October 1985

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

Students eagerly wait for doors to open on the first day of school.
     The 1985-86 school year brings with it new beginnings for all of the students and the faculty members of Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School. The past is just that-the past-and we should be utilizing only those past experiences which have had a lasting positive influence on the present and on the future.
     There is no necessity for me to go into any lengthy diatribe as to the amount of potential that each everyone of us possesses or on the quality of education offered at Mt. Penn. There is, however, a need for me to petition all of us to rededicate ourselves to the task ahead of us the achievement of goals we have set for ourselves and the refusal to accept anything which precludes success in all we attempt, regardless of past performances.
     When you are confronted by what you consider to be a series of road blocks to the achievement of your goals and success, simply remember that:
     There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonics so pow�erful as expectation of something better tomorrow.
     Have a great year, a healthy year, a successful year, and a safe year.
- Mr. Orlando
     Everyone likes to accept a challenge, and the students at Mt. Penn are no exception. Brendan Kane and Christine Jurasinski, two of our seniors, have risen to a challenge. Brendan and Christine have made the top 5% of students across the United States on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test taken last October.
     The NMSQT is the PSAT test. The judges use a selection index, which is twice the verbal score plus the math score, to rate the test takers.
     Of the 1 million taking the test, 50,000 are honored for their performance. Both Brendan and Christine have received commendation from the Merit Scholarship Board. Last year our 3 merit honor winners received scholarships based on their performance. Brendan and Christine will also be eligible for nationwide scholarships for their high scores.

          - Cindy Jurasinski


5 cups of obedience to the teachers
1 teaspoon of respect
1/2 cup of no trouble
6 tablespoons of friendship
3 teaspoons of peace
3 cups of good grades
4 tablespoons of doing homework
     Mix obedience, respect, making friends. Stir until it sinks into brain. Pour in good grades and homework. Then roll mixture into no trouble, no fighting. Serves well for whoever follows the recipe well.
         - Irene Hatzistavrakis


     The 1985-86 school year has arrived, and with it comes a change in the high school dismissal time.
     This year, Monday through Friday, all students will be dismissed at 2:45 P.M. following the announcements. Previously, school was dismissed at 3 P.M. on Mondays and Tuesdays, and at 2:33 P.M. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There will no longer be an activity period on Mondays and Tuesdays.
     Since dismissal time is the same throughout the week, detention will be held everyday Monday through Friday at 2:48 P.M. to 3:35 P.M. Detention was formerly held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2:33 P.M. to 3:15 P.M.
     Along with the dismissal change, an adjustment has been made with the school's lunch periods. This year there will be three lunch periods instead of two. Each period has been increased by 15 minutes, giving the students 45 minutes to eat lunch. In the past, lunch was only 30 minutes long.
         - Kathleen Petruska


Diane Churan and Darren Max
Kelly Clark and Randy Boyer
Kathy Ford and Leon Pace
Missy Ryan and Ryan Petersen


Letters to the Editor

     The Titanic sank in 1912 carrying 2,200 passengers, 1,500 of whom died. A few weeks ago the Titanic was found 13,000 feet below the ocean. The big question is, should they bring the Titanic up, or let it rest in peace?
     On one hand, letting the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean would be a kind of memorial to all who died on the Titanic. It would show respect to the suffering and pain that occurred the night of the tragedy.
     On the other hand, it would be interesting to see the preserved items aboard the ship. Also, to look around the ship to see its condition. If the unsinkable Titanic would be brought up, and were possibly repaired for sight-seers, the floating Titanic would again become unsinkable.
          - Pam Tucci

     Should a student be allowed to attend school if he has AI DS? Th is question has been raised all throughout America and no answer seems to satisfy everyone. In some school districts, students are required to stay at home and receive homebound instruction. In other schools - Lebanon for instance - students are allowed to attend classes.
     Personally, I think the students with AIDS should not be punished because, after all, it's not their fault that they have the disease. Having the disease is trouble enough. They shouldn't be deprived of their education. I think that a student with AIDS should be allowed to attend school, but they should be extra careful. We have no right to discriminate against these unfortunate victims.
          - Kerry Motze

     South Africa is a land of civil unrest and riots. It is a place where people are killed or arrested daily.
     The problems stem from a white minority group that governs a black majority. The point of the argument is this: should the whites be allowed to continue holding all of the government offices, or should they let the blacks try to govern themselves.
     The whites, in my opinion, have no right to keep the blacks from running for a government office. The blacks should be allowed to govern themselves or at least share the responsibility in governing with the whites.
     If the riots and violence aren't stopped and soon, a state of total anarchy will exist in South Africa and nobody ever wins in an anarchy.
          - Jon Frankowiak


