May 1986

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606

MAY 1986

     Alan Rosenthal, a junior, recently placed second in an oratorical contest sponsored by the Rotary Club of Reading. Alan prepared a 5 minute speech on �Why Education and Training Are the Paths to Achieving a Person�s Potential� which he delivered two times to the judges. His placement was especially hard-won because the second time he delivered his speech, he did not know he would not be allowed to use his notes.  Alan, therefore, had to speech and at the same time keep his speech within the 5 minute time-frame Obviously, he did both especially well.
     Along with the other top 5 winners the Alan was honored at the April Rotary Luncheon. He was presented with a $200 Scholarship.
Alan was the only student to represent Mt. Penn.  With Alan's success, perhaps next year others will be interested in getting involved in this contest.


     Some of our junior high students participated in an Earth Day Poster Contest sponsored by Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center. They had to enter posters dealing with wildlife. This year, the theme was, �Discover Wildlife in Your World.� The posters were on display at C.H. McConnell Environmental Education Hall throughout April and May. The advisor of this contest was Mrs. Kuzminski.


7th Grade
Heather Boyer
Jonathan DelCollo
Tuan Duong
Trina Blanchette
David Newmoyer
Christopher Bohn
8th Grade
Tiffany Guido
Jennifer Prater
Jennifer Kauffman

          - Kristen Pfahl

     School is coming to a close in June and the students graduating arc planning their future. Following is a list of College Acceptances.

Christine Jurasinski - Albright, Bryn Mawr, Dickinson, Millersville, PSU (UP), WC, F&M, Elizabethtown

Leann Deisher - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Juniata

Elizabeth Rosser - Lebanon Valley, Albright, Kutztown

Suzanna Post - Virginia, PSU (UP), Cornell, Pratt

Steven Kunkel - University of Richmond

Karen Denby - Bloomsburg, West Chester

Stephanie Schaeff - Penn State (UP)

Darren Max - Millersville

Christian Malinowski - Drexel, Moravian, Carnegie Melon

Kathy Ford - PSU (UP)

Heather Hill - Albright, PSU (UP), Shippensburg, Mt. St. Mary�s

Barbara Yerger - Eastern College, Liberty, Messiah

Brendan Kane - Rochester, Dickinson

Sally Ford - Mt. St. Mary�s

Diane Churan - Lebanon Valley

Randall Boyer - Dayton

Maia Carvalho - PSU (UP), Virginia Tech

Kelly Clark - Pratt, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science

Thanh Lieu - Millersville, Drexel, PSU (Berks)

Audrey Acker - Shippensburg, Bloomsburg

Lisa Pacharis - PSU (UP), Pratt, Millersville

Corienne Roboski - PSU (Berks)

Laura Schnader - Kutztown, Millersville

Wendy Crow - Millersville

Kelly Carter - RACC

David Blose - SMU

Sheila Mervine - PSU

Leon Pace - Millersville, PSU, Temple

Kelly Grim - Millersville

Eric Delewski - PSU (Berks)

Victoria Vinchofsky - PSU (Berks)

Debra Lojec - Kutztown, PSU, Millersville

Melinda Snyder - RACC

James Quirk - West Chester

Julie Horst - Eastern

Sean Gimeno - Bloomsburg, Lock Haven

Jeffrey Petersen - Millersville, Luck Haven, Kutztown

Melissa Ryan - Goldy Beacom

Evan Spohn - PSU, Kutztown

Ron Slutsky - Delaware Valley, Slippery Rock, Shippensburg

Sue Klempke - RACC

Co Lieu - PSU (Berks), Lincoln Tech.

Chris Cunnius - Kutztown

David Dunkelberger - PSU (Berks)

Todd Weikel - Lehigh Community College

     For some time now, the Mt. Penn High School�s Marching Band has been outside every Friday preparing themselves for a parade. It was time to show everyone what has been learned, and the band and bandfront did just that in three parades.
     The first two parades fell on the same day - May 1 7. The first of these was the Berks County Armed Forces Day Parade. It was in Reading and started at 10 a.m.
     It was short in length, but many bands participated. The next parade was the Lower Alsace Fire Company�s Housing Parade. This parade began at 2 p.m., and it was a long one. It began at the Stony Creek Middle School and went through Stony Creek and Pennside to the A-field, then turned onto Byram Street past the pool, ending up at the Lower Alsace Fire Company in Stony Creek.
     The third parade was the Exeter Area Memorial Day Parade. It was on May 26, and started at 9 a.m. This parade went from the area around Exeter High School to the Forest Hills Cemetery ~.
     The band and band front had practiced long and hard for these parades, and they were ready to put Mt. Penn back on the Streets.
          - Nancy Snyder


