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Heather Ann
(Hill) Carpenter

Heather in 7th grade

Heather Hill, 8th Grade

Heather Hill

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Exeter Township, PA

I have been married to Craig since December of 1989.  We met on a blind date in college.  I wanted to back out of it, but my mom said �just go to the dance, you don�t have to marry the guy!�  Famous last words!!  Well I didn�t marry my blind date, but I married my friend�s blind date.  BTW, Craig wanted to back out at the last minute too.  We often had the �is it fate or is it chance?� debate.

Craig has a Master�s in Engineering.  He has worked as an environmental engineer, process engineer and most recently quality engineer.  Recently his work was patented!


We have two children.  Andrew was born in May of 1992.  Mary was born in February of 1995.  Both of our children are very involved in music.  In fact, there are six instruments in our home.

Andrew plays the viola in the Reading Symphony Youth Orchestra.  He also plays the trumpet and drums.  Andrew is an avid reader and also likes creative writing.  In high school he will be taking all the honors courses offered, as well as an extra science course � accelerated biology.  He is fascinated by reptiles, especially his snake.  He also enjoys playing tennis and lacrosse.

Mary plays the violin in the Reading Symphony Junior String Orchestra.  She also plays the flute and likes to play around on the piano.  She likes to read and write stories.  She is an alter server at St. Catharine�s.  This summer she is participating in a theatre camp at Albright College.  In school her favorite subject is science and she loves to play soccer and tennis.

Pets: We have several pets�an English Springer Spaniel, a vicious hamster, a fish, and an Eastern King Snake (who made an escape and luckily was found the same day).  Mary is trying to research turtles because she would like to have a turtle (since I said no to a cat).
Education: I completed my Bachelor�s of Science in psychology at Mt. St. Mary�s College in December of 1989.  Recently, I finished my Master�s of Education degree at Alvernia College where I was a Graduate Assistant.  Currently, I am enrolled in the Reading Hospital School of Nursing.

The joke is that I�m a professional student (I just spent 2 � years on my Master�s degree and now will spend the next 2 years in school to be a Registered Nurse).  Seriously, I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and have been in private practice since 1999.   I  work with breastfeeding moms and babies in local pediatrician�s offices.  I love being a lactation consultant.  A nursing degree will allow me to work as a lactation consultant in the hospital setting, as well as provide me with other opportunities.

Chris Mal Notes:
In the senior yearbook Heather listed "Child Psychology" as the career she desired after graduation.
It's a Small Word:
Here's an amazing coincidence for you.  Before the Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley and her family built their new house in Pathfinder Woods in Exeter in 2004, they were trying to decide which model to chose.  A friend of theirs arranged for them to go through one of the existing houses in the development.  The house belonged to none other than Heather Hill!  The Rowley's new home is just two blocks away from Heather's.

Heather's husband Craig plays soccer and has run into Lee Pace on occasion.

Heather was in the same graduate class as Debbie (Lojec) Hummel at Alvernia.
Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
Initiation ... Wham! ... Flower Shows ... Ski Trips ... 3-person classes ... Penn State ... Ice Skating ... Hooters ... LDC at Ursinus ... Thanks to my family and friends for everything, especially to Mom and Dad for their support.

From the May 1984 Penn Post
SADD Started

     Heather Hill, a sophomore, has decided to be one who does something about a problem. The problem, in this case, is drinking and driving. An article in Seventeen made Heather aware of the problem. No one she knows was hurt or killed by a drunk driver, and she wants to keep it that way. Heather feels that people should realize that accidents don�t always happen to someone else - next time it could be you. Heather needs people to join and to help. She stresses the fact that the club is against drinking and driving, not drinking.
     So far, the members of SADD include Heather, Leann Deisher, Christine Jurasinski, Kelly Carter, and Beth Rosser. These members would like to make you aware of one statistic �drunk driving is the leading killer of teenagers.
          - Jenny Miller


From the December 1984 Penn Post
Pennsylvania Science and Humanities Symposium

     95 students from all over the state participated in a Pennsylvania Junior Science and Humanities Symposium held at Penn State University. I represented Mt. Penn at this symposium.
     For three days I listened to lectures on various science and humanity related subjects, visited labs, and toured the college campus.
     Some of the professors� speech topics were research in science and math, the impact of science on society, Olympics and political intervention, and art sculpture using the computer, to name just a few.
     Students had the opportunity to tour two of the college labs. Some of the labs included astronomy, biological science, agriculture, chemistry, and physics.
     Seven students presented research papers on anything from medical technology to computer science.
     This symposium was a memorable experience. I learned about Penn State itself, I met professors and had a chance to talk to them, and I learned more about various subjects in science and humanities.
          - Heather Hill


From the October 1985 Penn Post

     This summer, through scholarship, I attended the 1985 Youth Leadership Development Center at Ursinus College. It is hard to put into words how I felt that week, all I can say is that it was one of the best and most memorable experiences in my life. I learned a lot while having a good time. Not only did I learn about leadership, I learned about myself and others.
     Everyone participated in the class "Leadership and Personal Style", then chose the other five classes which either had to do with leadership or the Red Cross. The classes were during the day with free time and recreation in between. There were social activities such as a talent show, a hug-a-thon, skits, a volleyball tournament, and a dance. Every day was finished by discussing in small groups, the day's activities.
     Through this center many friendships were made, for there was a tear in each person's eye as everyone left. As I said before, this was a great experience; I' recommend this program to anyone who is interested in bettering their leadership skills.
          - Heather Hill

Leaders of the Antietam Creek pH testing Club
Science Club
Officers 1986
Prez - Brendan Kane
VP - Chris Malinowski
Tres - Jason Miller
Secretary - Heather Hill

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