     The country has been entertained by the likes of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, The Magnificent Morroco, Big John Studd, and many others. What do these people do? They are professionals in the Sport of Wrestling, which has been one of the most popular means of entertainment in the past year. But, is wrestling a sport or is it simply entertainment? Well, I happen to think it is one of the most unrealistic things ever to occur in sports. If someone really got "body slammed" onto a concrete floor, the person would probably be dead, right? Wrong. After they shake it off, they go in the ring and pound on each other until one guy pins the other.
     Wrestling, in my opinion, is professional entertainment as opposed to sports entertainment. When people watch wrestling, they don't watch it to see who wins; they watch it to see who gets hit the worst. Is that what you would call a real sport?
          - Dan Hafetz

     For the school newspaper, I have to write an editorial (an article that states an opinion about something).
     I have always tried my hardest to avoid stating my opinion, without people first knowing that I feel I hold no truth. I only get into contentions about things for the fun of it, and I always chide myself when I get into needless quarrels.
     I have always felt that there are many paths to a solution, some better than others. Maybe if we would listen to people and hear out their opinions, they may give us valuable advice for the future, in a place our opinions might fail.
     I believe that there is no truth apart from our subjective views, but heck what do I know.
     The very statement that I believe everything is arbitrary, is arbitrary. I don't know, what do you think?
          - by Michael Young
     Do you picture Alaska as Polar Bears and igloos? If you do, you are not alone, many other people have that vision too. The truth is that about three quarters of Alaska is uncovered by snow at some point.
     I personally visited Anchorage and Kodiak this past September, and it-was quite different from what I expected. When I got to Anchorage, I expected a small city, but instead, it was a sprawling city with a population of a quarter of a million people. We got lost driving around and had to drive quite a few miles to see the scenery away from people. Once you got out, it was very beautiful and breath-taking, but getting out seemed almost impossible.
     Kodiak is a big island about 250 miles southeast of Anchorage. It has a population of about a thousand, but it's still growing. It is a part of Alaska that hasn't been built up yet, but is starting to quite rapidly. Some of the places I went to while I was there seemed like a reserved wilderness. There were unfished lakes, and uncrowded beaches. Beaches that we could build a fire on and not see another person for days. To get to some of these places took time, and the roads were not all good, but the result was worth it. I think if I ever have a chance to go again, I'll be disappointed because, more people are building and ruining the scenes and wildlife everyday.
          - Sandy Horning


Volume XXIX, Edition 1 October, 1985

Penn Post is published 8 times per year by the Journalism Class of Mt. Penn Junior/Senior High School.


Editor Kelly Grim
Editorials Editor Pam Tucci
Feature Editor Julie Hyman
Sports Editor Kerry Motze
Reporters Jon Frankowiak
Dan Hafetz
I. Hatzistavrakis
Sandy Horning
Cindy Jurasinski
Kathleen Petruska
Kristen Pfahl
Marla Schnee
Nancy Snyder
Lorraine Tobias
Mike Young
Advisor Mrs. Strickler


Class News

     Everyone is busy these days with the start of school, but busiest of all are the seniors with their prom, senior class trip, graduation and quite a few sales. They have yet to make some decisions about the prom, trip, graduation and sales, but they have made some definite plans. There will be a M & M candy sale in November, a sandwich sale in April. They are going on a class trip in May, but the destination is not yet decided. Their prom will be on June 6th at the Sheraton Berkshire Inn.

Class of 1986 Officers
President - Leon Pace
Vice President - Randy Boyer
Secretary - Kelly Clark
Treasurer - Diane Churan
Advisor - Mr. Fegely

     The junior class has many money mak�ing activities planned for this school year. Some of the activities already planned are a sandwich sale in November, an Easter candy sale in February, an egg sale for March, and the Slave Auction for late May. Some other things are in the works.

Class of 1987 Officers:
President - Darren Straka
Vice President - Step Sosh
Secretary - Cherisse Conlon
Treasurer - Kim Steiger
Advisor - Mr. Choyka

     On September 12th, the class of 1988 held their first class meeting. Miss Weaver, the class advisor, met with the Sopho�mores in the cafeteria. They discussed the prom, a class trip at the end of the year, (if they have sufficient funds) and fund raisers.
     Among the fund raisers already scheduled is a sale of assorted items for Christmas from Gifts and Things, (sale set to run from November 4-20); a sandwich sale in January, and a dance sometime during the spring.