     Once again, Mount Penn�s talented art students come out on top. The Wyomissing Art Institute Exhibit sponsored an art contest. Jennifer Rearden won $75.00 for her 1st place in the Junior high school level. Mount Penn also excelled in the senior high level. Leanne Seitz won $100.00 for placing 2nd in the senior high level, and Suzanna Post won $50.00 for her 3rd place victory. Kelly Clark was awarded two honorable mentions along with Marta Weitz who also had an honorable mention.
     The exhibit will be displayed at the institute for approximately 2 weeks. Any student may view the work during regular hours.

          - Pam Tucci

Letters to the Editor STUDENT TEACHERS
     On May 22nd and 23rd the elementary got some help in the shape of four student teachers from our high school. These students belong to the club, FTA. The four students were Irene Hatzistavrakis, Sandy Horning, Missy Ryan, and Barbara Yerger. Irene taught 3rd grade, Missy and Sandy taught 1st grade and Barbara taught 6th grade.
     There were three other student teachers that participated but not at the elementary school but at the high school. They were Cindy Jurasinski who taught for Mr. Fegely, Kathleen Petruska who taught for Mr. Hamilton, and Steve who taught for Mr. Strickler.
     Out of the ten who applied only these seven taught either at the high school or at the elementary school. FTA - which stands for Future Teachers of America - also sold sugar daddys at the beginning of the school year.
     - Irene Hatzistavrakis


Ambition without hard work is futile; hard work without ambition is dormant, but both ambition and hard work without thought and planning arc reckless.

* The best guide to life is your own book of values and the best cover for such a hook is sound reasoning.

* An unused mind is like an unused car; it usually has an empty tank.
     - Michael Young

Volume XXIX, Edition 8
May, 1986

Penn Post is published 8 times per year by the Journalism Class of Mt. Penn Junior/Senior High School.


Editor Pam Tucci
Editorials Lorraine Tobias
Features Irene Hatzistavrakis
News Dan Hafetz
Sports Jon Frankowiak
Senior Ed. Kristen Pfahl
Reporters Sandy Horning
Cindy Jurasinski
Kerry Motze
Kathleen Petruska
Marla Schnee
Nancy Snyder
Mike Young
Advisor Mrs. Strickler


     Following close behind the recent nuclear disaster in Russia has been a greater number of protestations against nuclear power in the United States. This is to be expected at such times; just as the questions as to whether the space program will go on after the Space Shut-tie explosion.
     There have been 15 nuclear accidents within the last twenty-five years. Though this is only 3 accidents every 5 years, one cannot question the widespread danger to lives not even within the nation of the disaster. For these reasons I do believe that the United States was very wise in not allowing for anymore constructions of nuclear power plants, at least for a while. I also believe that we have rushed into the nuclear age much too quickly, for we do not know how to control most of this power once the stability we set it under is lost. If the close down of nuclear power plants was to occur, I would agree with it without hesitation.

     - Michael Young

     The U.S. attack on Libya was a surprise, but at the same time it was a possibility that people were warned about.
     I know I do not wish to be in a war, but the U.S. must not allow its rights to be dissolved by another nation. Many people believe that the U.S. provoked the Libyans by entering the Gulf of Sydra, but the Libyans did try to take away the U.S.�s right to be there. This passing into the Gulf of Sydra could be analogous to someone�s right of free speech being taken away. The person would certainly speak his mind regardless, just to keep that right which is truly his and everyone's. The continuous terrorist attacks upon many different national ties of people is another transgression of laws that cannot be taken for simple hatred of other countries or other people, this is murder.
     I do support the U.S. attack against Libya, but I do believe that fighting should only be considered when it is the only alternative and when all forms of diplomacy have failed. It is most regrettable that many countries as well as individual people are irrational and must be dealt with in such a way.
     - Michael Young
     This year in the first week of May, Mr. Orlando allowed the student body to wear shorts until the end of the year. In order for everyone to enjoy this privilege, certain rules must be followed. All of the shorts must be the length of your extended arms. If indeed you are sent home because of the length of shorts, you get a 0 for all work missed.
     Let�s enjoy this privilege and stick to these few very reasonable rules.
     - Pam Tucci


