pam�s awards include the PTL service award and a scholarship from the Polish American League.

PATRICIA HILL, class secretary, has been an active participant in Y-teens, Science Club, National Honor Society and the Penn Post and Penn Alma staffs. Trish has been an outstanding member of the girls� basketball, field hockey, and softball teams. Trish�s awards include Outstanding Girl Athlete, Girl�s Leader Corps Leadership Award, the I Dare You Award and the Mt. Penn Senior Woman�s Club Award given to an all-around outstanding senior. Trish was also our representative to the Junior Miss Pageant this year.

CAROLYN HORST has been an outstanding art student at Mt. Penn High School. She has been selected to receive an $30,000 scholarship to the New York School of Fine Arts among many other awards. Carolyn has been a member of the National Honor Society, U.N. Club, and the field hockey team. Carolyn has received the Gerald K. Romich Art Award for her work in art and the Carl Cassel Award for having the greatest proficiency in the study of a foreign language.
          - Stephanie Rosenthal
Last Words
     A school so small all they could fit was �High School� over the door � a graduating class of eighty and tiles on the walls. I have to check the doors before I enter. I expect to find "Men�s" labeled there. It looks as though they hose down the walls after people leave. And why is it that I do not want to leave?
     Everyone here calls me by name, faculty, students, and freshmen. It�s enough to make one crawl back under a rock in the morning. Classes are scheduled at opposite sides of the school. Lunches are scheduled to try one�s patience, with enough time to obtain food and consume it if one does not chew. So what attachment do I hold to this place? Sheer masochism? The human failing of not wanting change? For 16 quarters at 9 weeks each I have snored, stared, struggled, and slid through some 8 periods a day. I have been told repeatedly that every course was more important than any other.
     It is time to go. Human tolerance only lasts so long. It is time to leave to other classes yet to come the locker space and the textbooks. That is what it comes down to. I am off to college. The only mark I leave are the signatures in the books � and the list of names that Mr. Strickler goes through until he gets to Beth Long�s desk.
     It is odd to think of this human factory. It produces minds, problems, homework, friends, laughter, and boredom. People enter it to get out. People spend lives in it to earn meager wages and put up with frustrations. How many have passed through here? How many memories has this mere begot structure formed? How many freshmen are still lost? Somehow, in the end, when it all gets boiled down and the chaff gets thrown away, beneath all Mount Penn High School�s downfalls, lie more downfalls. Farewell.
          - Jeff Jacobson
A Final Farewell
�1983 may seem a long way from now. Well, it is!� That is the first statement that I heard when I came to Mt. Penn High School four years ago. I will always remember that quote for as long as I live. That quote has stuck with me and from time to time I think back on it and laugh.
     At the time it was very frightening and so was high school. From the stories I had heard, high school was a cross between Dracula�s castle and the black lagoon.
     Now that I�m a senior, ready to leave high school and embark on a whole new experience, I have time to reminisce. Thinking back on everything, I must admit that high school hasn�t been all that bad. In fact, if you eliminate some of the lunches, the place begins to take on a certain quality that pleases me. Don�t get me wrong! I, by no means, want to remain here or wish to return for another year of this madness.
     Summing it up, I would have to say it has been an experience that I will probably not forget for a long time. I will also never forget my first cavity either, but that�s another story.
          - Dave Ravel

Scholarship for
Pam Horning

     Pam Horning was recently awarded a scholarship from the American Polish Society. She will receive four hundred dollars per year for her four years at Albright College. In order to qualify for the scholarship, Pam had to fill out an application stating what she knew about her Polish heritage. She also had to take an hour long test on English and math. Thirty students took the test and Pam tied for second place.
     A banquet will be held on June 22 at the Abraham Lincoln Motor Inn where Pam will be awarded the scholarship.
          - Stephanie Rosenthal

