February 1985

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Penn Post
Mt. Penn Jr./Sr. High School
25th and Filbert Sts. - Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606



     Just before the holidays news reached the high school about Jim Krause and his need for money to pay for a heart transplant. Community efforts were begun to raise money, but since Jim was a former Mt. Penn student, graduate of the class of �73, and athlete, the students wanted to do their share. A campaign urging students to �Give a dollar for a heart� was held for 5 days at the high school and the elementary school. The students dug deep into Christmas and lunch money; parents supported the campaign as well. A total of $642.20 was raised and deposited in the Merry Christmas Jimmy Fund.
     By press time the community effort has well exceeded the $100,000 and more activities are planned, including some by our high school student council. Jim has also had, at this point, a successful heart transplant.
          - Scott Christman


     Jim Krause, one of three Berks County men undergoing heart transplants, was a member of Mt. Penn�s Class of �73. Jim was on the golf team three years and played basketball all through his school years except one in junior high, a year in which he was badly burned. Jim, a student in the vo-tech�s co-operative work program, was well liked by all his instructors, many of whom had this to say:
"Jim was a hard worker, an A-B student, quiet, dnd never any trouble."
     Adele, Jim�s wife, was an active member of Y-teens, chorus, student council, the hockey team, and the cheerleading squad. Adele graduated in 1974. She now has MS.
     Jim, doing well after his operation, is now at home. His experience should serve as a reminder that none of us are impervious to disease or infirmity. It�s nice to know that our community cares.
          - Dave Moleski
A Valentine
Go, Cupid and my sweetheart tell
I love her well.
Yes, though she tramples on my heart
And rends that bleeding thing apart;
And though she rolls a scornful eye
On dotting me when I go by;
And though she scouts at everything
As tribute unto her I bring-
Apple, banana, caramel-
Haste, Cupid, to make my love and tell,
In spite of all, I love her well!
And further I say I have a sled
Cushioned in blue and painted red!
The groceryman has promised I
Can �hitch� whenever he goes by-
Go, tell her that, and furthermore,
Apprise my sweetheart that a score
Of other little girls implore
The boon of riding on that sled
Painted and hitched, as aforesaid;-
And, tell her, Cupid, only she
Shall ride upon that sled with me!
Tell her this all, and further tell
I love her well.

          Eugene Field

Valentine Dance
     The Y-Teen�s annual Valentine Dance was held on Saturday, February 9. As usual, the girls asked the guys.
     The Y-Teens and their dates went out to dinner before hand and later came to the dance.
     About 40 couples attended the dance. Music was provided by Sound Celebration.
          - Heather Hill

Smile Contest

     Danny Hafetz, the winner of this year�s Smile Contest, was chosen by an official from the Reading-Berks Dental Association over Donese Mabry and Heather Ruhe, the other two representatives from 9th grade homerooms.
      Danny was interviewed by the official and asked to tell his slogan which was, "I owe this smile to good dental hygiene."
     On February 19, at the Sheraton, Danny will compete with all the other Smile Contest winners from local schools.
          - Jen Eckel


     Mt. Penn is off to a great start in this years competition. In round one, we crushed the other two districts. The scores were: Fleetwood - 3, Wilson - 6, Mt. Penn - 20. Round two was a significanT round because we were up against Twin Valley who dominated game play in previous years. The scores were: Reading -4, Twin Valley - 17, Mt. Penn - 17.
     One interesting note is that in Berks competition, there are no winners or losers. All this is to prepare for the competition at Lebanon Valley College, where about 60 other schools will also meet to match wits this March. Our team feels they are set for a winning year.
          - Dave Moleski

     This year the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers is sponsoring a math contest. It is for seventh and eighth graders only. This program is to give awards for academic achievement and to bring top honors to our school. There will be three competitions in all: regional, state, and national. The winner of the state finals will win a free trip to Washington, D.C. to compete for a national title.
     The local competition will be held at Alvernia College on Saturday, Feb. 16. There will be individual and team competitions. Our team, representing Mt. Penn Jr. High School, will be competing
in both categories.
The team is as follows:
Jenny Reimert
Yen Lieu
Ethan Post
Kim Sobjak
Brian Snyder
Shelby Davis

