Wendy Crow

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Wendy Elizabeth
Best Personality,
Homecoming Queen

The first girl I "went" with in 6th grade...hehehe.
Wendy in 1991, at the 5-year reunion

Wendy (Crow) Corliss, 12/31/06

Location: Email:
Mt.Holly Springs, PA

(In cronological order, they have lived in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, a tiny island in Italy called LaMaddalena, West Virginia, Georgia (Jeff worked on a nuclear submarine named "The West Virginia" for 2 years while they were there), Mechanicsburg PA, Mt. Holly Springs PA then back in Italy thru June of 2007.  They are packing up in Italy and leaving for the U.S. on 6/08/07.)

The Corliss Family 2007
The Corliss Family, 2007
Andrea Corliss, 2007
Andrea, 12-1/2
Brad Corliss, 2007
Brad, 11
Ryan Corliss, 2007
Ryan, 9-1/2
The Corliss Family 12/31/06
Jeff Corliss, New Year's Eve 2006 Corliss Kids, New Year's Eve 2006 Wendy Corliss, New Year's Eve 2006
The Corliss Family 2004
Jeff, Brad, Ryan, Andrea, and Wendy
The Corliss Kids 2005
Ryan, Andrea and Brad
The Corliss Family in Italy, November 2004
This picture was taken in Fasano, Italy in November 2004.
That is the Adriatic Sea behind them.
The Corliss Kids, 2005
Husband: Jeffrey M. Corliss (married 11/24/90).  Jeff is retired from the Navy as of 2007.  He served for over 21 years.
Children: Andrea Corliss covered in sunlightAndrea (2/14/95)
Ryan (5/04/98)

The picture to the right is a rather interesting picture of Wendy's daughter Andrea (2005) sitting in front of the sunlight coming through a window in a dark room.
Pets: 1 dog: A beagle named Dixie, but is living with Wendy's Aunt and Uncle until they get back from Italy.

2 cats: Theo and Leo

Sad mouse story from Wendy, 11/18/04:  "We had to find homes for our 2 mice, Harry and Potter before we left [for Italy].  Potter died last month.  He suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  I should have taken him to mouse therapy but I rejected it.  He literally scratched his ears off, along with the hair on his neck, bit half his tail off and eventually (according to my friend who took him), scratched his eye so bad that it got infected, which caused his demise.  Pretty darn gross, eh?"

Even more sad news, 3/04/05:  The other mouse, Harry, also passed away.  Harry and Potter are now reunited in mouse heaven.  Sniff, sniff...(sorry, I can't type anymore...can't see through the tears.)
Birthday: Wendy's Birthday is October 21th
Achievements: Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Associates in Gerontology.
Where I work: Wendy was a substitute teacher in her kid's school in Mt. Holly during the 2003-2004 school year.  She might do something in Gerontology when they return to the U.S. in 2007.

Wendy was working full time in Italy teaching 3rd grade at an elementary school in the first half of 2005.  She then cut back to working as a substitute through early 2006.
Favorite H.S.
Cheerleading, getting together with friends.
Best Personality means you hold hands?  Eric never held MY hand.

Class of 1986
Best Personality:

Eric Delewski
Wendy Crow

Note from Wendy just prior to the 10-Year Reunion in 1996:
Hi Chris! Sorry I can't be there.  Hope all goes well and please tell everyone I say a big hello from LaMaddelena, Italy!  Keep in touch!  Wendy.
From a Letter I received from Wendy, 2/09/97:
"...Andrea will be 2 on February 14th and Brad will be 5 months on February 24th - 19 months and 10 days apart.  it's So much fun having children!  Ya gotta have some!  I am even attempting a birthday party with 6 other toddlers - God help me!

We are planning on transferring from here (Italy) on June 6th (1997).  We are going to be stationed in Sugar Grove, WV.  We've already bought skies - cannot wait!  I don't know if you know this, but we are on a tiny island above Sardinia.  It's considered Italy, but we are far from the mainland.  It has definitely been an experience to remember.  I had Bradley in the Italian hospital here so he's dual citizenship.  None of the nurses or doctors spoke English - I even had him C-section, as was Andrea.  Pretty brave, eh?!

...We've been to Italy, Austria and Germany twice.  I could live in Germany, no question.  You have to go there at some point in your life.  Last December (1995), Sally (Ford) flew to Rome and we took an overnight Ferry w/car to meet her.  It was so good to see someone from home.  My mom came over in September (1996) when I had Brad.

Jeff and I have been married 6 years, November 24th (1996).  It goes very fast.  I'm glad we waited to have kids.  I'm also glad we've had the chance to travel - we have nine more years to go until he retires.  He's a lieutenant in the Navy.  My career will be on hold for a while which doesn't bother me in the slightest!  I don't know how moms balance a career and raise children..."
Miscellaneous Notes:
Wendy's parents no longer live in Pennside.  They moved to Mechanicsburg in 1995 due to a job transfer.  She got to go down her old street in 2002, though, and even was able to go into her old house.

