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Karen Marie

Karen Denby, 6th Grade

Karen Denby, 8th Grade, 1982

Karen Denby

Karen in Las Vegas, 2002

Karen (Denby) Kauffman, 2005

Location: Email:
Fort Morgan, CO

The Kauffmans
Nicole, Karen & David - 2002

Husband: David A. Kauffman (married 06/08/91) ... Karen met her husband while at college at Bloomsburg.  He has his own CPA practice.
Children: Nicole Diane Kauffman (Born 05/08/96) ... She takes dance. She has been riding horses since she has been 20 months old, and won high point at a regional riding club last summer (2001). She is witty, smart, and loves life - a real ham!

Per Karen, 12/04/02:
"Nicole is 6 1/2 going on at least 12 or 13. It's really scary. She is very active in dance, horses, soccer, and dress-up."

Per Karen, 3/18/04:
"Nicole starts her morning by her loud Hilary Duff CD and is accompanied by her singing. She informed me that she will be a 'tween' (official pre-teen) this May. I am getting nervous, as you can imagine."

Per Karen, 3/02/06:
Nicole is very busy with ballet and her dance class.  "Dave and I are so proud of her. She was one of few selected from her dance company from out of several counties in Colorado to perform with The Moscow Ballet's production of 'The Nutcracker' in Ft. Collins, CO this past November at The Lincoln Center. She performed in 'The Russian Dance' part of The Nutcracker. She did awesome and made me cry. She got to meet a lot of the professional dancers and had a potluck dinner with them and performed in two performances. She was in awe with the entire experience and just loved the stage! They provided interpreters to help instruct the kids."

"She takes 4 1/2 hours of dance a week with 2 1/2 hours of it devoted to ballet. Her instructor was a professional dancer in New York and taught in Los Angelos for several years before moving to CO. She had taken Nicole under her wing and has private lessons every week with her including her group lesson. Nicole was moved up this year with the 11-14 year olds and will be invited to go to the high school group practices next year as well as continue in her present group and private lessons."

"She isn't interested in the horses, but does enjoy her lambs, bunnies, and cats. She is active in 4-H and is currently treasurer for the year. She won Colorado Reserve Grand Champion for model rocketry this year at the Colorado State Fair!! Some kid in Loveland, CO won Champion for rockets. She won Grand Champion Catch-A-Rabbit, Grand Champion crossbred rabbit, Grand Champion Fashion Review, and Grand Champion Decorate Your Duds out of the entire county!"
Pets: I have a registered quarter horse named Seeking Zippo Pine ("Zip") out of world champion bloodlines that I've owned since 1993, a filly named Hershey who was born on 3/05/02, and Double Chocolate Chip born right on their farm in May 2003.
Bloomsburg University
ACLS/NALS Certification (see below)
CEU's in ICU/OB nursing areas
Occupation: Registered Nurse at East Morgan County Hospital in Brush, CO, working 3 days each week.  Karen is trauma certified and am currently working in the ER.  As of March 2004, she was still working in the ER, and was in the process of opening up a Special Care Unit which was taking up a great deal of her time.
Tattoo: Karen's tattoo which they made using one of her daughter's stencils.  Very cute.

 Kauffman Pictures, 2005
Vacation, Disney
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 Kauffman Pictures, 2005
Vacation, Discovery Cove
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"These are pictures from Discovery Cove in Florida from part of our trip. It is a park owned by SeaWorld and allows a max of 2000 guests by reservation only per day. Nicole and I loved this day the most from our entire trip!!! What a blast! You can stay in each of the areas as long as you like and just come and go as you please. We got a private 30 minute interaction with a dolphin (our dolphin was named Coral). They provided a full or partial wetsuit and a catered gormet meal. The areas included a stingray lagoon for petting and feeding, a coral reef that even had black and white tip reef sharks (of course enclosed in a separate plexi-glass portion of the reef), a river swim area, a bird sanctuary that you can feed the birds right on your arm when they fly on you (parrots and different exotic birds) at free will, and of course the dolphin interaction. It was a dream come true!!!"
Nicole and Coral Nicole at the Sting Ray petting section Karen and Coral Overview of Discovery Cove
The Kauffman Family - David, Nicole and Karen David getting a ride from Coral the Dolphin Karen and Rays The Kauffmans and a dolphin

