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Marc Moyer graduated from Temple Dental School on 5/22/03.  From left to right: Marc's step-dad Bob's Aunt Ann Marie, Bob's Uncle Carl, Marc's Mom Mary, Marc, Marc's friend Krystyn and his baby bro Michael.

Marc Moyer, his hot girlfriend and Marc's family

Isn't this a great picture of Bev?!
(Taken July 5th, 2003)


Jolie in the Stremba's new pool!
What a cute family!

These are pictures from our annual Valentine's Day gathering with the Strembas in 2003.  This year our Valentine's Day event got post-poned so many times that it didn't happen until July 24th.  But that was just as well as it gave us a chance to tour the Chateau Stremba, their new beautiful home in Mohnton, fully equipped with an in-ground pool.

Dorney Park, July 2nd, 2003

OK, so I have a thing for sunsets.  This was taken as we were leaving at the end of Jolie's first day at an amusement park.  She had a blast.  I have to say, I was extremely impressed with their "little kids" section of the park called "Camp Snoopie."  They had a LOT of things to do for little kids.  And the most impressive thing about it was that - unlike other amusment parks - just about all of the kiddie rides were made so that parents could ride WITH the kids.  That way it didn't exclude LITTLE little kids like Jolie who would be too small to go on rides by themselves.  Good job Dorney Park.  Very nicely done.

Dorney Park Sunset, 7/02/03

A picture from the good ol' days.

Sandy and Steve Stremba just after arriving at the annual Met-Ed Substation and Relay Department Christmas party at Walt LaSota's house.  (Is that a mullet???)

Dr. Marc Moyer's
Graduation Party

6/01/03 @ The Reading
Country Club

Jolie liked sitting on Mary's chairs like a big girl.
Cute as a button
Marc is so lucky to have a Lehigh Valley Mom
M.C. and Marc's Mom
Just say no to plaque bluild up
The Doc
While Marc is fixing your teeth, let Mike fix your finances!
Marc's brother, Mike

5/30/03 @ The Crab Barn

For more info check out..

Mr. Hand!
That pole really needs to be removed. Marty Jeff On the skins....DICKIE DELP!
These are some pictures I took of Mr.Hand...the '80's band at the Crab Barn on 5/30/03, while there with Mike Capilo.  I then massaged the pictures with some special affects using Adobe PhotoShop.

These pictures were taking in the summer of 2002 on the way home from the 2002 Hall-of-Fame ceremonies in Cooperstown, NY.  There was a field off the side of the road filled with these cool miniature sunflowers.
Cooperstown Sunflowers Cooperstown Sunflowers

PhotoShop Magic

Elton Jolie Elton Jolie

These are some cute pictures of Jolie that I turned into a "professional" look using the magic of PhotoShop.  I love the way this turned out.  I got a bunch of these made into 5x7's.  If you have any digital pictures that you'd like me to turn into something similar, I could do it for a small fee!  :o)

Lake Ontelaunee, April 27th, 2003
Sunset over Lake Ontelaunee, Spring 2003 One of the most beautiful days of the Spring.  Bev went grocery shopping after work, so I took Jolie to Lake Ontelaunee for a couple hours of picking up sticks, examining pine cones, and touching moss for the first time in her life.  The sun was setting behind the lake as we were about ready to leave.  This is what it looked like (along which a few nifty adjustments in PhotoShop.)

Eddie from Ohio
April 10th, 2003 @ The Mitchell Performing Arts Center
Bryn Athyn, PA; FRONT ROW
(These are pictures I took!)

Robbie Schaefer Julie Murphy-Wells Eddie Hartness Michael Clem

Our San Diego Vacation, March of 2000
Point Loma, California
Here's another picture from our trip to San Diego.  This was taken at Point Loma near the Cabrillo Monument.  There's nothing really significant about this picture, I just thought it was kind of interesting.  All of the pictures we took of the Pacific Ocean look like painting.  It was very foggy there that morning which is apparently quite common.  Now that I look at this picture it seems to lose a little perspective.  Why is it that pictures of vast scenery taken from very high above seem to lose the reality of just how high up in the air you were?

For those of you who are sadly uninformed, "Rush Story" is not a story about the band "Rush."  It is, rather, a joyous story about a band called "Toy Much Joy" who wrote the brilliant song "Crush Story" in 1991 which appeared on my all-time favorite CD, "Cereal Killers."  This story was written by me, and appeared in Issue 9 of the band's official newsletter, "JoyBuzzer," in the Winter of 1995.  Accompanying it was a one-act play by Drew Gallagher titled "Tidbit About Fredericksburg, VA CD Stores."

