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Chris Mal, blossoming stud

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Chris Mal, 2004

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Maiden Creek, PA

My FaceBook Page
Chris's Wife, Beverly Bev in Busch Gardens, our 1998 vacation in Virginia

The happy family

Beverly J.
Married 12/09/95
in Allentown, PA
Chris & Bev from their wedding, 12/09/95 Bev, Chris and Bev's sister Beth
Me, Bev and
Bev's sister Beth
Is this not the cutest little face ever?Hopefully she learns to drive more like Daddy and not her crazy driving Mom
Woah, that guy on the right is wearing a scary mask.


Buzz buzz buzz.

  Alyson Victoria
Born 4/26/05
Adopted from Moscow
Came home to the U.S. 5/12/07
All of these pictures are from her first 6 months with us...
  Jolie Elizabeth
(Born 2/11/02)

Jolie's hair is now long enough to put up in a little pony tail.Nothing cuter than a girl in a baseball cap!Jolie and a pumpkinElton Jolie
The cutest 2-year old ever.She looks like she knows what she's doing with those utensils, but don't be deceived.
Taken while sitting in her seat waiting for Cinderella to start.Playing in the hay.Damn she so cute.  (Takes after her Dad.)Very cute the hair

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The Malinowskis on South Park Chris Mal's South Park little league team

Clips from the Malinowski South Park Episode
by Joe Ricards

The Malinowski House
in the thriving Metropolis of Blandon, PA
Roses on the side of our house, in the thriving metropolis of Blandon The Malinowski House in the Mushroom Capitol of the World
Children: Jolie Elizabeth (born 2/11/02)

Alyson Victoria (born 4/26/05) - adopted from Moscow.  Her first day in the United States was, appropriately, Mothers' Day, 5/12/08.
Post HS
B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, graduated 1991.
Where I work: General Supervisor of the First Energy/Met-Ed area Substation Technical Operations department (formerly GPU Energy, which was formerly Metropolitan Edison/Penelec, which was formerly Metropolitan Edison.)
Favorite H.S.
  • The infamous bowling teams (Sally, Kathy, Audrey, Brett)
  • The class trip
  • Dungeon & Dragons (Brendan, Jason, Darren, Jim Q.)
  • Hiking around Neversink Mountain (Brendan, Jason, Jim Q.)
  • R&R Games and my reign of supremacy (Gorf!)
  • Wiffle Ball in Jimmy's back-yard
  • The B's Duet (Darren - and of course the back-up B's Christine, Stephanie and Suzanna)
  • Traveling to lunch in "The 'Nad" (with Sean, Jim and Bill)
  • Joe Gallagher making me laugh
  • Getting thrown out of Mrs. Del Signore's computer class
  • Self-Taught Computer Class with Darren
  • Ultimate Frisbee (with Brendan)
  • Mr. Fegely's Stats class
  • The Brain Trust (Steve, Brendan, Jason, Darren)
  • Mr. Dengler telling me that I was "Anass"
  • Talking about music with Eric Delewski (Peter Gabriel)
  • Playing Coleco Vision and Gazupie Software games like Pociss Football and Song Titles with Brett Bowers and Brendan
  • Winning "Most Talented" (I then spent the last 15 years trying to figure out what it was that I was so talented at doing)
  • Mr. Ranck's science classes
  • Mapping out the sewers with Jimmy Quirk
  • Randy Boyer and our "Hot Pink Book"
  • My "brother" - Brendan Kane
Exciting Things
Since High School:
Married a beautiful girl named Beverly who I met through video dating! Traveled to Maui for two weeks on our honeymoon.

Was struck by lightning in 1995 and survived without injury (not kidding!)

Work has sent me to many hot-spots such as Milwaukee, Akron, Rome (Georgia, not Italy!), Raleigh, St. Louis and Fort Lauderdale.

Played Softball with Randy Boyer, Darren Max and Jeff Petersen (and Butch Miller '87) every year from 1990 thru 2000.

I have also played Volleyball on a semi-regular basis.

Have traveled to Cooperstown every summer since 1990 for the baseball Hall-of-Fame induction ceremonies - one year I ate breakfast with Earl Weaver, another I met Tony Danza and ate dinner with the Lasorda party which included Rollie Masimino, Rick Fratello and of course all of the Lasordas.

Spent a week-end in Toronto to see four straight Blue Jays games.  Once went to Boston for a weekend and saw the Red Sox play all 3 days I was there.  And on one of our trips to Cooperstown we took a detour to Montreal to see the Phillies play the Expos.

