Jolie - Summer 2002

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He's the best daddy ever!
6/01/02, out on the back deck of our house.  Jolie really likes being outside.

OK, I'm bored.  I want out.
Even Jolie's scowls bust me up.  This is her "OK this was fun, but now I'm sick of it, get me out of this thing" look.

Cooooooool, what's this thing?
She is really into it, though.  She's really into touching things these days, so this is a cool toy.

New toys make me smile!
This is Jolie's saucer that Daddy just put together.  She's still too small for it.  Her feet don't reach the bottom, so she can't move herself around.

Daddy is so funny, he busts me up.
Getting pictures taken with Daddy makes me laugh.  Jolie wasn't used to seeing her dad on picture side of the camera.

Jolie with Daddy and her cousin Galvin the Chihauhau!
This is Jolie with the best daddy ever, and Galvin the Chihauhau (Lynn and Bill's dog.)
Jolie's hat matches the Barbie Jeep.
No, we didn't buy Jolie a Barbie Jeep at the age of 4 months.  This is Jolie's cousin Nicole's big 2nd birthday present.
Barbie Jeeps make Jolie smile.
Jolie does seem to be really enjoying the Barbie Jeep though.
Cutie, and Cutie Jr.
Bev and Jolie from Kyle Julian's 1st Birthday party, 6/23/02.
Excellent picture of of my latest favorites.
Here's Jolie at her first Reading Phillies game, 6/30/02.

Jolie sobered up a few hours later.
I took Jolie for a ride in the stoller to calm her down.  When we got back, this was how she was sleeping.

2 seconds later, Jolie toppled over...
Jolie at Bev's parents' house on 4th of July.

Isn't she cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
Yet another cute picture.

Dancing with AnnaLia makes me smile!
Jolie and her cousin AnnaLia dancing.

Mommy and baby.
Bev and Jolie,

Grammy Sevart said the F-word right before this picture was taken.
The first picture of all five grandkids.  I took about 12 pictures.  This was as close as we came to a shot with all 5 of them standing still and sort of looking at the camera.
Do you like my Sinead O'Connor haircut?
Jolie in one of her bathing suits, just before her first experience in a real pool at the Malinowski family reunion.  (The pool experiment lasted about...oh...15 seconds.)
I love that hat.
Another picture of Jolie sitting in the grass in the backyard.
Baby blues against the blue sky.
Jolie and a clear blue sky in mid-July.
Jolie loves to massage the grass with her toes.
Jolie absolutely loves being outside and sitting in the grass.

Jolie at her second Reading Phillies game.
From a Reading Phillies game, 7/29/02.

Rolly Polly Jolie Strombolli...I just like saying that.
Rolly Polly Jolie Stromboli, at her Aunt Deb's 40th birthday party, 8/10/02.
It cracks her up when I try to "eat her toes" while she's doing this.
Jolie shows her flexibility...oh, stop...if you could suck on your toes, you would too!
The proud cousin...
Pierce is loves his cousin Jolie.
With a photo editor, you can made your grass look green!
From the photo-shoot in the backyard for Jolie's 6-month birthday, 8/11/02.
Hey, what are you doing up there while I'm down here? That's better...I like it when you're down here with me. Are you done soon, dad? It cracks me up how much she loves to rub her feet in the grass. It was a beautiful day, and Jolie really DOES have hair.
If you click on this picture, you can see that Jolie really does have hair!  It's just coming in VERY light so she looks bald in most of these pictures.
Nothing better than the taste of feet.
Although I do sometimes put my foot in my mouth, Jolie doesn't get her flexibility from me.
Is this a dance move?
Daddy's #1!
Love the outfit, homegirl.
I love this outfit, especially these little matching shoes.
Too cute.
She can do a split, too!
I swear she continues to get cuter with each passing day. Daddy, you bust me up!
These three pictures were taken on 9/01/02.
The world's cutest little smile. Hot pink pants?  I'm going to look back at these pictures and laugh at you one dad, Mom.
Must be something about this carpet.  Her cutest pictures have been taken right there.
Nice shoes.
Don't you love hot pink baby shoes?
Nothing cuter than the clash of baby blue eyes and mushy carrots.
Sloppy messy baby.
Jolie always loved the grass, now she loves crawling in it.
Here's a picture of one of Jolie's first crawls.  She became mobile just a few days before this picture was taken.
Daddy is STILL funny!
These were all taken on 9/11/02, Jolie's 7 month birthday.
Beautiful blue skies on 9/11/02.
It's hard to believe that almost a year before this picture was taken, on 9/12/01, I sat in front of the TV watching George Bush talk, and I felt the kick in Bev's belly for the first time.

It was hard to take these pictures because every time I'd set her down she'd immediately crawl right at me.

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3 weeks later...yep, she's still cute.


Daddy is sooooo funny (looking)!


I love this picture.


Daddy is SO funny!


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