     The summer enrichment programs for talented high school students are programs that encompass the fields of creative expressions in the language arts, math/computers, science, visual arts, and international studies. With in these fields students could apply to be chosen for a program and once chosen, would attend one of the colleges, such as Alvernia, RACC, Pennsylvania State University and others, that are going to teach that subject. The program will run from July 7-25th and the classes will be Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The people chosen will also have the option of staying on campus.
     The students that have been chosen from Mt. Penn High are Kristen Bukowski for math/computers, Kymberly Becker for science, and Michael Young for creative expressions in the language arts. All three are in the 10th grade.
     - Michael Young


     During the month of May, some of our seniors took an advanced placement test in mathematics. This test is given in math because our students are given an opportunity to work on college level skills in that area. When a student�s chosen college receives his score on this test, it may recognize his achievement by giving him credit for one or two math courses. This is quite an advantage in money and time.
     Students taking the Advanced Placement Calculus Exam this year were Steve Kunkel, Jason Miller, Christine Jurasinski, and Suzanna Post.
     Next year, in addition to math, some of our students will be given the opportunity to retake the Advanced Placement English test and possibly be exempted from 1 or 2 college English courses as well.

Seniors of the Issue

Sherri Becker

Your Pal

Twin Tower

     Sherri Becker has been chosen as the Vo-tech student of the issue. Sherri was chosen because of her outstanding work in Data Processing. She has been working on Data Processing for 3 years at Berks East.
     Some of Sherri�s hobbies going to the races, boating, and
She also is very active in VICA at East. She has been in VICA for years.
     After graduation, Sherri would like to follow her career and work with computers.
           - Kristen Pfahl

     Last issue�s mystery student was John Henry.
     Having blue-green eyes and light brown hair, this female sophomore�s interests include reading, dancing, drawing, and working with children. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her friends and family, as well as most of her previously mentioned hobbies. In school, this sophomore�s sports activities include only basketball, but out of school, swimming, tennis, softball, and hockey keep
her busy. Her future plans include legal work, such as negotiating contracts for those involved in the fine arts.
           - Cindy Jurasinski

     Chris Malinowski, the male senior of the issue, is the vice-president of the Science Club. He says his main duty is to take over should the president be assassinated. He is also president of the Chris Malinowski Fan Club which was organized in 1982 in honor of himself.
     Chris has participated in bowling in his five years at. Mount Penn. He was placed on the All-Berks team this year for his 196 average. He has received a lot of recognition and hopes to be awarded MVP for bowling for the second year in a row. Chris played baseball in 9th and 10th grades but says he was forced to retire in 12th grade when his parents decided that dollar bills were more important than base hits.
     You can now find Chris working everyday in Boscov�s Garden Center which leaves him no spare time. He says that if he had any spare time he might listen to some good music like Peter Gabriel or Nick Kershaw or he would maybe just sit around and burn pictures of Simon Lebon.
     Chris enjoys being with his friends, being neat, and just plain being.
     After this year, Chris will be attending Drexel University where he plans to study Computer Science/Electrical Engineering.
Danny Hafetz
     The senior girl of this issue is Barb Yerger. Barb plays a very important role in the music program here at Mount Penn. She is captain of bandfront, sings in the chorus, and plays the piano for the band. Not only did she play in the band, but she accompanied almost all of the musical acts in this year�s variety show. Barb is also active in NHS, Y-teens, UN, Science Club, and is president of ETA.
     Barb also participated in Girl�s Volleyball and also likes to play tennis. In her spare time, Barb enjoys reading and playing the piano. Her favorite class is Biology.
     After Barb�s graduation, she is planning on attending Eastern College, majoring in Biology Secondary Education and to find a career in teaching.
Danny Hafetz

     Kim Steiger, a junior representative to the Berks County Student Forum, has been elected to represent Berks County in Harrisburg next year. She and one other student will represent all students in the 18 schools of Berks County on the Governor�s Student Forum Council. This is a fact finding group that meets several times a year to help the governor and his state officials understand what is going on in the states schools on the student level.