          - Diane Churan

Animal Rights
     According to PARADE magazine each minute around the clock, 50 creatures are sacrificed in laboratories and experimental centers all over America. Quite recently the cruelty and sometimes senseless scientific experimentation done on over 200,000 animals a day has been brought to the publics attention.
     The Animal Welfare Act is the only minor legal protection for lab animals. This law merely sets standards for housing and veterinary care. It has no power concerning experiments.
     The big issue, as many people view it, concerns animal rights vs. scientific progress. In view of this, one must understand it is not progress these animal rights institutions are protesting but rather the inhumane and indecent treatment of the animals involved. They are out-crying against the duplication of experiments and hope to terminate useless research. For example, one researcher broke the wings of 56 wild mallards and then released them. Four survived. The conclusion made was that crippled ducks do not survive as well as healthy ducks in the wild. Common sense would have brought the average person to this same conclusion.
     It is senseless research such as this that leads to the destruction of 70 million animals a year in this country alone in the name of medical and scientific research. Should these experiments not be limited to a fewer number? Should the animals involved not be treated in a more merciful manner? Should the research being done not be done for a valid reason? Should these animals not be guaranteed more legal rights so that they, too, might have justice? Hopefully, with the support of the public, these animals might have a fighting chance.
     Facts and statistics taken from PARADE magazine.
          - Steph Sosh
Creative Arts Contest
     The Penn Post is again sponsoring a Creative Arts Contest. The contest consists of three categories: poetry, short short stories, and cartoons.
     Short short stories are to be 250 to 500 words, and poetry is to be 50 to 150 words. Both must be typed and double-spaced. The cartoons must be no smaller than 3 x 5 inches, and no bigger than 8-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. They are to be drawn on white paper in black ink.
     There is a limit of 2 entries per person per category. Your name, grade, and category are to be on a cover sheet attached to your work, not written on your work.
     There will be a $20 prize to the best entry in each category, and $5 to honorable mentions. All entries are due by March 18, and the winners will be announced on April 15.
     All work submitted will be the property of the Penn Post. For further information see Mrs. Strickler.
          - Jenny Eckel

Berks County Peace
Essay Contest

     The Peace Information Center of Berks County is sponsoring the second Annual Berks County Peace Essay Contest. The purpose of the contest is to encourage original ideas for establishing a peaceful world. The contest is open to students enrolled in public and non-public schools in Reading and Berks County, grades 10-12. The topic is to "Describe your Vision of a World Free of Nuclear Weapons in the Year 2001." Your essay should be between 800 and 1200 words. Anyone interested should see Mrs. Strickler for more details. Arrangements can be made to have your essay typed if handed in before March 7, 1985.
     Prizes awarded are: 1st Place - $100, 2nd Place - $50, 3rd Place - $25.
     Since this is a local contest, the chances of winning are greater. Judging will be based upon originality, thoughtfulness, and clarity of expression.
          - Dave Blose
Mrs. DelSignore
     Mrs. DelSignore was our computer instructor for two marking periods. At the end of the second marking period she will step down to make way for Mrs. Spatz, who will be returning from sabbatical. Mrs. DelSignore said she will be looking for a full time job, and if none are available, she will be a substitute teacher. Her closing comments were on a positive note:
�I always felt comfortable teaching here because the students were nice, well behaved, and conscientious. I�ll miss teaching here.�
          - Dave Moleski

American Legion
Oratorical Contest

     This year the 48th Annual National High School Oratorical Contest is being sponsored by the American Legion. The purpose of the contest is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students. There are two different phases to the contest. The first is the Prepared Oration. The subject of the Prepared Oration must be on some phase of the Constitution of the United States which will give emphasis to the attendant duties of a citizen to our government. The Prepared Oration must not take up less than 8 minutes or more than 10 minutes for delivery. The other phase of the competition is the Extemporaneous Discourse. This cannot consume less than 3 minutes or more than 5 minutes for delivery. The purpose of this phase is to test the speaker�s knowledge of the subject, the extent of his research and the ability to discuss extemporaneously the topic as related to the basic principles of government under the Constitution.  Any interested parties should see Mrs. Strickler for more details no later than March 15. Regional contests begin on April 15.
         - Dave Blose
     Mr. Brossman has been accepted into the administrative intern program at Lehigh University. He will be assisting Mr. Orlando during his unassigned periods. At the same time, he will be involved in the observation and preparation of the schedule and budget for 1985-86.