Kauffman Pictures, 2000-2002
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David and Karen at a wedding in 2001

Nicole at a stock
show in 2002

David and Karen 2000

Christmas 2001

Soccer 2002

Christmas 2001

November 2001

Halloween 2001

Karen and Nicole,

David, Nicole, and Karen on Halloween 2002

Ballet 2002


Halloween 2002

Karen and Zipper

Karen's birthday 2002

September 2002

September 2002

Nicole playing dress-up

The Denby Bunch (That's Karen, Nicole and David at the top, and Rick Denby's three kids at the bottom!)

Nicole's first day
of first grade, 2002

Blue Sky Nirvana

Blue Sky Nirvana in 2001

"Vana" at her 2001 American Warmblood Society inspection.

These are photos of one of the horse's Karen used to have, Blue Sky Nirvana ("Vana"), taken in September 2001 at her American Warmblood Society inspection.  She is approved at red preferred level and got branded with the AWS logo that day ... In 2002, they sold her to a professional rider in California as a three-day event prospect.



Hershey, born 3/05/02

This is "Hershey" out of Rich N Chocolatey from Zips Chocolate Chip.

Hershey was born out of the Kauffman's Paint mare "Key to Reed" on 3/05/02.  "Key" was crossed with a performance champion out of Texas named "Rich N Chocolately," who was out of world champion "Zips Chocolate Chip."  "Rich" is a TB/QH cross, therefore "Hershey" is a TB/QH/Paint cross.  Hershey was the first baby on the Kauffman's farm ... As of 2006, Karen says that Hershey is being sold.


   Double Chocolate Chip

Dave and Chip

Chip Head

Double Chocolate Chip

Here are some updated pictures of our newest edition to our horses. He is "Double Chocolate Chip"- name pending for registration.  We call him "Chip" for short. He was born here on our farm in May 2003. These are pictures at about 4 months of age.  He is sired by Superior Champion "Rich N Chocolatey", out of world champion, "Zips Chocolate Chip."  I think he will be a great performance horse for us.  He is really cute.

People I would
Most like to see
again from HS:
Kathy, Sally, Kelly, Wendy, Darren, Chris, Leon, Randy, Jeff, Diane, etc.
Favorite HS
Enjoyed playing all sports, going to pizza hut after basketball games and spending time with my friends.
Most Influential Teacher: Mr. Strickler
Some Exciting
Things I've
Done Since HS:
Completed ACLS (Advanced Critical Life-Saving) and NALS (Neonatal Life-Saving) certifications.

Experienced many challenges in rural nursing in general.

Competed in open amateur hunter/jumper horse shows.

Survived two tornados four miles from our home 5/30/96.

Enjoyed water skiing at Lake Powell in Utah twice since moving to Colorado.

Built a house in the middle of a cornfield in 1993 without any trees, greens, shrubbery, flowers - nothing! Built the house from scratch and now we have a lawn that we put in, laid forms for sidewalks, built a three stall horse barn, built a fence for our pasture with a round pen for the horses and slowly our property is starting to look better. We also planted lots of trees (all about 11 feet tall at present, but started at about 1-2 feet), shrubs and flowers. If you live in Pennsylvania, enjoy the greenery, because there's not much in Eastern Colorado. I've learned how much I had taken that for granted.

Per Karen, April 2001, she says she really hates her senior picture:  "I hate that picture!  I look like a total goody-goody two shoes.  I guess over the years I've rebelled, and have changed my looks.  I currently have a shaved head with both a tongue and eyebrow earrings.  I enjoy gothic music,  and spend most of my time meditating. .....................just kidding!"
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
DC, KC, SF, KF, WC ... THANKS 4 BEING THERE! ... Summer '82 ... Awesome 4-some ... Me/Joe and Moe ... Prom '85 ... Diane's pink shirt ... 1/5/85 ... Cruisin' in VW/Omni ... Blowout! ... Giggin' at the Silo ... 1/9/81 ... Roxanne!!
Chris Mal Notes:
Karen has Monopoly checks.

