Jolie - Fall 2002

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Hey, what is that thing in the lower left of this picture...looks perverted.
Here's Jolie on her alphabet mat.

Jolie on the
Every now and then she likes to crawl UNDER her saucer.  Thankfully she finally learned to crawl out on her own.  At first she'd crawl under there and then freak.

Why does Jolie's head look to big in this picture?
She's completely mobile now.  She can even pull herself up to a stand...

This plant will just be a stem in month or two.
And a tiny trouble maker is born...

Once I count how many are in here, I'm going to hold a raffle.
Jolie loves to play in poor Spot's food.  Surprisingly she doesn't try to eat it.  She just likes to take it all out of the bowl.

Jolie favorite video is "Baby Van Gogh."
Her other favorite thing is taking all of the VCR tapes out of the entertainment center.
Another plant that was happier a year ago.
Picking leaves off of all of the plants is fun too!
I'd really like to crawl into the fireplace...
The ledge in front of the fireplace is low enough to crawl onto, so of course she does.
Diaper butt.
If there is an open cabinet, Jolie will crawl into it.  Looks like we'll be investing in those baby locks.
A caged animal.
Only one thing can stop this monster - a cage!

Jolie's first non-relative buddy.
Julia Cheskey - Carter and Kirsten's youngest - and Jolie.

I am so cute.
I am my Dad.
This picture was the first time I noticed signs that she is starting to look like a little girl instead of a baby. 
Another picture 2 seconds after the last one...still cute.
You got a staring problem?
Jolie was mesmerized by her Uncle Bill. 
This lasted about a minute.
Jolie's first horsie ride is on her 2-year old cousin Nicole.
Jolie comin' atcha For some reason she loves being tickled in the beanbag chair.
Compare this picture with the one of her in this same beanbag chair 7 months ago - CLICK HERE
Hey, pull me around in this thing.
Jolie likes when I put her in this beanbag and then pull her around the room.
Jolie is very happy about her new pink boots!
Nice boots!
Don't you love this cute pink boots!
My two favorite girls!
Here's Jolie all bundled up about to be dropped off at Nanna and Pop Pop's.
Woof woof!
This is Jolie in her home-made Spot the Dog costume that Bev made for her.
A scary bunch.
Bev's family just before they left for trick-or-treating with the kids.
The alphabet mat makes me smile!
P - U!
Mommy and Daddy are so funny!  Check this out - PU!
In the bright light, her hair is starting to look like Daddy's hair was at the same age.
Here's a close up of Jolie on Thanksgiving, hiding behind a big stuffed Minnie Mouse.
Mini Mouse, Mini Jolie and annoying Barney
From Thanksgiving at Jolie's Aunt Lynn and Uncle Bill's house.
Enlarge this and check out her ice-blue eyes!
Another good close-up from Thanksgiving.
Daddy's little helper
Here's Jolie helping me put the lights on her first Christmas tree.
My mommy and daddy couldn't afford a real sled.
Jolie's first day out in the snow!  12/05/02.  Yes, that's a laundry basket.  I told Bev to buy a sled before it snowed, but does she listen to me?  So, I pulled Jolie up and down the street in a laundry basket!
Do I look like a dork in this hat?
These little baby snow suits are kinda funny.  I swear you could drop her out of an airplane in this outfit and she'd be OK.  She couldn't really move in it, so she just laid there in her laund...I mean...sled.  She seemed to enjoy getting pulled around.
E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!
...and then when Mommy is away Daddy plays dress Jolie up in her Eagles clothes!
What's with the fro?
Here's Jolie helping the Donovan bobble head with its pretend broken ankle.
I want to be a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader when I grow up!
Jolie is smiling here because she knows the Eagles are just a few hours away from opening up a can of Whoop-Ass on the Seattle Seahawks.
Santa could use some dental work
Santa's first words ever to Jolie were "SOMETHING ON HER PANTS! SOMETHING ON HER PANTS!" as we were about to sit her down on his lap.  Uh, Santa? Relax, it was a piece of rye bread.
Elmo is Jolie's favorite Sesame Street character.

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3 weeks later...yep, she's still cute.


Daddy is sooooo funny (looking)!


I love this picture.


Daddy is SO funny!


Jolie's Fall 2002 pictures!  a.k.a. A trouble-maker is born!



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