Class of 1988 Officers
President - Jason Miller
Vice President - Kerry Motze
Secretary - Sandy Horning
Treasurer - Kathleen Petruska
Advisor - Miss Weaver
New Sophomores
MARK CHERRY previously attended Phoenixville Area Junior High School. His favorite subjects include biology, shop, and he also likes Vo-Tech. His least favorite subject is English. Mark has noticed that in Mt. Penn the student's get bussed to school. Out of school, Mark enjoys building models of 10-wheel trucks.

KRIS MORRISON went to Wyomissing before attending Mt. Penn. Her favorite subject is computer class. Her least favorite subjects are speech and shop. Kris said the differences between Wyomissing and Mt. Penn are that Mt. Penn has fewer people, and we have the open lunch program. One of her many hobbies is skiing, and she is also on the Mt. Penn Hockey Team.

CHRIS TIDERMAN comes to us from Daniel Boone. One of Chris's favorite subjects is biology. The subject that he dislikes the most is French. One of the differences between Mt. Penn and Daniel Boone is the fact that Mt. Penn doesn't have study halls, but has more homework. He does, however, like our open lunch program. Some of his hobbies are soccer, track, and going to the movies.

ROBERT SILCOX attended Northwest before coming to Mt. Penn. Robert's favorite subjects are algebra and art. He said his least favorite subject is English. He noticed a few differences here at Mt. Penn, such as the open lunch program and the fact that he has more homework at Mt. Penn than at Northwest. Some of his hobbies are basketball, baseball, and most of all, girls.

GEORGE FERNANDEZ came from Goyena, Nicaragua. His favorite subject is Electric Shop, which he takes in Vo�tech. His least favorite subject is English. George says that he has very few friends here at Mt. Penn, because very few students speak his language. His hobbies at this point are helping other people at home and also at school.

SAMUEL LATERZA before attending Mt. Penn, went to Berks Christian School. Sam said that his favorite subjects are chemistry, art, biology, and speech. His least favorite subjects are gym and Algebra II. He has noticed that the teaching technique is different at Mt. Penn as compared to Berks Christian School. Some of his hobbies include karate, magic, art, and piano.

TRUDY TEMPLIN previously attended Oxford Area High School before coming to Mt. Penn. Her favorite subject is math. Trudy's least favorite. subject is history. One of the differences she has noticed is the fact that our school is much bigger. A few of her hobbies are horseback riding, rollerskating, going to malls, and being with her friends.
          - Kristen Pfahl
     This summer, through scholarship, I attended the 1985 Youth Leadership Development Center at Ursinus College. It is hard to put into words how I felt that week, all I can say is that it was one of the best and most memorable experiences in my life. I learned a lot while having a good time. Not only did I learn about leadership, I learned about myself and others.
     Everyone participated in the class "Leadership and Personal Style", then chose the other five classes which either had to do with leadership or the Red Cross. The classes were during the day with free time and recreation in between. There were social activities such as a talent show, a hug-a-thon, skits, a volleyball tournament, and a dance. Every day was finished by discussing in small groups, the day's activities.
     Through this center many friendships were made, for there was a tear in each person's eye as everyone left. As I said
before, this was a great experience; I' recommend this program to anyone who is interested in bettering their leadership skills.
          - Heather Hill

New Juniors
KATHY BRODMAN came to Mt. Penn from Wilson. Her favorite subject is Algebra II. Her least favorite subject is Biology. Kathy says that Mt. Penn is smaller than Wilson, but the people are nicer. In her spare time, Kathy enjoys cooking and basketball.

DANIEL LATERZA Came to Mt. Penn from Berks Christian School. His favorite subjects are math and science, but Daniel dislikes English. He says that the Mt. Penn students are friendlier than Berks Christian's, and the classes are larger. Daniel's hobbies are basketball, soccer, and the martial arts.
          - Kristen Pfahl

New Teachers

     There's a new face in the computer room this year. Mrs. Carolyn Ansell, the new computer teacher, has joined the faculty of Mount Penn Junior/Senior High School for the first semester. Mrs. Spatz will be returning to Mount Penn the second semester of school.
     Mrs. Ansell attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor's Degree in mathematics. Mrs. Ansell also received credits in education from Albright College.
     So far, Mrs. Ansell has positve feelings about Mount Penn. She states she en�joys teaching here, and she's pleased to notice that the students seem to like working with computers.
     Mrs. Ansell's interests out of school include gradening, baking and reading.
          - Kathleen Petruska