Williamsburg Is
for Seniors
     On Thursday, May 19, forty-nine bleary-eyed, but excited seniors gathered in front of the high school at 6:45 a.m., waiting to board the buses and begin their trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. The seniors arrived at the Holiday Inn 1776 around 1:30. Before dinner and a dance, provided by the hotel, there was time to unpack, swim, play golf or tennis, or just plain relax.
     Friday morning the seniors rose bright and early � well, maybe not so bright, but definitely early � to enjoy the hotel�s complimentary breakfast and then to tour Colonial Williamsburg in the rain. Highlights there were the capitol, the public goal, and the Governor�s palace and gardens. A visit to Virginia Beach had to be canceled because of rain; therefore, the seniors either went to town or sent out for pizza. The remainder of the evening was at their leisure.
     Again the travelers were expected to rise bright and early for their complimentary breakfast. Afterwards they packed and boarded the buses to Busch Gardens. The Old Country, which was a bit overcrowded, featured the Renaissance countries of England, France, Germany, and Italy. The best ride, according to the Class of �83, was the Loch Ness Monster, a twisting, turning, double-looped rollercoaster. At 6 p.m. the seniors boarded the buses to return home, tired but happy. They arrived at MPHS, again bleary-eyed but a little less excited, around midnight. Overall, everyone had a great time, despite the rainy weather.
          - Pam Horning
Mt. Penn High School
Awards Assembly
May 26, 1983
School Service

Judy Yoder Mem.

Class of 1968-$10

Amer. Bank-$25

Class of 1956-$25

Lions Club

Sr. Women's

   Poster Contest

G.K. Romich
   (art) $100

History Society

Berks Co. DAR

I Dare You

Penn Alsace $50
  Savings Bond

Carl Cassel


Mt. Penn

Jr. Women's Club
   Linda Evans

Prof. Secretaries
  Pagoda Chap.$25

Ladies Auxiliary
   Mt. Penn Fire

Mt. Penn PTL-$50

American Legion
   Greg Post #12

Baush & Lomb

J. Lloyd Sharetts


Nevin S. Matz

Girls Leader Corps

Antietam Ed.


Principal's Award

Roscoe H. Ward

Teacher of
the Year

Student Council

Sr. Class Officer


United Nations


Penn Alma

Mrs. Denise

Tracey Walker

Deborah Yoder

Alison Seidel

Effi Lazaridou

Lewis Guido

Patricia Hill

Kathy Tobias

Carolyn Horst

Beth Long

Gregory Clark

Patricia Hill
Gregory Clark

Patricia Hill
Kevin Shearer

Carolyn Horst

Beth Long

Gregory Clark

Beth Long

Alison Seidel

Alison Seidel

Pamela Horning
David Ravel

Darren Max


Jeff Jacobson

Joelle Reimert

Jackie Savitz

Gregory Clark

Patricia Hill

Tracey Rogers

Tracey Rogers

David Ravel

Richard Denby

Mr. Fred


Deborah Yoder

Tracey Walker

Jodi Kisling
Marshalle Palm

Gregory Clark
Richard Denby
Lisa Hafetz
David Ravel

Alison Seidel

Karen Koch
Kristen Szurgot

Students of the Issue

Tracey Walker
     Our female student of the issue, Tracey Walker, is active in many clubs and organizations at Mt. Penn. Tracey is a member of Future Secretaries, Future Teachers, and Girls� Leader Corps. She has served as captain of the cheerleading squad and president of Y-teens for two consecutive years. This year Tracey received the Judy Yoder Memorial Scholarship at our awards assembly. This award is a great honor, because it is given to the senior girl who best exemplifies the spirit of Judy Yoder - a pleasing personality, a dedication toward improving school spirit, and a love for her contemporaries as evidenced by the people who come in contact with her.
     In her spare time, Tracey enjoys horseback riding and she plans to attend Centenary College where she will enter equestrian studies.
          - Trish Hill

Greg Clark Wins Scholarship
     Greg Clark, a senior who is planning to attend Albright College, has been chosen to receive a $6,000 scholarship ($1,500 a year for4 years) from the Cabot Corporation. Greg was one of the 25 students who was chosen nationally to receive a scholarship for the corporation employees� children. Greg�s father is an employee at Kawecki Berylco in Boyertown which is a division of the Cabot Corporation. Factors taken into consideration were his scholastic record, his extra-curricular activities, his character, leadership, and citizen qualities, his SAT�s score, his result of a test furnished by the Cabot Scholarship Committee, and his seriousness of purpose toward education and career goals. This was all sent to the scholarship committee in Boston where all of the applicants were judged. Greg must submit his grades to the committee each year and if they find them unsatisfactory Greg will lose the scholarship.
          - Pam Horning
John Ford
     John Ford is this issue�s male student. �Pebs� is very active in Mt. Penn sports. He was a member of the soccer, volleyball and baseball teams. In the past, John has participated on the basketball and bowling teams. In addition to his sports activities, John is a member of Boys Leader Corps.
     In his spare time, John plays dunkball, works at Weis, and spends time schweephing. John also plays street hockey for the Antietam Flames in the Western Berks Street Hockey Senior Division.
     Next year John will be attending Bloomsburg State College.
          - Trish Hill

