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My Friends' Pets!
(Note that it's not "Pets of My Friends" - that's passive voice)

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I assume this dog was named after legendary Eagles coach Buddy Ryan...BUDDY
Jeff and Debbie Petersen's Dog
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Jeff and Debbie Petersen, and their kids Derek, Morgan and Jason adopted Buddy on Easter of 2005.  Jeff graduated with me from Mt. Penn High School in 1986.

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Owners Name

Aleutian & Sable

Allen, Kathy Sable &

If you shaved my fur off you'd probably find "666" on me somewhere.

Boyer, Randy & Colleen Splat

Bev (Kercher) and her family's dog, Hutch!

Burge Family Hutch

Teri the Cat has a sister named Odette

Capilo, Mike Teri


Caroline Rose-Bud

I once got a bee-sting while being dog-sat by Uncle Chris & Aunt Bev

Cheskey, Kirsten & Carter KC

Duffy Deane

Deane, Joe & Sheri Duffy

Traci DeCarlo's dog, Nitro!

DeCarlo, Traci Nitro

I used to chase little frogs in Detroit.

DeHaven, Lynn & Bill Galvin


Dietrich, Jena & Mike Toby

Voted #1 Cutest Dog by Tracy Holland

Duff, Tracy (Holland) Cassie

Dallas was named after the Dallas Cowboys

Duff, Tracy (Holland) Dallas


Frederick Family Champ

Gallagher, Margaret & Drew Buffett

Velvet wearing a hat

Giancaterino, Deb (Sevart) Velvet

Biggles, Lap Hamster

Hinnershitz Family Biggles

Caddy the Hamster

Hinnershitz Family Caddy

Daisy, world's largest lap dog

Hinnershitz Family Daisy

Hinnershitz Family Jager

Kermit Hinnershitz

Hinnershitz Family Kermit


Hinnershitz Family Teddie

Am I a bear or am I a cat?

Hohenadel, Sue & Brian Bear

Benny in the Box

Hohenadel, Sue & Brian Benny

The "moshe" beautiful cat in the world

Hohenadel, Sue & Brian Bubby

Hohenadel, Sue & Brian Cypress

Stay off of my chair!

Hohenadel, Sue & Brian Girly

Double Chocolate Chip

Kauffman, Karen (Denby) Chip

Hershey the Horse

Kauffman, Karen (Denby) Hershey

Blue Sky Nirvana

Kauffman, Karen (Denby) Vana


King Family Brandy


King Family Corby

Lori (Czarnecki) LaPearl's dog, Hayley

LaPearl Family Hayley


LaPearl Family Morgan


LaPearl Family Shadoe


LaPearl Family Sheba

Sheba II, September 2002

LaPearl Family Sheba II

Misha and Taz

Leedy, Denise Meesha
& Taz

World's largest Chihuahua

Malinowski, Chris & Bev Spot

I used to sleep with Chris every night when he was in high school.

Malinowski Family Kermit

I once stuck this cat in the oven when no one was looking.

Malinowski Family Muffin

For a period of time, I lost my vision and used to run into walls.

Malinowski Family Otto

I hated everyone except Chris.

Malinowski Family Tiger


Malinowski, Frank & Corinne Corky

Like his owner, I bet this dog would pee on your lap.

Moyer, Marc Shiner

Jeff and Debbie Petersen's dog, Buddy

Petersen Family Buddy


Pfeifer Family Molly

Stanley Quirk, a dog who likes to sleep on HALF of his blanket

Quirk, Jim & Chris Stanley

Kali, Shelly Rathman's black lab

Rathman, Shelly Kali


Schlesinger, Jamie & Kim Tori


Sevart, Beth Pumpkin


Shafer, Russ Wolfy


Silva, Steph & Geoffrey Remy

Stout Family Nico

The Stout Family Basset Hound

Stout Family Wilamina

Stremba Family Hunter

Tocchet, 1987-1999

Stremba Family Tocchet


Wandell, Karen Alex

Theodore Bear vonSkimeister

Wandell, Karen Teddy

My name is Thurmont, I have antlers

Werner, Jeff & Kim Thurmont

Valerie Whalon's dog, Griffin, a very serious dog

Whalon, Valerie Griffin

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