     As we all know, Mrs. Ann Starr, Mount Penn's business ed. teacher, has left school on a maternity leave for the first semester. Taking her place is Miss Deborah Gerbino.
     Miss Gerbino is familiar with the faculty of Mount Penn because she herself is a Mount Penn graduate. She also graduated from Bloomsburg State College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Education.
In her spare time, Miss Gerbino enjoys reading and bike riding. During the summer, she also likes to swim.
     Miss Gerbino states that she is glad she is a part of the staff at Mount Penn, even though it's only for a short time. She explains, "As a graduate of Mount Penn, I know how dedicated the teachers are, and I feel the students are getting the best education possible."
          - Kathleen Petruska

     Mrs. Marie Niethammer, previously employed in the cafeteria, has switched jobs and is now working in the office. She replaced Mrs. Herzog, who has moved to the position of secretary to the Superintendent. Mrs. Niethammer is in charge of filing and student attendance reports.
     Mrs. Niethammer told this reporter that she enjoys her job so much more!
          - Marla Schnee
     Over the years, Mrs. Carlene Ettele has become a familiar face at Mount Penn. Almost all of us have had her at least once as a substitute teacher. Now Mrs. Ettele has taken a full-time job teaching Spanish while Mrs. Maria Brault was on her maternity leave. Mrs. Brault, however, will not be returning and a replacement is being saught. Since Mrs. Ettele can only teach Spanish, the French courses are on hold for the time being.
     Mrs. Ettele graduated from Muhlenberg Township High School. She received a Bachelor's Degree in English and Spanish from Kutztown University.
     Mrs. Ettele states that after spending four and a half years as a substitute teacher, she finds it quite enjoyable to be working full time in her field.
     When she's not teaching, Mrs. Ettele enjoys sewing. Cabbage Patch Doll clothing is her favorite thing to sew.
          - Kathleen Petruska

     Mrs. Bonnie Krick, who had been the Junior High School's Guidance Counselor for the past three years, has taken on a new teaching job.
     Starting this year, Mrs. Krick will replace Mrs. Warmkessel as the 7th and 8th grade reading teacher. Mrs. Krick will not be continuing her job as guidance counselor.
          - Kathleen Petruska


Gettysburg College
Invitational: 85: Drawings by Pennsylvania Contemporaries

Gallery I and II -
Oct. 23 - Nov. 26
Open October 26,
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This exhibit presents work by four of Pennsylvania's most skillfull craftsmen. . . Scott Minter from Reiffton deals with Sphere. The Sphere, representative of perfection, is combined with organic forms in order to develop a unique visual order within itself....

Reception: 7-9 P.M.
Wednesday, October 23
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(717) 334-3131

Dear Habib
Dear Habib,
     My pet rock Spot is dying. He just lies around. He won't eat, drink or speak. When I try to play fetch with him, (that's his favorite game) he won't chase the frisbee. What should I do? Should I seek medical advice or a geologist?
         Worried About Spot

Dear Worried About Spot,
     I think you should try some new things with Spot, If that doesn't work, try your local rock quarry. Good luck!

     Strength and power should only be asserted in proper harmony with virtue and humility.

     When looking upon another, see them not with your eyes nor hear them with your ears, but see them with your heart and hear them with your spirit.

     Knowledge unspoken is not knowledge unknown. One does not have to show off intelligence to be intelligent.

     All we wish to be, know, and understand lies within us; all we need do is discern it.

     In the heat of a quarrel, forget not your greatest power, your mind.

          - Michael Young

     Throughout the 1985-86 school year, each issue of the Penn Post will contain an article on a mystery student. The mystery student is chosen at random by the Penn Post staff. The mystery student's name will be revealed in the following issue.
     This issue's mystery student is a senior male who enjoys playing soccer, among other sports. He has black hair and hazel eyes. Two of his many hobbies are listening to music and being with his friends. This student's favorite teacher is Miss Luckenbach and his favorite class is calculus. He has been quoted as saying, "Peter is the master." Can you guess who this mystery student is? Look for it in the next issue.
          - Cindy Jurasinski
             Kristen Pfahl


