Jolie - Winter 2005-06

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The eyes are grapes, and the nose is a cherry-tomato!
Jolie's first snowman!  We created this little guy after the first snow of the season, 12/04/05
A girl on the good list
Christmas Eve, 2005
Cookies and Jolie
Putting cookies and milk out for Santa Claus
Maybe Amanda needs a spanking
Christmas morning, opening up her Annoying... err, I mean... Amazing Amanda Doll.
...and then later, Amazing Amanda became Seizure Amanda - the thing was making all kinds of weird noises
Jolie and her Amazing Amanda Doll which is supposed to be interactive.  We think we accidentally got Hard-of-Hearing Amanda by mistake.
Jolie and Fur-Real Kitty....muuuuch better than Amazing Amanda Princess Jolie
Jolie dressed up in her new Snow White outfit that she got on Christmas Day at my parents' house
Love those plastic earrings
Another Princess outfit.
There's no doubt where Jolie got her cutes from This time next year, there will be FOUR girls - my sister is due with her THIRD!
Jolie and cousin Nicole and cousin Lindsey (my sister's kids.)
Oh goodie...another toy with 5 million little pieces. Cute profile Jolie just before tearing into the presents at my parents' house My Dad with all the girls
Pile on Poppy
My Dad taking Jolie for a ride
Very cute the hair Hugs from Aunt Bethy
Jolie and her cousin AnnaLia getting a big hug from their Aunt Beth on Christmas night
Another picture, Daddy? Eric, Cameron, Pierce, Jolie, Kenny and AnnaLia
All of the kids on Bev's side of the family
Just another cute picture of Jolie
12/26/05, at the 4th annual Kriesher-Moyer-Gallagher-Malinowski Christmas dinner
Jolie and Baylor
Jolie and Baylor, Drew and Margaret Gallagher's son
Jolie and the puppy dog Future school teachers Nicole, Pop Pop, Lindsey and Jolie
The King and the Princesses
Snow Jolie
Snow White
Princesses: Jolie, Nicole and Lindsey
New Year's Eve at our house - the girls broke out Jolie's box of princess outfits
3 Ogres
In February 2006 we took a trip to Orlando with Bev's entire family.  Sadly, our arrival was delayed by a day due to my grandmother's funeral.
Which one is the ass?  Tee-hee.
Our Day #1 was spent at Universal Studios.
Surprisingly, no one lost an eye...
Jolie sword fighting with her cousin, Eric (Bev's brother Scott's son)
At the Dr. Suess part of the park...
Day #2 at Islands of Adventure
Jolie getting her butterfly tattoo
This hopefully isn't setting a future precedent about tattoos, but it was cute at the time.
Two cuties This guy was a little too flexible.
Jolie's favorite ride at Islands of Adventure was the Spiderman ride, so it was fitting that we ran into the real Spiderman on the way out.
Such a cute outfit.
These were from a little photoshoot outside of our hotel later that night.  She looked so cute.
LOVE this picture.
I think she wanted me to shut up. I'm not sure where these poses came from, but they worked.  I love this one too. Beauty and the Snake
Day #3 was at Animal Kingdom
Goat Girl Beauty and the Mom
Jolie and Dinosaur Feet
This was outside of the Dinasour ride at Animal Kingdom.  Jolie loved this ride - I can't believe she wasn't crying after it was over.
Cute Guy and his Cute Girl More poses... A somber mood fills the air as another day comes to a close... Jolie hanging from a railing
Jolie and a dolphin
Day #4 was at Sea World.  This is a picture Jolie and Bev at the dolphin petting pool.  I think Jolie could've stood here all day.
He tried to sell us insurance but we weren't interested.
Jolie holding the most tame lizard of all time that we found while at Sea World.  The lizard actually stayed on my cap on top of my head while walking through the park for the last 2 hours of the day, just taking in the scenery.
Jolie and AnnaLia
Day #5 we had a free ticket to the Universal parks so we went back to both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.  Jolie's cousin AnnaLia joined us for the day.
Jolie and AnnaLia on an obstacle course type of thing at Universal's Islands of Adventure AnnaLia and Jolie posing after getting their hair braided.
The girls got their hair braided at the park.  That was quite a bargain.  Only $30 per person.
Cute kid, Cute Dad Adorable Mom, Adorable Kid Pink was the color of the day Joliquela
The braids cost $30, but the afro was free as long as you put it back on the rack after you take the pictures.

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3 weeks later...yep, she's still cute.


Daddy is sooooo funny (looking)!


I love this picture.


Daddy is SO funny!


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