Boys Bowling

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Mt. Penn High School
 1986 Boys Varsity Bowling

Ugh!  This picture is painful to look at.

Scott Sipe, Jeff Hoyt, Nick Baer, a hot guy, Mark Leffler

February 1986 Penn Post
     This year�s boys bowling team got off to a slow start, losing 3 straight games to the division favorite Exeter team. Chris Malinowski had the high triple of 576. Mt. Penn then took 2 of 3 games from Twin Valley. Mark Leffler had the high game of 248 and the highest triple of 611. Their record as of now stands at 2-4, but should be improving rapidly.
     The boys JV has a record of 3-3 and has an optimistic outlook for the future.

Chris Malinowski
Mark Leffler
Nick Baer
Jeff Hoyt
Scott Sipe
Dave Blose
Chris Gockley
Jon Franckowiak
Todd Boyer

Coach - Mr. Fegley

           -- Kerry Motze

Women, stop drooling.
All-Berks County
All-Star Chris Mal


Chris is our first male bowler to be so recognized. His average placed him 4th during the Berks County League schedule.

March 1986 Penn Post

     The boys� bowling team has done very well this season. The boys defeated Exeter in three straight matches. Since this is the first time the boys had a winning record since 1975, Mr. Fegely is very proud of them.
     The team average, which is the highest average is 852. Their record this year was 25-17. The team finished second in their league.
Chris Malinowski and Mark Leffler had high triples of 676 and 664, respectively. Mark Leffler and Todd Boyer had high games of 248 and 244. Chris Malinowski and Mark Leffler had high averages of 196.2 and 186.3. The Boy�s Bowling team has had a great season and there is a possibility that will continue next year.
           - Sandy Horning


Mt. Penn High School
 1986 Boys JV Bowling

Chris Gockley, Dave Blose, Jon Franckowiak, Todd Boyer


Mt. Penn High School
 1984 Boys Bowling

Hey, I actually didn't look too bad in this picture...what the hell happened to me after 1984?!?!

Alan Ganas, Steve Newcomer, Chris Malinowski, Steve Orth (Top),
Dave Blose, Nick Baer, Tom DiGiacomo, Keith Biscanti