Outstanding Seniors



     Christine is Mt. Penn's Junior Miss this year. She is also editor of the yearbook and secretary of the Modern Language Club. Her other clubs include National Honor Society, Junior National Honor Society, Girls Leader Corps, Science Club, Chorus, College Bowl, and Penn Post. With all these activities, Christine finds time to lead her class scholastically and was recently commended for her PSA T scores.
     Christine enjoys going to basketball games, playing golf, swimming, and going out with her friends.
     Christine's plans for the future include college, possibly Franklin and Marshall, where she would like to study medicine.
          - Julie Hyman
     Leon is the senior class president this year. He has been president of his class since 10th grade. His other responsibilities include vice president of Boys' Leader Corps and head of the Student Advisory Committee. He is also involved in Science Club and Modern Language Club.
     Leon is also one of our athletes. He is on the varsity squads of soccer and in baseball.
Leon, who is a Pisces, enjoys playing golf and soccer with his friends. His favorite subject is history.
     In the future Leon plans to attend college, either Boston University or University of Massachusetts. Then he wants to work in the medical field.
          - Julie Hyman

     This year, representing Mt. Penn as Junior Miss, is Christine Jurasinski. Christine, along with 19 other girls, will be competing in the Berks County Junior Miss Pageant held October 5 at Schuylkill Valley High School.
     In the competition, Christine was judged on poise, personality, and promise, which are present in the talent competition, personal interview, the fitness routine performed on stage, and in the evening gown competition.
     Before the pageant, Christine attended a number of practices held each Sunday. She also played in a softball game against the Lancaster County Junior Miss contestants held at the Reading Municipal Stadium.
     For the talent competition, Christine
played the guitar while singing The Hawaiian Wedding Song.
     Along with meeting new people and making new friends, Christine has found it an honor to represent Mt. Penn.
          - Cindy Jurasinski


     One of the students here at Mt. Penn is out to make a name for herself in the world of swimming. Denise Dereska, an 8th grader, is now a nationally ranked swimmer in the 13 and Under Division.
     Denise swims for the Mid-Atlantic League and was involved in a lot of meets. She did very well in 6 events, and her times were forwarded to a national level where scores from allover the nation were compared. Then, in August, a nationwide publication, Swimming World ran her picture and an article containing her outstanding achievements.
     In September the national rankings were published. Denise did quite well and is ranked in the following five events: 5th ranked in the 50 Meter Freestyle; 9th ranked in the 100 Meter Freestyle; 3rd in the 50 Meter Fly, 13th in the 100 Meter Fly; and 13th in the Individual Medley.
     Denise hopes to swim in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea, and with her determination and talent, it's the opinion of this writer that she can do it.
         - Jon Franckowiak
Club News
     The 1985-86 Student Council began with a meeting of all representatives and alternates to pick the new officers. This year's officers are Suzanna Post, president; Kelly Carter, vice-president; Sam Laterza, secretary; and Janine Lysczek, treasurer.
     This year, Student Council will cosponsor the Christmas Dance with Y-Teens. Mr. Segro, the advisor, says they are co-sponsoring the dance because they feel it will provide more of a cash flow.
Suzanna Post and Janine Lysczek have been elected as the BCIU members of the program to discuss Student Council with representatives from other Berks County schools.

Student Council Representatives

12th Grade

207 Darren Max
  Christine Jurasinski
208 Kelly Carter
  Jodi Brigel
301 Suzanna Post
  Melinda Snyder

11th Grade

211 Cherisse Conlon
  Marc Goldstein
303 Amy Miller
  Jodi Brigel
305 Kim Steiger
  Rebecca Shaeff

10th Grade

310 Pam Tucci
  Kathleen Petruska
311 Victor Calvaresi
  Dan Hafetz
306 Sam Larerza
  Kristen Motley

9th Grade

103 Mike Henry
  Todd Keefer
210 Ethan Post
  Jessica Rech

8th Grade

Gym Shelly Davis
  Jason Daniels
203 Chris Lilley
  Greg Pocrass
206 Amanda McGuire
  Tiffany Guido

7th Grade

C-1 John Greben
  Stephanie Daniels
205 Ethan Miller
  Amy McGow

     This year the Future Business Leaders of America will be having many activities. They will be traveling to other schools for conventions, dinners, and competitions. Mrs. Starr is still their advisor and is doing a good job at keeping it organized.
     The F.B.L.A. bake sales will be taking place often this year, selling all kinds of goodies to raise money.