NHS Induction
     The evening induction ceremony for the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society was held in the library on May 23 at 7 o�clock. Present society members gave presentations and offered their talents to the inductees, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Class of 1983
Rick Denby
Dave Ravel

Class of 1984
Matt Gross
Mark Knabb
Denise Malecki
Joell Reimert
Jackie Savitz
Class of 1986
Audrey Acker
Diane Churan
Leann Deisher
Karen Denby
Heather Hill
Christine Jurasinski
Steve Kunkel
Darren Max

Class of 1987
Carol Bigos
Jennifer Eckel
Gloria Hutcheson
Barbara Meitrott
Norine Miller
Alan Rosenthal
Jennifer Schickler
Stephanie Sosh

          - Trish Hill

Are You In �Who�s Who?�
     Have you received a letter of acknowledgement stating that you have been chosen to be included in the next edition of Who�s Who in American High School Students? Were you excited and honored? I was until I went to see Mr. Cox about a list of �who�s who� students for a newspaper article. Mr. Cox told me he does not know the names because �who�s who� has no value. In fact, no school in Berks County will send any names to the organization. Even the National Association of Secondary School of Principals (NASSP) does not recommend the program. There are no qualifications, contests, or applications for an entry. It is unlikely to provide any future educational or personal benefit for students. The NASSP says that most college admission officials view �who�s who� as inconsequential.
          - Pam Horning