Went to Daytona, Orlando and St. Petersburg for Spring Break my senior year at Drexel.

Medical Incidents: Had surgery to fix a deviated septum as a result of a high school "A-field" football injury, had three wisdom teeth pulled, and passed a few Kidney Stones.  My family doctor thought I had Lymphoma in the Fall of 2003, but the illness turned out to be some sort of virus that just mysteriously went away after a month of fever, chills, exhaustion and swollen glands on my neck.  (All tests came back negative - even the test for Mono which is what I was sure I had.)

Learned how to golf and how to ski (not at the same time.)

Almost went sky-diving.

Vacationed in Ocean City, NJ in the summer of 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.  That trip in 2003 was the first time that Jolie saw the ocean.  CLICK HERE to see the 2003 pictures, CLICK HERE to see the 2004 pictures, CLICK HERE to see the 2005 pictures.

We took Jolie to Orlando (Disney) for the first time in the Fall of 2004 (CLICK HERE for those pictures), and were back again in 2006 with all of Bev's family (CLICK HERE for pictures).  This time we hit Universal Studios, Sea World and went back to Animal Kingdom for the 2nd time.

Vacationed in Charleston/Hilton Head/Savannah (May of 2001)
Vacationed in Arizona (Sedona, Flagstaff & the Grand Canyon)
Vacationed in Florida (Disney World, Fort Lauderdale)
Vacationed in Virginia (Virginia Beach, Williamsburg)
Vacationed in Niagara Falls and Toronto
Vacationed in Europe (London, Brussels, Switzerland and Paris)
Vacationed in San Diego
Vacationed in Ocean City, NJ
...and, of course, beautiful Maui on our honeymoon

My CD collection has grown to about 600 (favorite bands - Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies, Dada, Sun Sawed in Half, Eddie from Ohio, The Wonder Stuff, Jellyfish, Cowboy Mouth, Belly, The Beautiful South, The Housemartins, Mr. Hand the 80's Band, Tori Amos, Guster, Too Much Joy, Carbon Leaf, Captain Tractor, Moxy Fruvous, Great Big Sea, Extreme, Marillion, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Big Country, Emmit Swimming, Jason Falkner, Judybats, The Levellers, Queen, R.E.M., Valensia, Rush, Something Happens, Squeeze, Tesla, 10000 Maniacs, Rush, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Fluid Ounces, Dar Williams, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Aselin Debison, Better than Ezra, Billy Squier, Butch Walker, Collective Soul, Genesis, Heather Nova, Roger Hodgson, The Connells, Yes)

I bowled for Drexel in college.  I've had three 279 games and a 290 - never got that elusive 300 game.  I have not bowled since 1996 and probably never will again.

And of course, the most exciting thing I've done is gained some weight (but still not enough), got a real hair-cut, grew myself a go-tee and threw out my weekly rotation of Led Zeppelin concert shirts.
Idea for
Future Reunion:
Reunion in Wintergreen, Virginia for our 20th or 25th reunion!
Notice the B's Duet sign in the background.

Class of 1986
Most Talented

Chris Malinowski
Suzanna Post

Picture colorized by Joe Ricards, 2005


From the May 1986 Penn Post
     Chris Malinowski, the male senior of the issue, is the vice-president of the Science Club. He says his main duty is to take over should the president be assassinated. He is also president of the Chris Malinowski Fan Club which was organized in 1982 in honor of himself.
     Chris has participated in bowling in his five years at. Mount Penn. He was placed on the All-Berks team this year for his 196 average. He has received a lot of recognition and hopes to be awarded MVP for bowling for the second year in a row. Chris played baseball in 9th and 10th grades but says he was forced to retire in 12th grade when his parents decided that dollar bills were more important than base hits.
     You can now find Chris working everyday in Boscov´┐Żs Garden Center which leaves him no spare time. He says that if he had any spare time he might listen to some good music like Peter Gabriel or Nick Kershaw or he would maybe just sit around and burn pictures of Simon Lebon.
     Chris enjoys being with his friends, being neat, and just plain being.
     After this year, Chris will be attending Drexel University where he plans to study Computer Science/Electrical Engineering.
Danny Hafetz

Chris Mal Notes:
Randy Boyer and Butch Miller ('87) were in my wedding party, Randy's wife Colleen read the scripture, and Darren Max was a driver.