President - Audrey Acker
Vice-President - Thanh Lieu
Secretary - Cori Roboski
Treasurer - Kelly Carter

          - Lorraine Tobias

     FTA, Future Teachers of America, is a club for those who are considering teaching as a profession.
     This club's activities include visiting schools and perhaps a chance to assist the teachers.
     If anyone is interested in joining,
please contact Mrs. Haag, the club advisor.
          - Marla Schnee

     This year Y-Teens plan to continue their traditional events. They will start off the year with the informal initiation October 4 and then continue that month with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.
     In November the Y-Teens will be donating food to fill a Thanksgiving basket that will be given to a needy family. Their annual Christmas caroling party will be held December 19, and they will be co-sponsoring a Christmas dance.
     The next big event is the Valentine's Dance, February 8, followed by the Variety Show, March 20 and the Fashion Show, May 8.
     In June, the Senior Farewell Picnic will take place at Gring's Mill. At that time the Y-Teens will say good-bye to the seniors they have known throughout the years.

President - Christine Jurasinski Vice-President - Kelly Clark
Secretary - Sally Ford
Treasurer - Diane Churan
Advisor - Miss Weaver

          - Cindy Jurasinski

     The Modern Language Club held its first meeting of the 1985-86 school year early in September. Upcoming events such as an International Banquet, a spa�ghetti dinner, and a trip in Spring were discussed.
     Fund-raisers were also mentioned. The first sale ended September 30. In that sale, picture frames, mirrors, and fudge were sold. A "Unicorns and Rainbows" sale is scheduled for January. Each mem�ber will be assessed $5.00 dues.

MLC Officers
President - Marta Weitz
Vice-President - Cori Roboski Secretary
- Christine Jurasinski
Treasurer - John Henry
Advisor - Mrs. Ettele

          - Nancy Snyder

This is an honorary organization for sophomore, junior and senior students who have attended Mt. Penn for at least one semester. To be a part of this organization, a student must have an 85% average, have the qualities of leadership, service, and character. The members who meet these standards are chosen by the faculty. There is also the National Junior Honor Society for students in seventh, eighth, and ninth grade. They must have the same qualities as National Honor Society students.
          - Kristen Pfahl

     The 1986 Penn Alma has plenty to offer. There will be more pictures, more pages, and more candids. The opening section will be a little different this year. Instead of totally black and white pictures, it will have some color pictures. There will be no homeroom pictures. Instead individual pictures of everyone from twelfth down to seventh grade will be used. This year you'll be getting a yearbook and a supplement. The book will be here in June; the supplement in August. Having pictures from all the spring activities, spring sports, commencement and prom will be a welcome change for the seniors.
     The book will cost $25.00 this year because of these additions. That includes the supplement.

Editor-in-chief - Christine Jurasinski
Assistant - Heather Hill
Business Manager - Steve Kunkel
Assistant - Randy Boyer
Section Editors
   Faculty/Adm. - Cathy Ketcher
   Seniors - Lisa Pacharis
   Underclassmen - Karen Denby
   Activities - Marta Weitz
   Sports - Diane Churan, Darren Max
   Photographer - Cori Roboski
   Photographer - Maia Carvalho
Supportive Staff
   Kelly Grim
   Julie Hyman
   Jodi Brigel
   Kelly Clark
   Thanh Lieu
   Elizabeth Rosser
   Missy Ryan
   Laura Schnader
   Chris Cunnius

     College Bowl is headed by Miss Luckenbach. It is a group of students who compete against other schools in the county and the state. Questions are asked, and students must push a buzzer before answering. The eight members of College Bowl are currently practicing for competitions, which usually begin in February.

Jason Miller
Brendan Kane
Suzanna Post
Christine Jurasinski
Alan Rosenthal
Lee Bleyer
Carol Bigos
Steve Reis
          - Nancy Snyder




     It's been an idea for the past few years. Now, thanks to much persistence and a supportive principal and school-board, this idea is finally becoming a reality. After five long years of absence, Mt. Penn High School's Marching Band is back.
     Under the direction of Mr. Ruch, the fifty band members will practice marching in the streets around the school. They will practice every Friday on a rotating schedule, and the bandfront will be included in these practices.
     In the beginning, the band will play some of their familiar pieces, such as "New York, New York" and "Fame."
     The band will be putting all of their hard work to use in at least three parades: Kutztown's Halloween Parade on October 25, Lower Alsace Fire Company's Parade on May 17, and Exeter's Memorial Day Parade.
          - Nancy Snyder

     Wherever there's a marching band there's sure to be a band front nearby. In Mt. Penn's case, the bandfront will be almost as large as the band! Bandfront will consist of sixteen silks, eight rifles, four colorguards, two banner carriers, and an undecided number of majorettes.
     Mrs. Susan Leinbach has been chosen as the bandfront advisor. The school-board chose her because they feel she has the experience that is needed to organize the bandfront before the first parade.
          - Nancy Snyder