Tammy Alexander
Southeastern Academy
Kissimmee, FL
Travel Industry

Angela Anastasiadis
Mansfield State College
Hotel & Restaurant Management

John Bard
DeVry College
Woodbridge, NJ
Computer Science

Ann Berger
Penn State Berks
Elementary Education

Kim Berstler
Keystone Junior College
Early Childhood Development

Holly Bowers
Penn State Berks

Cindy Bright
Penn State Berks
Computer Science

Greg Clark
Albright College

David Corliss

Marcie Curry

Ray Deeter
Theater Management

Rick Denby
Penn State

Jeff Eckel
Bloomsburg State College

Deneen Eckenroth
Police Science

L'Oreal Endy
Golden West College, California

Matt Faust

Larry Fetterholf
Air Force

John Ford
Bloomsburg State College

Gioia Freeman

Gary Ger
Drexel University
Electrical Engineering

Carl Germann
Penn State Berks
Mechanical Engineering

Lewis Guido
Carpentry Apprenticeship

Lisa Hafetz
Penn State University

Doreen Hartenstine
McCann's Business School
Legal Secretary

Trish Hill
Penn Sate University

Eric Himmelberger

Pam Horning
Albright College

Carolyn Horst
School of Visual Arts, New York
Fine Arts

James Hull

Jeff Jacobson
Ursinus College

James Jarvis

Eric Kantor
Mansfield State College

Jodi Kisling
Drexel University
Business Administration/Marketing

Alice Knorr

Karen Koch

Effi Lazaridou
Randy Rick Beauty Academy

Khanh Lieu

Beth Long
Ursinus College
Math Science/Astrophysics

Mike Martin

Culinary Institute of America, New York
Food Service

Jordan Max
Penn State Berks

Pat McCarthy

Betsy Meitrott

Ralph Miller

Stacy Nabozny

Tom O'Reilly

Marshalle Palm
Juniata College
Political Science/International Relations

James Pauley

Steven Rainey
DeVry College

Tom Rainey
DeVry College

Dave Ravel
U.S. Army
Fort McCullen, Alabama
Law Enforcement/Investigation

Tracey Rogers
Lock Haven State College

Jennifer Rutkowski

Cheryl Ryan
Randy Rick Beauty Academy

Carlos Scheirer
Millersville State College

Alison Seidel
Secretarial Work

Crystal Seidel

Sandra Seiz
Randy Rick Beauty Academy

Kevin Shearer
Bloomsburg State College

Lynn Slutsky
Cedar Crest College

Solon Sternberg
Penn State Berks

Stacey Stevens
Mansfield State College
Business Administration

Kristin Szurgot
Randy Rick Beauty Academy

Joanne Thomas
Penn State Berks

Robin Tobias
Golden West College, California
Modeling/Physical Education

Greg Volutza
Penn State University
Environmental Resource Management

Tracey Walker
Centenary College, New Jersey
Equestrian Studies

James Woods
Police Work

Debbie Yoder
Shippensburg State College

Kim Zuber
Kutztown State College

Attended College 1982-83:
Sharon Fricker
Simon's Rock of Bard College

Caroline Hyman
Albright College

Jerry Schnee
Simon's Rock of Bard College

Plans are not yet finalized:
Kelly Boarder
Shelley Clouser
Lisa Grim
Michele Kercher
Georgine Readinger
Sue Shestock


We, the Class of 1983 of Mt. Penn High School, being of sound mind and body, do make, publish, and declare this our Last Will and Testament. We hereby bequeath the following:

Tammy Alexander leaves all her lifesaving �tips� to Kathy Seward.

Angela Anastasiadis leaves her brother John her wonderful personality.

John Bard leaves the �mountain spot� for gigs to the future students at Mt. Penn.

Ann Berger leaves all the memories of her �three little angels� to Miss Luckenbach.

Kim Berstler leaves all her good times to her friends at lunch.

Kelly Boarder leaves her favorite little brother Matthew a year without detention.

Cindy Bright leaves Miss Luckenbach a student who stays awake in class.

Greg Clark leaves his �climbing ability� to next year�s AV crew.

Marcie Curry leaves her cousins Eddie and Lori many good times at MPHS.

Ray Deeter leaves the French horn section to David Blose.

Rick Denby leaves Miss Luckenbach seniors who want to learn.

Jeff Eckel leaves a brain to Tom Sload.

Deneen Eckenroth leaves Eric Adam and Jon Crow tootsie rolls.

L�Oreal Endy leaves her athletic ability to Deanna Spohn (Shirley) and Amy Schnader (Laverne).

Matt Faust leaves the air out of his basketball to Mr. Choyka.

Larry Fetterolf leaves Jeff Ravel his drum talent.

John Ford leaves Tom Sload all of his coordination.

Gioia Freeman leaves her inexhaustible energy supply to Gwynne McCormick.

Gary Ger leaves the warning for all underclassmen to avoid independent study.

Carl Germann leaves his right to take off any day he wants to the junior class.

Lewis Guido leaves his ability to do what he wants, when he wants, and where he wants to the Junior Class.

Doreen Hartenstine leaves the most spirited and best attitude �Wendy�s Award� to Jim Rissmiller.

Trish Hill leaves Mr. Orlando her two big toes.

Pam Horning leaves the shady side of the field to Jackie Savitz.

Carolyn Horst leaves Mr. Minter the chance to get to New York.

James Hull leaves all his empty iced tea cartons to Mr. Orlando to be refilled.

Jeff Jacobson leaves his ability to procrastinate to Joelle Reimert and Mark Knabb.

Eric Kantor leaves the memory of Mohandis to the world.

James Jarvis leaves his study habits to all underclassmen and his preppy clothes to his favorite prep.

Michele Kercher leaves her great attitude toward Mt. Penn to Tim Miller.

Jodi Kisling leaves her knowledge of where to get those �goodies� for A & P to Eric Yoder.
Khanh Lieu leaves Mr. Rienecker another wonderful shop student.

Beth Long leaves Mr. Minter a pencil attached to his desk so he has it when he takes attendance.

Mike Martin leaves Jack Evans with a full-year�s subscription to �How to Work a Computer.�

Jordan Max leaves his right to be a cynic to Darren Max.

Betsy Meitrott leaves her great personality, great looks, and leadership capabilities to her sister Barbara.

Pat McCarthy leaves his books to anyone who wants them.

Ralph Miller leaves his mechanical ability to the Junior Class.

Stacy Nabozny leaves Matt B. to Joelle Miller.

Marshalle Palm leaves her jobs at Taco Casa and Iggy�s to someone who enjoys punishment and can survive without sleep.

James Pauley leaves a locker full of garbage to be divided among the faculty members.

Steve Rainey leaves Benji Milakofsky a cool place to hit a butt.