     Kathy Bennecoff, a representative of Allentown Business School, presented a lecture on "Impressive Interviews� to Mrs. Haag�s opportunity classes and Mrs. Starr�s secretarial classes. The discussion revolved around resume preparation, proper attire, and attitudinal approaches to job interviews.


Outstanding Students

Roberta Schreiber

Greg Tucci

Jackie Ritter

     In this month�s issue of the Penn Post, the most outstanding senior girl is Roberta Schreiber. Roberta, ranking in the top 5th of the 1985 graduation class, is a very actively involved person. She is the President of the Girl's leader corp, Vice-President of Y-teens, and also participates in the science club.
     Roberta plays on the volleyball team, softball team, is captain of the hockey team, and also captain of the basketball team. Roberta has received the MVP award for both her sophomore and junior years and has made the Division I All Star Team and is a very high scorer in basketball.
     In her spare time, Roberta likes to play sports and spend time with her family. After graduation, Roberta would like to go to Rutgers University to play basketball and major in sports psychology.
          - Robin Clouser

     This issue�s feature teacher selected by Penn Post is RICHARD C. HAMILTON. Mr. Hamilton began teaching at Mt. Penn High School in 1957. He attended Penn State for his B.S. degree and graduated in 1953. Later, he continued his training at Temple University, where he received his M.Ed. degree. He teaches Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, A.P.M., and 7-C Remedial math.
     Before Mr. Hamilton started teaching at Mt. Penn, he taught at the Perkiomen School for Boys. In 1954, he served in the Air Force for three years until he came to Mt. Penn.
     During his spare time, Mr. Hamilton enjoys fishing, hunting, and gardening. He also finds time to work part-time in a liquor store.
          - Karen Denby
     Greg Tucci has been selected as the outstanding male Senior of the Issue. Greg, ranking in the top 10 of his class, still finds time for extra-curricular activities. He has been playing trumpet in the MPHS band since 5th grade. He is a mainstay of the yearbook staff and a member of the College Bowl team. He is also in Science Club and U.N. Club.
     Greg participates in the MPHS sports program as well. He is on the tennis, volleyball, and soccer teams.
     Watching television and movies is Greg�s favorite pastime.
Although he hasn�t chosen a major, Greg plans to attend Haverford College.
          - Scott Christman

College Acceptances

Lori Fizz Rochester Institute
   of Technology
Chris Hains Penn State (Univ.Pk.)
Jill Moyer Univ. of Pitt.
T. DiGiacomo Penn State (Behrend)
Dana Kistler U.S. Navy
Tim Miller U.S. Air Force
S. Steigerwalt Kutztown University
Sibyl Kane U. of Pennsylvania
S. Christman Lincoln Tech
Matt Elvin Bucknell
Robin Clouser Manor Jr. College
Kelly Gray Philadelphia College
   of Pharmacy
S.Newcomer Penn State (Berks)
Alan Ganas Penn State (Berks)
Mike Neiman U.S. Air Force
Todd Ringler Syracuse University

Penn Post
Volume XXVIII, Edition 4
February 1985
Penn Post is published 8 times per year by the Journalism Class of Mt. Penn Junior/Senior High School

     This months Vo-Tech Senior of the issue is Jackie Ritter. Jackie attends Berks Vo-Tech West Tuesday and Thursday for occupational child development. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday she goes to the Pennside Nursery School to help in the morning. Jackie loves kids and plans to be a nursery school teacher in the future.
     Her hobbies are ceramics, television, and babysitting. She is also a member of FTA, FHA and HERO (Home Economics Related Occupations).
          - Scott Christman


Senior - Sibyl Kane
Junior - Kelly Clark
Sophomore - Cherisse Conlon
Freshman - Heather Ruhe

Happy Ads
Mr. Potatohead,
     Thanks to you, sweetie, this past year has been my best ever! I�m hoping for many more to come, and you�ll always be my very favorite vegetable!
          All my love,
          Mrs. Potatohead

To my sweetheart, Bob:
     Happy Valentines, & Happy Anniversary A toast to 5 great years.


