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Mt. Penn High School
1985-86 Girls Basketball Team

They are standing still, would it have been so hard to get their feet in the picture?
Coach Thomas, Judy Krize, Krissy Bukowski, Amy Miller, Peggy Monroe,
Deb Albrecht,
Diane Churan, Cindy Jurasinski, Amy Milakofsky

RECORD: 2-19
MPHS Opponent OPPT
23 Fleetwood 43
49 Tulpehocken 29
18 Kutztown 65
23 Muhlenberg 54
28 Exeter 51
31 Brandywine 43
28 Conrad Weiser 62
19 Holy Name 50
27 Fleetwood 52
17 Wyomissing 51
44 Central Catholic 62
17 Daniel Boone 56
27 Oley 42
24 Hamburg 57
26 Brandywine 38
35 Twin Valley 33
29 Wyomissing 53
25 Central Catholic 47
40 Daniel Boone 57
32 Oley 51
42 Twin Valley 47
December 1985 Penn Post

     Many of last year�s players of the girls� basketball team have returned this year with renewed hope for the 1985-1986 basketball season. Although the team is smaller than last year�s team, the talent will hopefully make up the difference.
     The girls� season begins with an away game on December 6th against Fleetwood. During this game, and all games thereafter, there will only be one �jump ball,� which will be at the beginning of the game. In situation where the call is a �jump ball�, there will be alternating possession instead. This is the first year that this rule will be in effect for the girls.
          --Cindy Jurasinski
February 1986 Penn Post
     Even though half of the season is over, the Mt. Penn girls� basketball team still has most of their league games ahead of them.
     At the start of the season, on December 6th at Fleetwood, the visiting team, Mt. Penn, lost to the Tigers. However, Mt. Penn came back on the eleventh to defeat Tulpehocken by 27 points. In the following games, the Mounts didn�t fair as well. After losing several non-league games to Kutztown, Exeter, Holy Name, and Conrad Weiser, Mt. Penn was ready to fight. On January 9th, the Mounts clashed with the Cardinals. Mt. Penn held tight in the first quarter and was down by only six baskets at the end of the first half In the second half the Mounts kept up their spirits along with their defense by coming within 5 points of Central.
     The girls� junior varsity teams� spirits are still high despite their losses. Their efforts show through in each game.
           -- Cindy Jurasinski
Diane Churan
Amy Miller
Cindy Jurasinski
Amy Milakofsky
Peggy Monroe
Krissy Bukowski
Deb Albrecht
Kristen Motley
Judy Krize
Judy Krize
Kristen Motley
Cathy Krize
Jen Reimert
Jen Rearden
Valerie Kring
Michelle Huber
Chris Morrison

March 1986 Penn Post

     As the girls� basketball season closed for the 1985-86 school year, the Mounts didn�t do as well as was expected. However, despite the losses, the girls fought hard in each game and never gave up. Against visiting Twin Valley, Mount Penn scrambled for each loose ball to win by a buzzer-beater shot by Debbie Albrecht.
     Since the team had only won 2 games this season, the year was looked upon as a building year in which the team gained valuable playing time.
     This year the JV team succeeded in beating their previous record by winning one game, and also having a few extremely close games.
     Although the varsity team will be losing senior,
Diane Churan, the next season looks optimistic.
Cindy Jurasinski


Mt. Penn High School
 1984-85 Varsity Girls Basketball Team

1985 Varsity Girl Basketball team feating Diane Churan and the Twin Towers!
Standing: Amy Miller, Marsha Yerger, Coach Thomas, Peggy Monroe, Barb Yerger
Sitting: Bert Schreiber,
Diane Churan, Deb Albrecht, Chrissy Bukowski

Most Improved: 

December 1984
     This years girls basketball team has an outstanding number of participants. There is a lot of talent to be found, along with depth.
     There are three Varsity starters returning from last year: Roberta Schreiber, Amy Miller, and
Diane Churan. There is also one sophomore, who played last year: Lara Stutz.
     Mrs. Thomas, head coach, hopes to have a winning season. She feels that there is much talent and victories aren�t out of reach.
An introduction of players:

Roberta Schreiber

Marsha Yerger

Diane Churan

Valerie Kring

Kim Schmidt

Catherine Krize

Barbara Yerger

Judith Krize

Amy Miller

Jenny Moyer

Lara Stutz

Traci DeCarlo

Margaret Monroe

Amy Milakofsky

Kristen Bukowski

Cindy Jurasinski

Lisa Jozwiak Debbie Albrecht


Pam Tucci

         - Diane Churan


February 1985
Roberta Schreiber

     The selection for Penn Post�s outstanding female athlete is Roberta Schreiber. Bert is outstanding not only in basketball, where she has become a leading scorer, but she excels in field hockey and softball also. On the basketball court she plays the guard position and on the softball field she plays shortstop. Bert�s strength in field hockey is defense. She is very supportive on the field and off. Bert displays the qualities of a true athlete.
- Diane Churan

February 1985
     Roberta Schreiber became the 20th girl in Berks County to reach a goal of 1,000 points. Besides this outstanding achievement, she has also broken the school record for scoring, which was held by Jodi Michewicz. Bert and Jodi are the only two girls from Mt. Penn to score 1,000 points.
- Diane Churan

Spirits Still High
     Things did not turn out anything as expected for the girls� basketball team; however, their spirits are still high. So far they have only 2 wins to their record.
     Some of the games that were lost should have been won, but there is nothing that can change it. Our inexperienced girls play against mostly all juniors and seniors, who have been playing for a long time. The Mounts have two starting freshmen, a sophomore, a junior, and only one senior. There is a lack of not only experience but also of confidence.
     Next year, there will be more players who know the game a little bit better, which should improve previous records.
- Diane Churan

Mt. Penn High School
1983-84 Varsity Girls Basketball Team
1984 Mt. Penn Girls Varsity Basketball team featuring Diane Churan!

Standing: Coach Biffel, H. Kallio, Margie Walter, Amy Miller, Gwen McCormick
Sitting: Robin Franckowiak, Bert Schreiber,
Diane Churan

December 1983
Girls� Basketball

     For the first time in at least two years, the girls� basketball team will have a Varsity and a J.V. squad. The girls will be sharing the gym with the boys for practices. One week the girls will have early practice, 3:00 until 5:00 or 5:30. The following week it will be a late practice, 5:00 or 5:30 until about 7:30. The Varsity coach is Miss Biffel, and the coach for the J.V. team is Scott Wittich.

Heli Kallio
Robyn Franckowiak
Margie Walters
Gwynne McCormick
Amy Miller
Roberta Schreiber

Diane Churan

Norine Miller
Joell Miller
Audrey Miller
Lara Stutz
Alisa Jacobs
Jenny Eckel
Vali Sikla
Rae-Lynn Fletcher
Carol Bigos
Kim Steiger

December 1983
M.P.H.S. Bonfire
     This year Mount Penn is trying something new to arouse school spirit. A bonfire was scheduled for November 28; but was postponed to a later date because of rain. At the bonfire all basketball players - boys and girls - will be announced, as will the coaches and the cheerleaders. Cheering contests between classes will be held. The bonfire will hopefully be a continued tradition at Mount Penn.
          - Jenny Miller