Tom Rainey leaves �the wall� to deserving underclassmen.

Dave Ravel leaves plenty of broken projectors to next year�s AV crew.

Tracy Rogers leaves her headbands to Jenny Miller.

Jennifer Rutkowski leaves all the good times to next year�s typing class with Mrs. Starr.

Cheryl Ryan, Kristin Szurgot, Tracey Walker, Sandra Seiz, and Kim Zuber leave their purses to Joey Boyle.

Carlos Scheirer leaves his soccer skills to Joe Boyle.

Alison Seidel leaves Mr. Messner another lackey to do his work.

Kevin Shearer leaves his �shot� to the basketball team.

Susan Shestok leaves locker #783 to anyone who can open it.

Lynn Slutsky leaves her brother Ron a chauffeur to do the driving in her absence.

Solon Sternbergh leaves his ability to fall asleep in calculus class to Denise Malecki.

Stacey Stevens leaves the ability to do smoke rings to Nellie Sternbergh.

Joanne Thomas leaves Mr. Minter a new show-and-tell partner.

Robin Tobias leaves all the dandelions at the middle school to Audrey Acker.

Greg Volutza leaves a book of Mr. Magoo stories for the future Mt. Penn students.

James Woods leaves his music to the halls of MPHS.

Debbie Yoder leaves the Junior Class Mr. Dangler's speech on priorities.

Kim Zuber leaves Tom Sload her modesty and maturity.
Spring Concert
     On May 25, 1983, the annual Spring Concert was held in the high school auditorium. The band started out the evening with �Chariots of Fire,� �I Don�t Know How To Love Him,� �Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue,� and �Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay.�
     The Junior High Chorus followed with �The Sound of Music,� �Do-Re-Mi,� and �Tomorrow.� The Senior High Chorus did a variety of popular songs.
     The song �Fame� was done by a vocal ensemble including Dawn Doskus, Ann Goodman, Jenny Miller, Kristin Szurgot, Michele Urban, and Vicki Woolever.
     �I Sing The Body Electric� was a solo sung by Patti Boyer with back-up vocalists Nancy Clouser, Jenny Miller, Kristin Szurgot, and Michele Urban.
     �I Made It Through The Rain� followed with Tracy Walker as soloist. �Come Go With Me� was next sung by the Senior Ensemble. The final solo was sung by Betsy Meitrott. She performed the number �Truly.� The final number the Senior High Chorus performed was �Tell Me That You Love Me.�
     The High School Band ended the concert with the following numbers:  �Raiders March,� �Endless Love,� and �North State Overture.� The concert was well performed and directed and all participants deserve praise for their efforts.
          - Marshalle Palm

Junior Class
Slave Auction

     The auditorium was the place to be on May 24 at 1:30. This was the site of this year�s Junior Class Slave Auction. As in past years many items, services, slaves, and grades were up for bid. Special features this year was the whipped cream and pie throwing chances. Students paid premium prices to hit their teachers. The highest possible bid was $15 and many slaves and other items reached that level. As a result, the Junior Class received a total of $588.25 towards their treasury.
          - Trish Hill

Penn Post Staff

Editor Lynn Slutsky
Editorials Jodi Kisling
Features Stephanie Rosenthal
News Dave Ravel
Sports Mindy DiGiacomo
Art Beth Long
Reporters Tim Conlon
Pam Horning
Trish Hill
Jeff Jacobson
Marshalle Palm
Jeff Corliss
Advisor Mrs. Strickler
Rafting the Rapids
     Eleven boys leader corps (BLC) members and 2 chaperones went rafting from May 12 to May 14. All the boys were either freshmen or sophomores. Thursday they traveled to Anstad, West Virginia, where they camped out at a state park.
     Friday morning the boys visited the New River Bridge which is the largest single suspended arch. They then went to the national state park visitor center to see a slide show on the history and recreation of the national scenic river, New River. Next the boys rafted down the New River Gorge (14 miles long) which is ome of the best white water in the East. Some of the rapids they rafted through were the Initiation, Surprise, Fayette Station, Double Keyne, and the Greyhound Bus Stopper. On their trip home, they stopped overnight at a camp in west Maryland. The boys returned home early Saturday afternoon.
           - Pam Horning

