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Kathleen M.
Typical Teen

Kathy (Ford) Keck
Kathy (Ford) Keck, Summer 2002
Kathy Ford 2005
Kathy (Ford) Keck, 2006
Kathy Ford, 4th Grade, 1978
Kathy Ford, 1979
Kathy Ford, 7th Grade, 1981
Kathy Ford, 8th Grade, 1982

The Keck Family, 2005

Location: Email:
Lancaster, PA
Husband: Michael P. Keck
Children: Michael "Mick" P. Keck, Jr.
(Born 8/28/01)
John Joseph "J.J." Keck - He was born at the Lancaster General Hospital on 11/06/03 at 1:13 p.m., and was 7 pounds, 11 ounces, 21-1/4" long.
Occupation: Works for Armstrong (Ceilings, Floors and Cabinets): http://www.armstrong.com

The Keck Kids
Christmas Picture 2004
Mick, Allison & JJ in December 2004

The Keck Family
Ocean City, MD, 2002
The Kecks in Ocean City, MD, 2002

Mick and Allison Keck
Picture from 2001

Mick and Allison Keck, 2001

John "J.J." Keck

at the hospital just
after he was born 11/06/03

Pictures from February 2004

High school...the last time being "typical" was a significant accomplishment.

Class of 1986
Typical Teen:

Kathy Ford
Darren Max

Senior Memories (Copied directly from the Senior Yearbook):
DC, KC, WC, SF, KD ... lifting ... ya hear or what? ... Summer of '85 ... Bowling '85 ... Get a grip ... PDA ... The school ... Gigging in the Rabbit ... M.P.S. ... hockey -- the hills ... Hello!

Kathy Ford, Missy Ryan,
Wendy Crow (Queen),
Diane Churan, Kelly Clark

The Queen and Her Court

Kathy Ford and Leon Pace


From the March 1986 Penn Post
Kathy (Ford) Keck     The Female Athlete of this issue is Kathy Ford.  Kathy is very active in the Mount Penn sports program. She plays field hockey and bowls. This year, Kathy helped the girls´┐Ż bowling team finish 2nd in their division. She had the high average of 155.9 and a high triple of 556.
     Kathy enjoys school and her favorite class is typing.
     After graduation, Kathy plans to attend Penn State at University Park and major in business.
     In her free time, Kathy likes being with her friends, listening to music, reading, and skiing.
           - Kathleen Petruska

Chris Mal Notes:
Kathy and I were the only representatives from the Class of '86 at Sandy Horning and Brendan Kane's wedding.

Kathy is living in Lancaster, but occasionally eats at the Taco Bell across from the Fairgrounds Square Mall.

Kathy was voted "Typical Teen" female for the Class of '86. So many things about high school confused me and this was one of them. Just what does it mean to be voted "Typical Teen"? Is it a significant accomplishment? How much work does it take to be "typical"?

Kathy, Audrey, Brendan and I once had a Trivial Pursuit contest. As the history books reveal, Kathy and I kicked their butts.

Kathy & Sally's parents Jim and Fran celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 1999. They are still living on North 25th street in Pennside. They were given a surprise dinner by their family at Charlie's Restaurant.

I remember the only time I was ever in a car with Kathy & Sally's mom Fran. I think it was on our way to or from a bowling match, and Brett Bowers was with us. From that day forward she was known as "Lead Foot Fran."

Kathy was matron of honor in Sally's wedding, and her son, Michael Jr. was ring bearer.

Kathy signed her name in my yearbook as Kathy "Bowling Goddess" Ford.

Kathy's son, Mick, had his first day of 1st grade the day that his little sister, Allison, was born on 8/28/01.

Kathy and Mike took a vacation to the Florida Keys in early 2005.

These are some really nice socks.

1984 Girls
Bowling Team

The 1984 Girls Bowling team featuring Mindy Snyder!
Click to enlarge!

1985 Girls
Bowling Team

1985 Girl Bowling team featuring Kathy Ford!
Click to enlarge!

1986 Girls Varsity
Bowling Team

1986 MPHS Girls Varsity bowling team starring...MINDY SNYDER (who missed picture day)
Click to enlarge!

1984 JV
Softball Team

1984 JV Softball team starring Softball goddesses and sisters, Sally and Kathy Ford!
Click to enlarge!

1984 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring more people with their shoes not in the picture (who was our photographer?!)
Click to enlarge!

1985 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1985 Varsity Field Hockey featuring the mother of twin egg babies, Diane Churan!
Click to enlarge!

1986 Varsity
Field Hockey Team

1986 Varsity Field Hockey team starring Diane Churan!
Click to enlarge!


I'd have to guess that MPHS had the cutest field hockey team.  Just a guess.

Got Milk?

Hey, is that a HOUSE ball?

Nice form

Hey, this is a very seductive look...I'm starting to feel kinda funny inside the longer I look at it.

Kathy Ford

Sally Ford (Secretary), Diane Churan (Presiden), Kathy Ford (Treasurer), Cherisse Conlon (VP)

Girls' Leader
Corps Officers

Raise your hands if you're Sure!

Simon says...
raise your hands

Kathy Ford and a head-band

Quick get to the ball
before they blow the

League Champions thanks to these stickers we got from Our Pal Chris Mal

Kathy & Audrey
Bowling Goddesses

Kathy Ford, the start of a yawn

Kathy, Steve and Audrey
with Mrs. Luckenbach


Kathy Ford, 1979, 5th Grade
Middle School: 1979
5th Grade Class Picture

Kathy Ford, 1978, 4th Grade
Elementary School: 1978
4th Grade Class Picture

Number of times Kathy
has eaten at Taco Bell:

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