     On April 17, twelve members of the Boys� Leader Corps left for a spectacular day of white-water rafting down the challenging Cheat River. The trip consisted of camping out overnight in a nearby campground and then leaving early the next morning for a six hour rafting ride through some terrific white-water.
     The water level was extremely high and very fast, increasing the difficulty and danger of the trip. Many of the rafters ended up taking some of the rapids without a boat, and finding this bone-chilling experience very frightening. The trip turned out to be a dazzling success, and all of the rafters agreed it was delightful. The following are the students and chaperons who were daring enough to brave the rapids:

Erich Pfahl
Darren Straka
Dave Rogers
Marc Goldstein
Jeff Volutza
Nick Baer
Steve Monroe
Mike Dautrich
Kevin Haney

Jeff Hoyt
Jason Miller
Kerry Motze
Mr. Messner
Mr. Becker
Paul Knabb
Jeff Cardinal
Todd Bowers

           - Kerry Motze

     The county tennis tournament was held Thursday, April 24, Mount Penn sent one doubles team and two players in singles. The Mount�s doubles team of Mark Leffler and Craig Carpenter were knocked off in the first round by a team from Hamburg. Mark and Craig both gained a great deal of experience by having to play under a pressure situation.
     In the singles, Mount Penn�s top two seeds played in the tournament. Nick Baer, the Mounts number one player, won his first. round match against a Muhlenberg player. Then Nick played Tim Klahr from Governor Mifflin. Tim, the number four seed in the tournament, eventually defeated Nick.
     Derek Hutcheson, the Mount�s second seed, won his first round match. In the next round, Derek lost to Jim Peters the number three seed from Kutztown.
     This year, the singles� champion was Bif Neihaus, from Wyomissing. In doubles, the Wyomissing team of Chris Confer and Greg Cooper were victorious.
           - Daniel Hafetz

Outstanding Athletes



     The female athlete of this issue is Audrey Acker. Audrey is very active in the Mount Penn sports program. Currently, she is the short stop for the girls� softball team. She has played varsity since 9th grade. Audrey also is a member of the bowling team, and she played field hockey in 9th and 10th grade.
     Some of Audrey�s hobbies include reading and playing sports. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music and going out with her friends.
     Audrey�s favorite class is Accounting II, and she plans to attend Shippensburg University and major in accounting.
           - Kathleen Petruska

     Our girl�s team competed unsuccessfully at the Brandywine Volleyball Tournament. Kelly Clark was named to the All-Star Team. Five teams participated in the tournament; only seven players were picked for the All-Star Team.
     At the Mt. Penn Volleyball tournament the girl�s had an A-team and a B-team. The B-team didn�t do too well scorewise, but they got experience for next year�s season since the A-team has only one player that's not a senor. The A-team played very well and had a good chance to win the tournament. This was their last tournament for this season. Overall the girl�s didn�t have a perfect season, but they played their hearts out at the last tournament.
     Kelly Clark was also named to the All-Star Team at the Mount Penn Volleyball Tournament. Kelly is the setter for the team.
           - Sandy Horning

     The softball team had a rough time this year. They lost some very close games. There was actually a lot of talent, but also just a lot of tough breaks. Mt. Penn gave their opponents a good fight. Their record for this season was 3-15.
     Mr. Fegely feels that the team played very well this year. He thought the games were close and a few key hits could have won many more games.
           - Pam Tucci
     The male athlete of this issue is John Henry. John is doing very well as one of the pitchers for the varsity baseball team. During a recent Twin Valley game, John pitched a three-hit shutout. He is also very active in other sports as well. In school, John plays varsity basketball and varsity soccer. Outside of school he enjoys playing tennis and swimming.
     John�s favorite classes are math and Spanish. In his spare time he likes collecting coins, going to movies, and being with his friends.
     In the future, John hopes to attend the Air Force Academy and major in engineering.
           - Kathleen Petruska

     The boys volleyball team looked to be very strong, but couldn�t come up with the big points in crucial situations. In the second tourney, which was held at Brandywine, the Mounts ended up with an overall record of 3-5. This poor showing only increased the eagerness to win the Mountaineer Invitational. At this tournament, our team came to play, winning their first 6 games until losing two close games to Schuylkill Valley. The Mounts then lost some steam and were ousted in the semi-finals by Oley. The Mounts still have a supply of young recruits and the volleyball program should remain strong.
Kerry Motze

     This year�s varsity, shooting for a .500 record, came up a little short of their goal. The Mounts league record of 2-8 may seem a bit shallow, but they proved to be a formidable opponent to all other teams in the league. The two victories were both sustained over Twin Valley, and the numerous losses were in many tight games. The Mounts had, what seemed to be an impressive arsenal, until repeated injuries took a lot out of the offensive swing of things. Many of the goals came up short in this year�s season, one can only wonder what next year�s season will be like.
           - Kerry Motze