She still keeps in touch with Kelly, Kathy, Sally and Karen, and would love to hear from other people.

Wendy and her family spent 2 weeks in Germany in the Fall of 2005.

Wendy has been able to do a lot of travelling since she's been living in Italy.  They will be in Dublin to celebrate St.Patrick's Day in 2006.  She's been to Germany a few times, Luxembourg once and took a vacation to Croatia in the Summer of 2005. 
In 2006 they went to Corfu, Greece and Sicily.

Kathy Ford, Missy Ryan,
Wendy Crow (Queen),
Diane Churan, Kelly Clark

The Queen and Her Court

Jeff Petersen went to see Monsters Inc the day before I posted this picture!

Chris Mal Notes:
Notice that Wendy has studied Elementary Education and Gerontology. I had to look up Gerontology - according to Webster's it is "the study of aging and the problems of the aged." Those are two complete opposites of the spectrum aren't they!

Wendy was my first Antietam school district "crush." When I came over from St.Catherine's in 5th grade, I had a major crush on Wendy. I think I had Brendan ask her to "go" with me when we were at Camp Adahi. She agreed (these were apparently a few years prior to my awkward years), but then I was mortified to talk to her so I avoided her like the plague. It's a good thing I grew out of that dating technique!

Wendy and I had what we called our "Dictatorship", and although I can't say I quite remember what that was all about, I'm sure that it was very cool.

Wendy and I used to collect Bazooka Joe comic strips and planned on one day trading them in for a really cool prize.  I don't think we ever made our goal. 
CORRECTION!  This info just in from Wendy, 10/22/04:  Wendy and I did, in fact, meet our Bazooka Joe comic strip goal by the end of the year, and planned on getting a very cool Pear Pin.  Wendy's Mom was gracious enough to send in the check for postage and handling to Bazooka, along with all of our collected comic strips that came with the gum.  With great disappointment, Bazooka actually returned the comic strips because they were out of Pear Pins!

Wendy was a bridesmaid in Sally (Ford) Stewart's wedding in 1999.

Page 136 of the senior yearbook is a full page picture of Wendy dressed up like a pig (not a mouse).  I would have scanned it, but a couple people wrote all over that page.  Plus there are advertisements all over it - for Antietam Dental-Medical Center, Cramp Funeral Home, All Star Realty and Macaronis Travel.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
NYC ... 42nd Street ... C-Camp ... lifting ... A-Field ... Prom 10-11 ... MPS ... after work at PDI ... history with SF ... KC and KF parties, Bermuda ... Vermont ... lost with West ... McD ... Silo ... Dance Marathon ... Homecoming ... Hayride June 15, 1985.

From the May 1984 Penn Post
This issue�s male Senior of the Issue is Jeff Corliss. Last year at this time Jeff was a new student trying to fit in with the crowd. At his old school in New Jersey, Jeff was in the modern language club and received 2 varsity letters and a jacket for wrestling. Jeff was the co-captain of the wrestling team in his junior year.
     At MPHS Jeff is the wrestling team and entered the District Wrestling Tournament in March. He has been on the Penn Post Staff since he came here. Jeff also models at the Model�s Institute for Chess King and Athletic Attic.
Jeff�s future plans include Kutztown University, where he will major in communications or finance.
          - Dawn Hill


5-Year Reunion

Sally was Chris Mal's bowling buddy, Wendy and Chris Mal collected bazooka comics

Paceotis, Cathy & Wendy

Sally Ford &
Wendy Crow

Leon Pace,
Cathy Ketcher
& Wendy Crow


1984 JV

Cheerleaders think that Chris is amazing, thank you.
Click to enlarge!


Cute girls in short skirts yelling stuff.
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Why doesn't Karen get to lean on anyone?
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Wendy Crow and Chrissie Cunnius
Wendy & Chrissie
(Cutest Picture in
the yearbook IMHO)

Go Go Go Go, Go Mounts Go!
If you're happy
and you know it
clap your hands

Chris Chris he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!
Wendy imagining
she was cheering
on the bowling team

Wendy Crow at the 1985 Y-Teen Valentine's Dance
Valentine's Dance

Hottie #2
Nice afro, Wendy.  Hehe.
Simon Says
raise you hands
Why didn't the bowling team have cheerleaders?
Everybody Shimmy!

Wendy Crow, 1979, 5th Grade
Middle School: 1979
5th Grade Class Picture


From 2nd Grade!!!
From left to right: Karen Denby, Lori Alison, Wendy Crow, Mindy Snyder, Sally Ford, Julie Kissinger (in back) and Renee Moyer.

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