Outstanding Athletes

Jeff Petersen and Barry Mowry fighting over the ball.....Ummmm, aren't these two guys on the same team?

MP teammates Barry Mowery and Jeff Petersen battle for rebound.

The Final
Hoop Scoop

     The Best word to describe this year�s basketball team is �aggressive.� Because of the tough inner-divisional competition however, the Mounts will not be going into Berks County play-offs. They will be going into District 3 play-offs. Three key losses this year were to Wyomissing at home (45-52), Wyomissing away (36-40), and to Central away (42-59). Despite these disappointing losses, the team never gave up and always gave 100%. As this paper goes to print, the Mounts will be facing Daniel Boone, Central, and Oley. Of the three, the game against Central is what everyone is waiting for.
     Supporting and carrying the team this season were the three seniors: John Sosh, Jim Seiz, and Dave Werner. John Sosh is not only the team�s leading scorer with an average of 15.7, but he also ranks eighth in Berks County. These three players will be missed next season. However, returning are six juniors, who will add support to the team. Along with these returners there will also be aspiring sophomores coming back. The Mounts aggressiveness and talent will definitely make them a contender in their division and will help them go far.
          - Diane Churan


It is good that men should think, but it is indispensable that men should love.

Roberta Schreiber

Joe Boyle

     The selection for Penn Post�s outstanding female athlete is Roberta Schreiber. Bert is outstanding not only in basketball, where she has become a leading scorer, but she excels in field hockey and softball also. On the basketball court she plays the guard position and on the softball field she plays shortstop. Bert�s strength in field hockey is defense. She is very supportive on the field and off. Bert displays the qualities of a true athlete.
          - Diane Churan

     Roberta Schreiber became the 20th girl in Berks County to reach a goal of 1,000 points. Besides this outstanding achievement, she has also broken the school record for scoring, which was held by Jodi Michewicz. Bert and Jodi are the only two girls from Mt. Penn to score 1,000 points.
          - Diane Churan

Spirits Still High
     Things did not turn out anything as expected for the girls� basketball team; however, their spirits are still high. So far they have only 2 wins to their record.
     Some of the games that were lost should have been won, but there is nothing that can change it. Our inexperienced girls play against mostly all juniors and seniors, who have been playing for a long time. The Mounts have two starting freshmen, a sophomore, a junior, and only one senior. There is a lack of not only experience but also of confidence.
     Next year, there will be more players who know the game a little bit better, which should improve previous records.
          - Diane Churan

     This issue�s most outstanding athlete is Joe Boyle. During the Mount Penn Varsity soccer season, Joe protrayed the important role of captain and played the striker position on the field. With his tremendous efforts and talent, he helped the Mounts pull ahead against many other school teams. Although he actively participates in other school activities, he also finds time to keep statistics for the Mt.Penn boys� basketball team. Joe has been their manager during his four years at Mount Penn. With an interest in first-aid, Joe acts as trainer for the team by taking care of sprains and minor injuries.
     On the baseball field, he is well-known for his ability as pitcher. Because of his great agility on the field and ability as a pitcher, he managed to achieve MVP for Mount Penn last year. He portrays an outstanding athlete with a great inspiration to his fellow teammates.
          - Karen Denby

News from the Alley
     When most people think of Mt. Penn, we are easily identified with basketball. Our bowling teams never seem to get enough credit. The girls team is doing quite well. Mr. Fegely is confident they will win their division. The boy�s 1-11 record is not as impressive as the girls, but Mr. Fegely reminds us that the boys� team is young. While now floundering, the boys still have 30 matches to go. With the strength of some team members, such as Chris Malinowski, there is still lots of potential for our young bowlers.
          - Dave Moleski