A Great Adventure
     Selling cashew patties at Christmas time paid off for 33 girls leader corps members. As a result of their successful campaign, girls were required to pay $2 and were off to Great Adventure on May 13. The club traveled by bus through the safari in the morning and spent the rest of the day in the amusement park. The trip was chaperoned by Miss Murray and Miss Michewicz.
          - Trish Hill

Special Olympics
     Each year the Mt. Penn boys and girls� leader corps help handicapped children from all over Berks County at the Special Olympics. Although Mt. Penn�s division of special education does send participants, our students were paired up with special students from many other schools in the county. The Leader Corps members chose their participants and were responsible for taking them to the many track and field events, encouraging them, and watching over them for the day. Mt. Penn students who helped on May 4, share a common feeling of satisfaction and service that they and their school can be
proud of.
          - Trish Hill

Mrs. Susan Claar wishes to thank all students and faculty members for their cooperation with the cafeteria staff in this re-opening year.
Hawk Mountain
     On May 5, 1983, eleven botany students took a trip to Hawk Mountain. They first ventured to the North Lookout where they observed vultures and osprey. Then they traveled to the South Lookout, to the River of Rocks, and down the mountain again to the Preserved Specimen Center where they observed song birds, such as cow birds and finches. Finally they went on an excursion to the Pine Swamp and Fossil Pit. In the Pine Swamp they examined wild flowers and birds. In the Fossil Pit they held high hopes of finding fossils, unfortunately they did not. The purpose of this exhausting day was to observe the successive stages of the forest.
          - Marshalle Palm

     During this school year plans have been proposed for a play to be presented for next year. Mr. Orlando and Mr. Segro have gotten together to discuss having an all-school play. For the past five years there haven�t been any school plays; however, prior to that, Mr. Segro was in charge of the productions. Problems such as the lack of interest and application, as well as too many other school and home responsibilities have hindered the plays from getting off to a good start.
     This year Mr. Segro began a drama club with junior high students in an attempt to renew interest in this area. If the enthusiasm of this group can be sustained, our school can look forward to a more successful stage program.
          - Jeff Corliss

Junior High Dance
     On May 26, the high school gym was the site of a junior high dance. This was not your average dance though; this one had a pizza party attached. The dance, which was for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, was held from 7 to 9:30. Then everyone migrated to the cafeteria for a half hour of pizza consumption.
          - Mindy DiGiacomo

Hershey Trip For
Eighth Grade

The eighth grade was able to go to Hershey Park on June 3. The trip was organized by Miss McCaw and basically funded by the junior high dances held under the direction of Mrs. Krick.
Villanova Visited
     Twenty-three Future Teachers of America (ETA) members and 9 non-members went to Villanova University in Philadelphia on May 17, 1983. Members of the club went free while non-members had to pay a small fee. The group heard the assistant dean of admissions speak about Villanova, its admission standards, and its offerings. The group did not have a tour of the University because the spring session had let out and the summer session had not begun. They were given time to walk around the campus and visit its highlights such as the library, the student store, and the Connelly Center (campus center).
          - Pam Horning

Students Visit RACC
     On April 26, five Accounting II students went to the Reading Area Community College to participate in the Business Career Day. At RAAC they listened to speakers talk about Data Processing and Accounting. At the Accounting session a RACC student and an employer spoke and at the Data Processing session an employee, an employer, and a RACC student spoke of these careers. Zinger held a session on the �Business Image� after lunch. A fashion show was put on during lunch.
     On April 28, eleven Future Secretaries of America (FSA) members and Mrs. Starr visited RACC. Some of the members toured RACC while others listened to career speakers. After lunch which was provided by RACC and the fashion show they all saw a presentation by Zinger on the �Business Image.� Deanna Spohn, a junior, was a volunteer for a makeover.
          - Pam Horning