If you want to see something funny, find the 1985 yearbook and look at the picture in the lower right hand corner of page 69.

Frank Orlando's brother, Gerry, works with me at First Energy, and plays in one of the Rotisserie baseball leagues that I'm in.

Mr. Cox, the Guidance Counselor, used to tell me that I was "Hot Potatoes" which used to make me feel pretty special until I found out that he told everyone that they were "Hot Potatoes."

After finishing in the Top 10 in the Annual High School bowling tournament in 11th grade, the next day when it was announced during home room the person doing the announcements said my name as "Chip Malinowski." The name stuck and for two more years my name became "Chip"... along with a host of other flattering names such as "Erectster", "Malacazinski", and "Malacowpie."

It's the 1984 yearbook, so I guess it should scare me, but WOW, if any of you still have a copy: (1) Look at page 5, who is that guy and how did he sneak into our school and did he kill anyone? (2) Page 6... three things - Nice hair, nice car and I think you can see through that bathing suit, (3) Page 10, Tom's hat is mysteriously floating next to him, isn't it?

In my "Senior Memories" (see below), I make mention of "Super Yipper."  I'd like to confess at this time after all of these years that "Super Yipper" was the name of my penis.

Jim Quirk reminded me that there was a time when I got a dart board for our basement, and as inspiration for more accuracy, I stapled a wallet-sized picture of my sister on the bulls-eye.  Hahahaha. 
Speaking of Jim Quirk, we got together for lunch in October of 2006.  We were 17 when we last saw each other as we walked off the stage at graduation.  20 years later we were eating together at Applebees.

In 2003, Darren Max and his wife Deb, Randy Boyer and his wife Colleen, and our friends Carter and Kirsten Cheskey, began getting together every month or two to eat dinner, have a party at someone's house, and/or generally do something fun.  In August 2003 we ate at Judy's on Cherry - awesome place!  Highly recommended.  We have also eaten at Viva Good Life Bistro and Lounge which I have to say is also highly recommended.  Other events have included seeing Tierney Sutton at JazzFest, and "Defending the Caveman" at the Sovereign Performing Arts Center.  We once played "Sardines" at our house.  Sardines is the greatest party game off all-time.  You turn out all of the lights in the house, and one person hides.  Everyone else tries to find that person in the pitch-black house, but when you find him or her, you hide with them...until the last person finds the mass of people huddled in a dark corner or closet or bathtub or shower trying not to laugh.

Brendan Kane and I went to see Ben Folds at the TLA in Philly in 2002.  Brendan, Sandy and our families have been getting together a few times each year.  On 11/01/03, we took the kids to the Oley Turnpike Dairy for fun in the hay, the hay-ride and the petting zoo, not to mention fine dining cuisine such as Corn Fritters. 

Julie (Hyman) Singer and I, and our families attended a Ph.D. party in on 5/29/04 in honor of Brendan Kane who graduated from Princeton and will be on his way to teach at Norte Dame starting in August.  There was a moonbounce at the party, and at one point Julie and I were in there with the kids. In 1986 we walked off a stage with our diplomas, and 18 years later there we were in a moonbounce in Narberth.  (I took some pictures at the event which you can see if you CLICK HERE!)

Over Thanksgiving of 2005, Brendan, Sandy, their kids, Bev, Jolie and I met at Julie (Hyman) Singer's house for brunch.

There is a full page picture of me on Page 134 of the senior yearbook, but my face is covered by the "Marty's Amoco" logo.  Damn Marty!  In my yearbook, that page is also covered by a full page high school summary written by Jimmy Quirk.  Hey, write on your own face!  Just kidding.  This is what he wrote:  "Christian John Matthew Malinowski I, since most people don't sign their own yearbook, I thought I would sign it near your picture.  Since you covered our life together from birth to present, I thought I would bring up just a few things: D&D over the phone, James the Conqueror XV, the trip to the Poconos where the kid was throwing rocks, "the time now is", all our wiffle ball games - from my back yard to Levine's, 1-on-1 football with Mike Green, rock fights, Tigger and the baseball bat, bean pod racing, sewer exploring, adventures in the mountains, the fish pond, pool tourneys and medals, the infamous WXYZ tape (too bad it's gone), Atari football tournaments (when I threw the joystick into the TV and your dad got mad), lunches at McDonald's, Wendy's, Italian Gardens, Taco Casa (two tacos to go), R&R games, your killer cat, your dead cat, your funny mom, your sister's big feet, falling asleep while listening to Led Zeppelin, Coleco Vision football/baseball.  There are many other times, I just can't remember but had to have been great ... Well that is about all I can think of and my hand is about to fall off.  Later.  James Leo Peter Quirk IV."

