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Chris Mal, exactly one year old
Here I am again -  this time at exactly one year old (Picture taken in August 1969.)

This is me as an infant...
Watching the game, drinking a bud.

Drew Gallagher's Bachelor Party Weekend (2001)

The look of a man who has just puked eight times.

"Please don't swing and miss, please don't swing and miss, please don't swing and miss..."

(Left) Drew puked eight times after the festivities ended Friday night.  "Liquor then Beer, never fear.  Beer then Liquor never sicker."  Or, with Drew, it's just "Beer never fear, Liquor never sicker."  This is a picture of Drew after the 8th puke, finally able to muster up enough strength to join us in the living room of our Ocean City rental home.  (Above) Friday morning, bachelor golfing.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day as you can see.  Here is the tournament lead-off hitter, me, trying not to make a complete fool of myself with everyone watching.

This is a picture of the Grand Canyon from our 1998 vacation to Arizona.  It's a beautiful photo, click on it to enlarge.  It would make a nice background screen.

Grand Canyon, South Rim, 1998 Vacation

My hot wife Bev.  This picture was taken in 1999 at Busch Gardens, Virginia.  That vacation we also made stops at Virginia Beach and Williamsburg.  There's nothing particularly noteworthy about this picture, I just think it's a good picture of Bev (although I should have used the flash.)

This is a picture from my legendary trip to Fort Walton Beach with Drew Gallagher, Greg Ciambruschini, Pete Gabrielli and Rob Farr.  The photo was taken during a round at the local Chip-and-Putt.  This was the only hole that I parred, so I thought I'd capture it on film.  It turned out to be a kind of interesting picture.

Chris finally pars a hole at a Fort Walton Beach, Florida Chip-and-Putt

This is a picture of me in my leopard spotted pajamas on Christmas morning, 1970.  That would make me 2 years and 4 months old when this picture was taken.

Nice pajamas!

Drummer Boy

Dickie Delp on his basement steps, just a stone's throw from where I kicked everyone's ass in Darts.  This is Dickie's Internet press photo.  I'd do him.  (But did he fall and hit his face?)

This is Nicola...

This is Nicola on drugs...

Nicola and me, Prom pictures

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