     This year's Junior High Chorus may be starting out smaller than usual (42 members as of this writing as compared to 54 last year), but Mr. Ruch has some ideas. The Senior High Chorus is doing much better in membership with 44 compared to last year's 36.
     Among the scheduled events are the Winter and Spring Concerts, a field trip, fund raising, and for the Senior High Chorus there is a special group of 11 girls to sing city-wide, and a County Chorus. If you would like to join chorus, please stop in to see Mr. Ruch. Some spaces are still open on the Girls' 11 person chorus and a lot of openings in the County Chorus. Sign up today!
          - Jon Franckowiak
     This year's Homecoming weekend, sponsored by the Sports Boosters, was October 4th and 5th. Ceremonies start Friday, October 4th at the Homecoming dance. It was held from 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. for grades 7-12. The music was played by disc jockey Denny McConnell.
     Mr. Fegely did the honors of crowning the Homecoming King and Queen at 9 P.M.
     Since Miss Weaver did a great job supervising decorations for the Valentine's dance, the Sports Boosters asked her to share her talents by decorating the auditorium for the Homecoming dance.
     The next day started off with hockey and soccer games against Reading High. Coffee and pastry were on sale during the hockey game in the morning. A Pepsi truck was there all day to sell hot dogs and soda.
     The Corvette Club again agreed to share their cars for the Homecoming parade between the games.
          - Pam Tucci

     This years Boy Leader Corps will be venturing out on several Spring activities. These activities include: Skirmish (the friendly war game), a white water rafting trip, assistance in the Berks County Special Olympics and along the charity line, Bowling for Breath. The funding for these activities will come from the sales of Bonus Books.
     The officers of Boys Leader Corps will be selected in an upcoming meeting by the members of this year's Boys Leader Corps.
         - Kerry Motze

Girls Leader Corps is a community service and fund raising group. This year the club will be sponsoring the jump rope-a-thon for the American Heart Association. They will be working at the special olympics at Kutztown University. At Thanksgiving, they will collect for a basket for a needy family in the community. Cashew patties will be sold as a fund raiser for the ski trip they will sponsor this year. Students from grades 9 thru 12 are invited to join the club.

President - Diane Churan
Vice-President - Sally Ford
Secretary - Kathy Ford
Treasurer - Cherisse Conlon
Advisor - Mrs. Thomas

          - Sandy Horning
     For the last couple of years a major force behind Mount Penn's sports has been the Sports Boosters Association. This organization has been very active. They have been responsible for planning the homecoming weekend, special dances, and the Sports banquet.
     Their financial backing purchased many sports awards. This year $500 has been set aside for the tennis team to buy warm-up suits.
     Currently the Sports Boosters are involved in the plans for Homecoming on Oct. 4 and 5. They are looking forward to their big fund-raiser of the year which is a money raffle. They are also planning a winter Hoop-hop and Spring sport dance, along with a bake sale at Boscov's.

Bernie Ryan, president
Pat Tucci, vice-president
Pat Monroe, secretary
Keith Petruska, treasurer

Sports Boosters are always looking for new members, all parents are invited to attend meetings held the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Lower Alsace Fire Company. New membership fee is $2.00. They need your help; so please support our teams and attend.
          - Pam Tucci

Those of you who aren't up at the crack of dawn "jogging the A-field," you may not have noticed Mt. Penn's latest addition. After much digging, bulldozing, leveling, and seeding, Mt. Penn can be proud of their new regulation size hockey field. For those of you who don't know where it's located, it is the lower half of the A-field. Last year, Mt. Penn played their field hockey games down at the Antietam Valley Recreational Field. Now they can play on their own home field. It might have taken the whole summer to complete, but at least it was something worth waiting for.
          - Kristen Pfahl


