Harlow-Stauffer Wedding

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Jeff & Robyn Harlow's Wedding, 6/15/02

What a beautiful clear blue sky they had for their wedding! Mr. & Mrs. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bro Harlow and Mom Harlow Ring bearing is very serious business.
Marcie & Butch Miller Mike Harlow (Jeff's brother) and Marlene Harlow (Jeff's Mom) Braden (Robyn's nephew)
Flower girls
(Rachel Julian on left)
Robyn's Dad and Robyn Peeeeeete Gabrielli
was a reader
Rachel was a very tidy flower girl. Dad Stauffer and the Dust Bunny Pete can read!  Who'da thought?!
I'm guessing Steve was already at .31 by this point. Is that an ear in your soup? Careful or I'll make a funny face. Did I ever mention that I lived with Missy and never saw her naked? If you had tested him he might have had some blood in his alcohol at this point.
Missy & Steve Julian Kelly Ostrowski Debbie & Darren Max Missy Julian,
Steve Julian,
co-best man
Darren Max,
nice face
Pete Gabrielli and
Keith Ream
Jeff & Debbie Petersen Kelly & Steve Ostrowski The first dance
Well, at least he is fashionable. A cute couple. The Petersens have a window that was tiled closed. Kelly after eating an ear, and her husband Steve.  Steve is in charge of explosives. Robyn is wearing a thong under this dress.
Robyn, a hanging plant and a wall Robyn, a beautiful background and blue skies Three hotties Jeff's Mom and Jeff Robyn and the kids
Robyn and
a hanging plant
Robyn and
blue sky
Three hotties Jeff's Mom & Jeff Robyn and
the kids
Is that a tear
in Jeff's eye?
Aunt Dee sneaks a photo from behind the ceremony... Jeff still can't
keep the women
away, even on his wedding day.
Twisted Sisters The royal
Harlow family
Look, look into my eyes...what do you see?...the pupils, I hope. Jeff, Robyn and an arch Jeff and his bitches Twisted Sisters The royal Harlow family
Studs and Robyn All of the Wedding Party except their feet Dust Bunny and the Hairdstylist Oh, my ears! Wayne and his beaver
Last chance for these guys to get their hands on Robyn The Wedding Party Robyn and my X-roommate ...maybe THIS was the reason I became ill at the wedding!  My ears STILL hurt. Wayne and a girl whose name I forget.
Jeff and his
college buddies
Aunt Dee,
Mom-Mom Harlow
and Mom Harlow
No-Yes and the drummer Ma and Pa Julian The photographer
and the groom
Strike a pose Aunt Dee, Mom-Mom Harlow and Mom Harlow I'm still holding a grudge. "All field, no hit" -- Al Julian The photographer can dance too!

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