Sales Day
     On May 10, Deb Yoder and Pam Horning, both seniors, participated in the Sales & Marketing Career Awareness Day at the BCIU. The day included breakfast, three workshops, a lunch with an executive, and a career shadowing experience. Each workshop lasted about 45 minutes. The workshops were Educational Requirements for a Career in Sales & Marketing, Salesmanship: �Is Sales for YOU?�, and the World of Marketing. Deb shadowed the sales representative from the Sheraton, while Pam went to lunch with Mr. Chuck Ortwein, the product manager of the Polymer Corporation.
          - Pam Horning
Students Honored
     Each year the Youth Committee of the Reading Exchange Club sponsors a youth recognition luncheon meeting to honor outstanding youths of Berks County. This year Greg Clark and Beth Long were chosen to represent Mt. Penn.
The luncheon was held on May 18 at the Abraham Lincoln Motor Inn. Each student was introduced and his or her accomplishments were read to the luncheon guests.
          - Beth Long

and Farewell

     There comes a time when everyone must move on to better and bigger things. Unfortunately for Mount Penn students, that time has come for a dedicated member of the high school staff. Miss Korba, the German and Spanish teacher, is leaving at the end of this year for Chicago. She will be getting married in June and is planning a happy life as a teacher in the big city. Although this is an excellent opportunity for her she will be truly missed here at Mount Penn.
          - Marshalle Palm

Immunization Requirements
     Under new regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, all students after August 1, 1983, will be required to provide proof of the following immunizations:

   3 doses of DTP, Td or DT vaccine
   3 doses of Oral Polio vaccine
       or 4 doses of Salk vaccine
   1 dose of Live attenuated
       Measles vaccine
   1 dose of Live Rubella vaccine
   1 dose of Live Mumps vaccine

     Students who do not have proof of the above immunizations or proof of immunity will not be allowed to attend school in September of 1983 until their immunizations are completed and verified.
     In the Antietam School District alone there are 150 students who need these immunizations; in Mt. Penn High School there are about 80 students who still need vaccines. These 80 students should have received by mail a letter stating the needed shots and the consequences of not receiving them.
     Mrs. Auchter wishes to impress on the students the need to take care of these immunizations as soon as possible. Proper immunization now will allow records to be complete before September, and there will be no delay in admission to school. You may receive the vaccine from your personal physician, or they can be obtained free of charge from the Department of Health - call 378-4377 for an appointment.
          - Jeff Corliss
Advanced Placement Exams
     Every year in the third week of May, AP Exams are sent to any high school in the country which wishes to administer them. This year at MPHS the tests were given on May 18. Two students, Beth Long and Greg Clark both took the exams in calculus.
     The AP Exam Program is a program of college-level courses and exams for secondary school students. Participating colleges then give credit or advanced placement to students whose scores are considered acceptable. All exams contain both multiple-choice questions and essays or free-response questions; in calculus the free-response questions are problems. Calculus is three hours long.
      Exams are graded in two manners:  the multiple choice questions are scored by special scoring machines. The essays or problems are evaluated by a panel of professors and teachers out of a total of 800 who participate in the scoring. An overall grade of �5�. means the student is extremely well qualified in that subject; a grade of �1� means the panel of judges gives no recommendation to the student.
          - Beth Long

Schedule Changes
     Next year there will be some schedule changes for 7th and 8th grade. The 8th grade students will be offered typing one day a week to help prepare them for working with the computer keyboard in 9th grade. They will also have a course in conversational language, which is a half year introduction to French and Spanish.
      It has been possible to schedule most of 7th and 8th grade for double shop and home-ec classes next year. This will make projects in both classes more feasible.
          - Mindy DiGiacomo

Iowa Testing
      The 2 pencils were broken out in March of this year and the people at the other end of the pencils were the classes of �87� and �88.�
      Maybe you�ve heard that the ovals and scores don�t change just the faces. Well, this year the 7th grade proved this statement false by collectively achieving an all-time high percentile rank of 94%. The 8th grade also faired well with an average of 92%.
      High spelling scores were pervasive in both grades.
          - Tim Conlon
Gerald K. Romich

Athletic Awards
     Each year the athletic awards are presented at the Sports Banquet. This year the banquet was held June 10 in the high school cafeteria. The following awards were presented.
     Seniors TRISH HILL and GREG VOLUTZA were the recipients of Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award for which they each received a trophy.
     GREG CLARK, also a senior, was awarded the Gerald K. Romich Award. This award is for the student who actively participates in sports, even though he does not have great ability, but he does try his best with a sense of humor. The Boosters� Club Sportsmanship Awards went to LISA HAFETZ and KEVIN SHEARER. In addition to receiving a trophy, their names will be placed on a plaque in the office.
     An outstanding player was chosen for each team sport. These players are chosen by the coach or by the players themselves. For this honor each of the following students received a plaque:

Field Hockey - Trish Hill
Soccer - John Ford
Girls Basketball - Trish Hill
Boys Basketball - Jeff Eckel
Boys Tennis - Greg Volutza
Golf - Evan Spohn
Girls Bowling - Karen Koch
Boys Bowling - Keith Biscanti
Softball - L'Oreal Endy
Baseball - John Ford

     All senior athletes received a plaque as recognition for their participation in Mt. Penn sports. Varsity letters and pins, as well as JV letters and pins were awarded to deserving players. The jackets for the boys� basketball team and the girls� bowling team were also given out at the banquet.
          - Pam Horning

     This year�s softball season started off with a Mount Penn win over Governor Mifflin (15-1). The girl�s spirits were dampened, however, when they played Fleetwood to a disappointing loss (16-4). They again suffered a loss against Kutztown (12-0). Next the Mounts met Exeter, an annual rival. The girls played hard and pulled out a 9-5 win.
     Mount Penn then faced a losing streak of four games. The girls played valiantly against Twin Valley (10-2), Central (17-11), Tulpehocken, (7-6), and Daniel Boone (16-8). They played on, undaunted by their losses, to meet Wyomissing on their home field. Thanks to some great playing and the pitching of Bert Schreiber the team beat the Spartans, 9-4.
     The next three games were close battles that ended, unfortunately, in losses for Mt. Penn: Twin Valley (10-7), Brandywine (8.7), and Central (9-4). The final two games of the season were successful for the girls. The Wyomissing game proved an easy win for the Mounts as they again beat the Spartans 13-3. The last game of the season was against Oley, and thanks to Mount Penn�s aggressive offense and strong defense the season ended with a win (7-1).
          - Mindy DiGiacomo
Junior High Intramurals
     Co-ed softball intramurals for the 7th and 8th grades were started May 18 under the supervision of Miss McCaw. The games were played Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons after school. The games were umpired by Miss McCaw and freshman Randy Boyer.
     Sixty-four boys and girls were divided into 4 teams. Nick Baer and Stephanie Sosh were the co-captains of the Dodgers. The Cardinals co-captains were Manny Santa-Coloma and Kim Steiger. John Henry and Amy Miller were the Yankee co-captains, and the co-captains of the Reds were Steve Monroe and Norine Miller. All the co-captains were 8th graders.
A championship game will be played on the last day of intramurals. The final game is between the 7th and 8th grade.
          - Pam Horning
Baseball Season Ends
     The baseball season did not quite live up to Coach Dengler�s expectations. The team�s final record was 4-15. There were however, 9 games which the Mounts could have won with one key hit or key play and 5 of these games went into extra innings.
     John Ford, a senior, had the highest overall batting average with a .310. His league average was .294. Junior Tom Sload had a .306 overall average and the highest league average with a .353. Freshman Jeff Petersen had a .296 overall batting average. Pitcher Dave Ravel, a senior, had an earned run average of 2.33.
     Senior Kevin Shearer and Petersen each had 3 hits in the win over Brandywine (7 -6). The boys then beat Central 5-4. Sload was 3 for 3 at bat; Petersen 2 for 3. The Mounts then blew away Brandywine 14-8. Ford hit a homerun with 2 men on base and was 3 for 3 at bat. Sload had a homerun, 4 RBI�s, and was 3 for 3. Wyomissing broke the Mounts winning streak (2-6). The team had only 3 hits against Daniel Boone and lost 0-6. The Mounts also lost 3-4 against league champion Oley in 8 innings. Against Central the Mounts lost 2-5 in 9 innings. Pitcher Ford scored the Mounts 2 runs. Their last win was against Twin Valley (3-1). Dave Ravel pitched; Ford scored twice. Fleetwood trounced the Mounts 4-14. Then they also lost 6-7 in 8 innings against Twin Valley. Dave Ravel was 3 for 4 at bat. The Mounts lost 7-8 to Tulpehocken in 10 innings by leaving 16 men on base. Shearer had 2 triples, 3 RBI�s, and was 2 for 4 at bat. Oley Valley then beat the Mounts 0-9. All of Oley�s runs were unearned. Ford had the only hit for Mt. Penn. At the final game Holy Name creamed the Mounts 1-12. Seniors Larry Fetterolf, Kevin Shearer, and John Ford all had a hit for their last at bat.
          - Pam Horning