     On October 9th, Maia Carvalho and Christine Jurasinski played in the Berks County Girls' Championship to qualify for the district tournament and also received medals for placing in the tournament. Maia shot a 104 and received the 3rd place medal. Christine shot a 106 and received the 4th place medal.
     The district tournament will be held October 22 at York.
          - Dan Hafetz
     As the school year opens, the golf season starts and this year's team is ready to challenge. With all of last year's players returning, a good season is expected. Coach Fegely feels the team has a very good chance at winning the division title.
     In the Mounts first match, Evan Spohn and Derek Hutcheson fired 75 and 79 respectively and led the team to a 419-437 win against Daniel Boone. In the second match, the Mounts outlasted the Exeter Eagles in a 452473 win. Leading the team were Dan Hafetz with 79 and Evan Spohn with 82.
     With the enthusiasm and drive of the players, this team is ready to win the title, and they feel they will.
     On October 9, the Berks County tournament for the girls will be played. Both Maia Carvalho and Christine Jurasinski will represent Mount Penn. And October 16 the boys will compete at Blackwood for the Berks County tournament.
Brett Bowers
Maia Carvalho
Christine Jurasinski
Steve Kunkle
Evan Spohn
Todd Boyer
Dan Hafetz
Derek Hutcheson
Mark Leffler
Jeff Seyfert
Marc Goldstein
Roger Fegely

          - Dan Hafetz

Outstanding Athletes



     The male athlete of the issue for this first edition of the Penn Post is Leon Pace. He is our soccer team's last line of defense, our goal keeper. On occasion he is relieved of his goal keeping duties and gets a chance to play the position of center striker.
     Leon has been active in the following sports: baseball, volleyball, soccer, and this year he will even be playing basketball. In his spare time, Leon likes to play sports, spend time with his girlfriend and ski.
          - Kerry Motze
     The female athlete of this issue is Sally Ford. Sally is active in field hockey, bowling and softball. So far this hockey season Sally's been doing very well as an inner, despite the fact that last year she was out almost the whole season due to a badly broken arm. As of now, Sally has scored a total of 3 goals.
     In her spare time, when she's not busy with school or hockey, Sally enjoys spending time with her friends. Her other interests include listening to music and swimming.
          - Kathleen Petruska





     With most of last year's players returning, this year's hockey team seems to hold a promising future.
     Starting of the season with a non-league game against Brandywine, Mt. Penn fought to the end to tie the Bullets 1-1. Next on the list was Daniel Boone. Unfortunately, the Blazers overcame Mt. Penn's fighting offense and defense to a 5-2 win.
     With high spirits the Mounts marched onto Fleetwood's field, determined to win. The game ended in a tie 1-1. Central was the next challenge. M t. Penn scored first and then scored again to hold off the Cardinals to the end with a score of 2-0, in favor of the Mounts.
     The Junior Varsity is also doing quite well. With only one loss, they seem to be holding their own.
      Mrs. Thomas feels that Mt. Penn has the talent and ambition to do very well this year. The hockey team is also in agreement with her.
Diane Churan
Kelly Clark
Karen Denby
Leann Deisher
Kathy Ford
Sally Ford
Laura Schnader
Debbie Albrecht
Joy Christman
Sandy Horning
Cindy Jurasinski
Amy Milakofsky
Chris Morrison
Kathleen Petruska
Heather Ruhe
Tonya Sload
Pam Tucci
Cherisse Conlon
Jenny Eckel
Amy Miller
Perrin Quick
Jenny Schickler
Kim Steiger
Wendy Albrecht
Shelly Hill
Alyssa Max
Jenny Strouse

Varsity Coach - Mrs. Thomas
JV Coach - Mrs. Reanniger

     This year's team got off to a great start in defeating the visiting Twin Valley 4-1 and then blanking Exeter 3-0. This year's team, with plenty of hard work and hustle, could surprise plenty of people. Having plenty of enthusiasm and optimism, this year's team can easily earn a respectable league position.
     Mr. Messner said of this year's team, "Everyone is playing much better than anticipated. The team is blending together well and if we continue to improve as we have done in the last three weeks, we will have a better season than expected."


Leon Pace
Brendan Kane
Barclay Wilson
Sean Gimeno
Steve Monroe
Jeff Volutza
Nick Baer
Darren Straka
John Henry
Rick Schreiber
Kerry Motze
Mike Dautrich
Harry Siklas
Jason Miller
Charles Truckermiller
Victor Calveresi
Jeff Peterson
Dave Dunkleburger


Jay Kissinger
Kevin Haney
Kyle Seidel
Todd Keefer
Jeff Hoyt
Don Miller
Nathan Laterza
Pierre Ferretti
Howard Schnee
Stacey Acker
Tom Calveresi

     Currently, the soccer team is in fourth place behind Fleetwood, Kutztown, and Oley with a league record of 4-5-1. The hockey team on the other hand, is in third place behind Wyomissing and Daniel Boone with a league record of 4-5-1. The golf team finished third with a record of 6-4.
          - Kerry Motze