I vote for Karen as the person who sounds like she's living the coolest life since graduation.

I also would like to thank Karen for being one of the few people to write something interesting on her 10-year reunion form. I was getting just a wee bit tired of "List some of the exciting things you've done since graduation:" and getting the typical response: "Got married, had kid." Although I'm sure that was in fact very exciting, it is painfully obvious that Mrs. Strickler failed in her duties to turn some of you people into creative writers. :o)

According to Karen's Classmates.com profile, certain types of music remind her of high school, like U2.

Karen now enjoys alternative music.  She was introduced to grunge by her husband in the early '90's, and actually saw Nirvana live "before ol' Kurt blew himself away."

Karen says she is considering a belly-button ring.  I vote for "do it."  Belly button rings are cool.

Karen went to Kindergarten with Marta Weitz and Todd Weikel.

On Page 139 of the senior yearbook is an action shot of Karen's shoulder.  I only know that because Karen wrote that on page 139 of my yearbook "How do you like that Chris?  It's an action shot of my shoulder!!! - Karen."

Karen was named "Most Improved" on the 1985 Girls Softball Team.

In 2006 Karen, Dave and Nicole will be traveling to Mexico with Dave's entire family for Dave's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  They will be staying at Playa Del Carmen,near Cozmel.

From the February 1986 Penn Post
     The female senior of the issue is Karen Denby. Karen belongs to many clubs and participates in extra curricular activities. She is presently in Y-teens, Girls Leader Corps, National Honor Society, and Penn Alma, She is also the co-captain of the cheerleading team. Along with these activities, Karen also plays field hockey, softball and volleyball.
     Karen�s favorite subject is Anatomy and Physiology. In her spare time� Karen enjoys being with friends and listening to Sting.
     Karen is planning to go to college after graduation, and pursue a career in nursing.
           -- Dan Hafetz


From the June 1986 Penn Post
     KAREN DENBY is a memoer of Y-teens, Girls� Leader Corps, NHS and Penn Alma. Karen has played field hockey since 9th grade. This year, Karen was co-captain of the cheerleading squad, to which she has belonged since 9th grade. Karen plans to attend Bloomsburg University where she will major in nursing.


1983 Mt. Penn
JV Softball Team

Mt. Penn High School 1983 JV Softball team
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1984 Varsity
Softball Team

1984 Varsity Softball team featuring Class of 1986 Most Athletic female, Diane Churan!
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1985 Varsity
Softball Team

1985 Varsity Softball team featuring mother of Chris Mal's egg babies, Diane Churan
Click to enlarge!

1984 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring more people with their shoes not in the picture (who was our photographer?!)
Click to enlarge!

1985 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring the mother of twin egg babies, Diane Churan!
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1986 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1986 Varsity Field Hockey team starring Diane Churan!
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1984 JV

Cheerleaders think that Chris is amazing, thank you.
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Cute girls in short skirts yelling stuff.
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Why doesn't Karen get to lean on anyone?
Click to enlarge!

Why didn't the bowling team have cheerleaders? Hottie #4

Who's that up in the bleachers?!

Everybody Shimmy!


Groin Pull

Looks like Sally would rather be bowling. Karen Denby, #41

Nice mop, Darren.

Karen & Mrs. Thomas play rock-paper-scissors

I'm going to go out on a limb and
guess this was taken during a loss.
Karen, tall socks
and a mouth piece

Yearbook Staff
Seniors-Lisa P.
Faculty-Cathy K.

Karen and
Mrs. Thomas,
Field Hockey


2nd Grade Beauties
From 2nd Grade!!!
From left to right: Karen Denby, Lori Alison,
Wendy Crow, Mindy Snyder, Sally Ford,
Julie Kissinger (in back) and Renee Moyer.

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in a big home with horses and cats:

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