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David A.

A 2-year old Dave Blose
Dave Blose, 1981
David Blose, 8th Grade
Dave Blose
Dave Blose, graduation in 1990
Dave Blose, August 2000

Location: Dave's Blog
and Yahoo Page:
Home Email:
Anderson, IN

(Has lived in Anderson
going to college there.)
Dave's Blog
and Yahoo Page

Wife: Not married
Children: None
Post HS Educ.: B.A. from Anderson University (Anderson, IN), 1990, in Social Work and Criminal Justice
Occupation &
Where I Work:
June 2002 thru now - contract employee for Eli Lilly in Indianapolis working as part of an asset delivery team, creating Bills of Material.

1998 thru April 2002 - Production Editor for a distributor catalog publishing company in Indianapolis. 

1990 thru 1998 - Residential Counselor at the Madison County Youth Center (a home for delinquent boys).
Pets: None

Dave playing the roll of "Harry" in "3 Men on a Horse"

Dave Blose in Chicago The hills are alive with the sound of Blose Dave Blose (right) in "Of Mice & Men," 2002

Dave (right) playing
the roll of "Harry" in
"Three Men on a Horse",
June 2005, Belfry Theater
in Noblesville, IN

Dave in Chicago

Dave (left) in his
performance in
"The Sound of Music"

Dave (right) in his
performance in
"Of Mice & Men,"

Dave Blose, graduation 1990

Dave Blose, 2 years old Dave Blose, shaved head "Borrowed" from Dave's Yahoo Page

from college

Dave in 1970

Dave with a
shaved head

Dave in 2005
Dave and a fake cow Dave from his September 2000 performance in Fanatastics Dave from his September 2000 performance in Fanatastics Dave from his September 2001 performance in Secret Garden

Dave in
August 2000

Dave in his tremendous
performance in the play
"The Fanatastics,"
September 2000

Dave in his
performance in
"The Secret Garden,"
September 2001

High School
Nick Names:
Favorite H.S.
German classes with Mr. Brossman, bowling, basketball games, and many others too numerous to mention. Oh, I forgot, my triple against Governor Mifflin!
Nickname: According to his Yahoo profile: "Bald Eagle Buch"
Favorite Quote: "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall." - Vince Lombardi
Hobbies: Autograph collecting, community theater, fantasy baseball

Based on Dave's Yahoo page, it appears that he's taken up Ghost Hunting as a hobby.
Interests: Acting, Philadelphia Flyers, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Philadelphia Phillies, Andrea Bocelli, Charlotte Church, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Swing, Mozart, Braveheart, James Bond, Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart, Shows.

Dave's favorite TV Shows:  House, My Name Is Earl, E-Ring, Ghost Whisperer, and Three Wishes

Dave's favorite Movies: Braveheart, James Bond, anything with Bogart

Dave's favorite Books: Lord of the Rings, anything by C.S. Lewis
Exciting Things
Since H.S.:
Traveled to Costa Rica, Greece, Peru and the Grand Cayman Islands. Spent one year working on an MDIV degree. Continue to be an avid autograph collector.
Current Hobbies and Interests: "I'm keeping myself busy with an avid interest in fantasy baseball, and a new found love for the theater. Since last summer, I have appeared in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Man of La Mancha, A Streetcar Named Desire, Annie, and The Fantasticks. Mostly in small, supporting roles, but I do enjoy it. I will also be appearing in the ballet Giselle, but in a non-dancing role, for which I and the audience will be eternally grateful."

Dave gets production credits for "Scenic Painting" in Anderson's Mainstay Theatre's comedic play "Run for Your Wife."

Dave reported on 10/14/02, "I am continuing to be actively involved in community theater here, having been onstage for four shows this season (The Nerd, You Can't Take It With You, Of Mice and Men, and Guys and Dolls).  [See picture above-right for Dave in "Of Mice and Men."]  I am currently on the theater's Board of Directors, so I now get some say so in what shows they do."