     Thursday, September 22, 1994, at about 6:00 p.m., somewhere out�side of Washington, DC, I was hungry. My buddies Drew, John and I ordered a large pepperoni pizza which we devoured in what seemed like minutes. Moments later, we were off to the 9:30 Club where Too Much Joy would soon be making an appearance.

     The concert, which now seems like years ago, was excellent, but now, in the dawn of a new album release, I feel it should be known to all who will listen-Do not eat pizza before a Too Much Joy concert.

The 9:30 Club was packed solid, everyone bouncing and many of them stage-diving into my head. So crowded that if you raised your hands above your head, they were staying there because everyone was so close together
that you wouldn't have-room to return them to your side. There was Much bumping, a lot of sweating -it was very hot- and everyone was filled with Too Much Joy. Unfortunately, not only was I filled with this euphoria they call Too Much Joy, but I was also filled with slimy, greasy pizza. And by song four or five (which happened to be "Crush Story"), I started feeling a rumbling inside-"Don't know how long it's gonna last, everything's moving fast." Soon, I realized, "Things are getting worse, things are getting oh so bad." And if one more clown bumped me too hard, I was about to have the most embarrassing moment of my life, and so was the clown.

Find a bathroom. I remembered wandering around before the show, and I seemed to recall a bathroom downstairs. I quickly fought my way through the mobs of people, and it was at this moment that I made a discovery. Is anyone else familiar with the phenomenon that when you really have to go, the closer you get to the bathroom, the more you have to go? It is directly proportional. Anyway, I reached the men's room...a stall! Yes, it was not locked! BAM! That's because there was no lock. Clocked the poor guy who was on the throne right in the skull. I remember him saying something like, "Awww, man!" I think the door hit him pretty good. I apologized.

     Now I was in trouble because the pizza thought it was home free, and if you remember the phenomenon that I mentioned earlier, I was at the peak of my trauma. Women's room! It's my only hope! Ran to the other side of the hall -incredible- no one was in there. Probably the only women's room in the world not occupied! Three stalls - I took the closest to the door. I was a little embarrassed to be in the women's room, but it was easy to overlook as the pizza found its rightful home.

     By the time I was finished, two or three girls had come into the bathroom. I don't think they actually did anything-they just came in... to talk. Amazing. Why is it that so many women are constantly going to the bath�room, and why in God's name do they have to go in groups of two or three or more?! Sure enough, very few of them actually went to the bathroom. I love Too Much Joy though, and had little desire to spend half the show in the women's room,

but I waited for them to leave. Apparently, however, I came into the room during the only window of complete non-occupancy. I waited while three girls just stood there and talked for five or ten minutes. "Boy, these guys are really good!" "Yeah, they're not bad." (If you think they're so damn good, how about going upstairs and actually listening to them? Then on to, "So, what do you think of Johnny?" "Oh, I don't know, he's kinda cute, but..." It was the most juvenile conversation I've ever heard.  So this is why women go to the bathroom!

     By then, there were seven women, two in the remaining stalls, and one of them right outside the door of my stall, waiting for me to leave. The cracks on either side of the stall doors were about three inches, so in order to hide my male identity, I leaned forward a little bit so that no one could see my face through the cracks. Stupid, I was wearing shorts, and I'm afraid I don't remember the last time I shaved my legs.

Now I was starting to think I was being ridiculous. I'll just walk out; these girls are never going to leave. Just then, I heard a whisper, "Hey...that's a guy in there!" So I came out, smiled a crooked smile and said, "Sorry, the men's room was occupied." And she said to me with this really pissed off look on her face, "Yeah, right!"

     Oh, OK, I spent ten bucks to see my favorite band and then realized, "No, I'd rather hang out in the women's room." Then again, this study has shown that this is the logic to which many women seem to subscribe...

     Oddly enough, my buddy Drew saw Too Much Joy again not too long after this little incident. Sandy didn't even play that show; there was a replacement. In the middle of the show - in fact, in the middle of a song - Tommy ran off the stage because he was having a little problem with his stomach! They must've had pizza.

I am now related to these people. I'm not sure what they are doing exactly. I'm guessing they ranged between 18 and 24 in this picture, somewhere around 1990.  From left to right are Bev's sisters and brother: Beth, Scott and Deb.  That's Bev in the front.

Strange people

12/26/02 Dinner at the Kreishers
A mortgage broker, a claims adjuster, an engineer and a dentist.
Mike Moyer, Drew, Me, Marc Moyer
I hope she doesn't pee on you like Marc used to.
Drew, Mike, Me, Jolie

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