In January 2004, Bev and I set up a fish tank.  We got the idea just because my Dad put a couple goldfish in a little goldfish bowl in their Rec-room, and every time Jolie would step foot in their house she'd run to the basement door and say "!"  So we thought, "Let's get some goldfish."  Next thing you know I'm buying this tank with multiple filters and filling it with exotic fish.  Why can I never keep things simple (ex. see this website)?  Then the idea of an even bigger tank... Then the idea of live plants... Then the idea of very exotic tropical fish.  So after months of preparation, I finally got the masterpiece set up in July 2004, as shown in the pictures below.  (Those white streaks you see in the background of the tank picture are actually just bubbles from the "bubble wall".  I should have turned that off for the photo.  It looks cool in person, but just looks like a blur in the picture of the tank.)  In October 2006 I started setting up my first SALTWATER tank in our basement.
Totally cool fish My aquatic masterpiece He actually looks more solid maroon in person.  The camera flash may him appear lighter.

In March 2004, fellow MPHS graduate Allison Poole gave my Mom a mammogram.  Small world!  :o)

6/06/04, I stumbled upon the Antietam School District website.  Definitely check it out - it's extremely impressive, very well done.  It looks like I was born about 20 years too soon.  When we were in school, we were learning "Basic" programming.  Today they have "Web Design Class."  Cool.  There are still a few teachers at the school from our days...Mr. Choyka, Mr. and Mrs. Minter, Mrs. Starr, Mr. Messner, and Mrs. Ettele.  Also, Jason Miller's little sister, JoDeen teaches Special Education.  I sent an email to Mr. Spatz asking if she could tell me who I might talk to about getting my hands on the high school newsletters, middle school yearbooks or elementary school pictures in the unlikely event that any of that might still exist in an archive somewhere.  She was nice enough to forward my email to the rest of the faculty and I did get a response from one of the teachers who said that he has all of the 1982-86 newsletters which he got from Mrs. Strickler.

I got a surprise e-mail from Mrs. Spatz in 1997. She was working at GPU for one summer as a temporary, heard someone mention my name, figured it had to be me, and sent me an e-mail.  We later had lunch together.

Mrs. Spatz update:  In May 2004 she chaperoned the Computer team trip to the American Computer Science League all-star contest in Chicago.  Mt. Penn finished 8th in the world!  Not bad, huh! ... She started a new activity last year call "Mock Trial Team."  2004 was their first official year, and they ended up finishing 2nd to Wilson before a packed courtroom on Law Day ... She hosted an exchange student from Venezuela this year too ... Her daughter is living in Portland, Maine and is an administrator for the Children's Museum of Maine ... On 12/22/04, I received an email from her.  One of the last remaining teachers still there from the day we graduated is leaving the school district:  "I have some Antietam news for you.  After 31+ years in the classroom, I will be moving on to a new position at the end of this semester (mid-January 2005).  I have accepted the position of Math Supervisor for the West Chester Area School District.  I was not looking for a new job; I was recommended for this position by a friend.  I will be the administrator for the math program for 10 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools with a 3rd under construction (12000 students and 900 teacher). This is an unexpected but very exciting turn in my career.  I told my students with a box of tissues at my side and I still get emotional with I think that I will no longer be a teacher.  At the same time, I am looking forward to meeting new challenges and having new opportunities with West Chester."

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
My brother - BK ... B's Duet ... Hot Pink Book ... Ultimate Frisbee ... Guker ... Write Protectors ... RRTs with AAA ... Dudeis Gang ... Peter the Master ... Super Yipper ... Wiffleball ... Mt. Grateful ... Kaleidoscopes ... Superpickle ... Hand-to-hand phones ... Super Equation Solver Man.

Great Adventure '88

Genesis....was this from the Invisible Touch tour?

Great Adventure has never been the same.

This is me invading Jeff's personal space.

He seems to have
an Invisible Touch?

Half of MPHS '86 does
Great Adventure

Chris invading Jeff's
personal space


Al Gutentag and His Pal Chris Mal
One of many pictures
that I subtly
snuck in behind

Leaders of the Antietam Creek pH testing Club
Science Club
Officers 1986
Prez - Brendan Kane
VP - Chris Malinowski
Tres - Jason Miller
Secretary - Heather Hill

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