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Sally (Ford) Stewart

Sara Elizabeth

Sally (Ford) Stewart, 2006

Location: Email:
Mohrsville, PA

Ben and Nicholas Stewart, 2006
Ben and Nicholas inside the wheel of Sally's tractor.  OK, actually, this is at the Philly Zoo, 2006

Nicholas and Jim playing miniature golf, 2006
Nicholas and Jim, 2006
Nicholas and Ben in Ocean City, MD, 2006
Nicholas and Ben on a tandem bike in Ocean City, MD, 2006
Nicholas inherited his dancing skills from his mother.
Nicholas busting a move with Ben in their pool at home, 2006
Husband: James (Jim) P. Stewart
Children: Benjamin Ford Stewart (born 12/01/01)
Nicholas James Stewart (9/22/04)
Occupation: Manager in the audit department for Reinsel Kuntz Lesher, a regional CPA firm.  She's working a reduced hours schedule (4 days/week) so that she can spend more time with the kids.
& Wedding
Sally & Jim's engagement announcement was in the newspaper on 2/07/99, and their wedding announcement in the 7/11/99 paper. Jim is a Hamburg High School and Alvernia college graduate, where he received a B.S. in management and marketing. He is also employed by Car-Tech. They were married at St. Catherine's, and spent their honeymoon on a cruise in the Caribbean. Sally's sisters Kathy and Mary, as well as Wendy (Crow) Corliss were part of the wedding party.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
WC, DC, KC, KD, DF ... ski trip ... hockey camp ... bag it! ... MT ... Gimp 1 and Gimp 2 ... Bowling division twice ... Broken plant ... you're being rude! ... the Boss! ... Community headbands ... reinforced toes.
Chris Mal Notes:
Sally and I dominated Berks County high school bowling during our peak years.

This was nice.  See what Sally wrote in my yearbook.:
"You've been a great friend even through all of the bad bowling times that you made me have (or was that the other way around?)  Personally, I think it worked both ways.  I guess I should thank you for the 10th grade tournament - 12th place!  I will always remember our bowling stories and rides on the bus.  Your 245-232-122--599 was good, but I come in a close 2nd with my 224-199-109--532.  I was on my way to a 600 that day!  Softball Topics II was a unique class and Econ is almost as much fun.  It's been great having many classes with you this year and last year - I'll always remember our toughest day in Softball Topics II - weighing softballs!  That was the most work we did all year.  Thanks for doing all of my computer programs too - I really hated that class.  I hope Drexel knows what they've gotten themselves into!  Thanks for always making me laugh - you've been a terrific friend!  Your Pal, Sal."

Sally was summa cum laude at Mount St. Mary's College where she received a B.S. in accounting, business and finance.

Sally was a bridesmaid in Kelly (Clark) Geniott�s wedding in Clearwater, Florida in late �99.

5-Year Reunion

Sally was Chris Mal's bowling buddy, Wendy and Chris Mal collected bazooka comics

Sally Ford &
Wendy Crow


1984 Girls
Bowling Team

The 1984 Girls Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!

1985 Girls
Bowling Team

1985 Girl Bowling team featuring Sally Ford!
Click to enlarge!

1986 Girls Varsity
Bowling Team

1986 MPHS Girls Varsity bowling team starring...MINDY SNYDER (who missed picture day)
Click to enlarge!

1984 JV
Softball Team

1984 JV Softball team starring Softball goddesses and sisters, Sally and Kathy Ford!
Click to enlarge!

1985 Varsity
Softball Team

1985 Varsity Softball team featuring mother of Chris Mal's egg babies, Diane Churan
Click to enlarge!

1984 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring more people with their shoes not in the picture (who was our photographer?!)
Click to enlarge!

1985 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring the mother of twin egg babies, Diane Churan!
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1986 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1986 Varsity Field Hockey team starring Diane Churan!
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From the October 1985 Penn Post
     The female athlete of this issue is Sally Ford. Sally is active in field hockey, bowling and softball. So far this hockey season Sally's been doing very well as an inner, despite the fact that last year she was out almost the whole season due to a badly broken arm. As of now, Sally has scored a total of 3 goals.
     In her spare time, when she's not busy with school or hockey, Sally enjoys spending time with her friends. Her other interests include listening to music and swimming.
          - Kathleen Petruska


From the November 1985 Penn Post
      Even though the hockey team did not win their division, they still had individuals who were acknowledged for their achievements on their respected teams.
      Diane Churan of the hockey team was selected to the Berks All-County Team for her outstanding efforts in hockey. Sally Ford, also on the hockey team, was selected to the All Division Team. Diane played the left line position while Sally played the left inner position.
          - Danny Hafetz

I still don't understand what this Y-Teens thing was about...
Sally Ford (Secretary), Diane Churan (Presiden), Kathy Ford (Treasurer), Cherisse Conlon (VP)

Girls' Leader
Corps Officers

Looks like Sally would rather be bowling.

Based on these expressions, I'm going to
go out on a limb and guess this was
taken during a loss, 1985

Super star bowler, Sally Ford
Walking a balance
beam or bowling,
I'm not sure which.
Prior to the game in "Advanced Topics in Mathematics" Sally weighed the Softball she is about to throw
Sally, about to
deliver a 90MPH
fastball, 1984
I missed fewer 5-pins than Chris Mal did!
Kim's trying to figure out what Sally's so smiley about
Field Hockey makes
Sally happy, 1984
Advertising for Karen
broken arm,
Field Hockey

From 2nd Grade!!!
From left to right: Karen Denby, Lori Alison, Wendy Crow, Mindy Snyder, Sally Ford, Julie Kissinger (in back) and Renee Moyer.

Sally Ford, 1979, 5th Grade
Middle School: 1979
5th Grade Class Picture

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has shopped at Phar-Mor:

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