Gallagher-Sturt Wedding

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July 21st, 2001
Picture Gallery
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Drew & Margaret's wedding announcement from the 8/26/01 Reading Eagle/Times

Drew's grandmother and his best-man/brother Tom

Margaret's grandmother and her brother

The groom's proud Mom entering the church...

Margaret's Mom and Margaret's brother

Margaret and her "Daddy" enter the church...

The first dance

Yep, still smiling!  :o)

Ma and Pa Gallagher, Ma and Pa Sturt

Haley, Julie and Michael (Drew's niece, sister and nephew)

Bev and Chris at the reception - aren't they cute!

Do you need to hover the cursor over the picture to know what this is?

Drew smiled like this ALL day long.

Tom and Chris, about to give their toasts

Tom giving his toast, following up a brilliant performance by Chris and Greg

Marcie Miller patting Margaret on the head.

Last Call for coming into the church...hurry up Krieschers!

Start of the reception

Tom, your shoulder is sooooo soft.

Greg Ciambruschini giving his toast.

Drew and Chris watching guests arrive from a window in the church.

The cutest couple attending the wedding.

Chris tells everyone how Drew was a Dungeons and Dragons nut.

Chuck & Ellen Gallagher

Drew & his proud mother

The Chip and the Block




Chris Mal's Toast to Drew & Margaret
Drew and I were at a Reading Phillies game about 10 years ago with Pete Gabrielli and Dave Petersen. Early in the game Drew decided he was hungry, so he told me "Chris, go get me a funnel cake." Naturally, without hesitation, I got up and got Drew his funnel cake. When I got back, Drew had a ball to show me, told me he had just caught it, that it would have landed right on my head � and we were probably on TV too. Since the Reading Phillies games are always replayed late at night, Drew was able to get a copy of the entire game � including his spectacular grab that would have landed right on me had I been there. Even the announcers were impressed and commented, "There�s a nice grab by a fan�and there�s the obligatory high fives." There they were on TV - Drew, Pete and Dave celebrating next to my empty seat. Drew has made a point of playing that tape every time I come to visit. And that pretty much summarizes my relationship with Drew. I would do anything for him, even if getting him a funnel cake meant missing out on my 5 minutes of fame.

Drew and I were friends long before that moment, since the days of Dungeons and Dragons � yes, Margaret, you can deny it all you want, but Drew was one of those�and we�ve been friends since the days of Pennside stickball, playing Capture-the-Flag in the Capilo�s back-yard, and listening to The Kinks in his bedroom. (Speaking of Drew�s bedroom, I should probably note, just so Margaret knows what she�s dealing with, that every inch of the walls of his bedroom contained all of Drew�s personal thoughts scribbled in pencil � at least, where there was room around the many pictures of baseball legends such as Tim Wallach and Cory Snyder.)

Anyway, I know we�ll continue to be just as close. Although we�ve finally weaned Drew off of pretending to slay dragons in his spare time, we�ll still play wiffleball in Cooperstown every year, we still listen to The Kinks, and now, thankfully, Margaret has provided him with a whole new set of walls to write on. I even expect that the picture of Tim Wallach will be hung prominently above the living room mantle.

Drew is truly the brother I never had, and if he�s half as good a husband as he is a friend, then Margaret is a very lucky person. Thank you both for allowing me the honor of standing beside you as you took this first step down the path of your life together.

Separately you two are special, remarkable people -- but together you are complete. Today we celebrate everything you have found in each other.

In conclusion, I have a traditional Irish blessing for you that I think is appropriate: May you always have walls for the wind, a roof for the rain, drinks beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you, and all that your hearts might desire.

Bev Mal and her many men
at Drew & Margaret's wedding

This guy is the cutest of the bunch.

This guy is a dead pull-hitter.

This guy won't let you use his lap as a pillow.

This guy has good table manners.

This guy peed on me once...STOP DENYING IT!

This guy is a older version of the cute #1 guy.

The Honeymoon
in the Bahamas!!!

(Click on the thumbnail picture to enlarge!)
A pool, a drink, sunny sky, warm weather and a very happy man.A pool-side bar...very cool.

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