I checked out Anderson's Mainstage Theater group's webpage in August 2003, and see that Dave is still extremely active.  You can find his name all over the place as a character in numerous plays listed in their "Archive" section, or as "Assistant Director/Stage Manager" of former and future plays that they are presenting.  Check it out yourself...
Chris Mal Notes:
One of my favorite memories of Blose: The day he got the perm.

A quote from his sister: "David, David! There's a wild dog in the yard!" I'm not even sure what that was all about any more, but it still makes me chuckle.

Then there was the 10th grade baseball incident. Was it a bad throw from Todd Bowers or a bad catch by first baseman Blose? No one ever agreed. What was agreed was that I had broken my jaw and required surgery to wire it shut for two months. (Two months in which I actually gained weight from all the milkshakes that they fed me, by the way!)

Why didn't we ever call him "Dave"? He was always just "Blose." It wasn't until now, years later, that this strikes me as odd. It was kind of like "Sting" or "Cher"...or "Prince". He should change his name to a symbol, and become, "The Mt. Penn High School graduate formerly known as Blose."

Blose's nick-name, if you'll recall was "Elvis". Why did we call him "Elvis"?

Blose was definitely involved - Band all four years, Chorus all four years, Leader Corps 3 years, Science Club 3 years, Bowling 4 years, Baseball 4 years, and Basketball manager 3 years.

Dave says he tries to get back to Reading about twice every year � once in the summer and once around Christmas.

I think everyone would agree, David was one of the kindest people in the class, and unequivocally the most tolerant, as well.  And, reflecting upon those four years, one of my favorite classmates.

Dave is still active in the theater as you can see below...

In the 1983 Senior Class Will (found in the June 1983 issue of Penn Post), Ray Deeter left the French Horn section to David Blose.

Some very nice things people have had to say about Dave on Yahoo:

  • "Buch has the biggest heart I know. He is always a gentleman and genuinely cares about people. I admire that he stands by what he believes and can express those beliefs with tact. I hope he finds a good woman. He would treat her like a princess."
  • "Dave is a very dear friend that I am so blessed to have. I hope our friendship lasts many more years. The best thing I could wish for David is a wonderful woman to walk into his life and treasure him as he should be."
  • "Buch is a very nice guy hes always there when people need his help we all need buch as a good friend."
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
If I had a Blosegun ... Blose-a-Mania ... Audrey and the bet ... Wrong car at Rama ... missing water bottles ... Tag Team Wrestling ... Zuber at Columbia ... Slutsky's bricks ... German with Mr. Brossman.

From the November 1984 Penn Post
     Reagan, along with all the Republican candidates, swept the mock election held at MPHS November 5. Of 180 votes Reagan and Bush received 123. Only a total of 3 students voted for members of the minor parties. The closest contest was between Stull and O�Pake, the incumbent, for state senator. Stull won by a margin of 87-68.
     The students favored all three referendum questions.
     Students were required to register in October. Those who didn�t register were turned away from the polls. A disappointing 45% of the students registered only 26% of the seniors. Of the registered voters, 87% cast their ballots at the polls.
     Since we had a regular voting machine, this was an opportunity for the students to learn by doing. The poll workers were members of the Penn Post staff. With David Blose in charge, they also organized the registration and the election with the help of Mr. Orlando.


1983 Mt. Penn
JV Baseball Team

 1984 Mt. Penn
Bowling Team

1986 Mt. Penn
JV Bowling Team

JV Baseball 1983
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Mt. Penn 1984 Bowling team featuring Your Pal Chris Mal!
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MPHS 1986 Boys JV Bowling Team starring Elvis
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Eyes on your own test, Mervine!
Keep your eyes on your
own test, Mervine!
Tampa Bay Bucs fan, David Blose
Blose in the
Caf Line
Dave Blose, Eric Delewski, Dave Dunkelberger
Dave, Eric, Dave
Hey, is this train club or the bowling team?  What's with the shirt?
Dave Blose, Band 1984
"Brass Horn" Blose
Eduard Constantin Lewy
Blose in band

Number of times Dave bowled over 200
for the Mt.Penn JV-bowling team:

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