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Steve Stremba complained that there was ZERO pictures of him on the Scans pages.  Here's one of Steve from our infamous night of drunken Karaoke.  I sang "Love Shack" that night, and was later spotted with my lips on a Mice.

Steve is great.

Deb, Scott, Bev and Beth

This is an old picture of the Sevart siblings - Bev's sister Deb, her brother Scott, Bev and her sister Beth.  I think this is a really excellent and cute picture.

You just can't have enough pictures of me from when I was really young.  Nice orange clothes they dressed me in, though.  This picture was taken in December of 1970 - I was 2 years and 4 months old.

Me dressed in orange in December 1970.

Chooo Choooo!

Yep, that's me in the cab of that steam engine.  ...and so began my dream of becoming an Engineer.  I've reached that goal and now work at GPU where they have yet to let me drive the train.  I'm suspicious they don't even have a train...

Part of 1998 Vacation: Sedona, Arizona

A rose among thorns!

Red Rocks of Sedona at sunset become REALLY red!

Red Rocks of Sedona thru a panoramic camera

Picture taken during a Jeep tour

"Bell Rock"

More of the Red Rocks of Sedona

Expert Fisherman, Mike Capilo On August 10th, 1996, Mike Capilo caught a 3.89 pound, 20" Red Porgy off of the Gulf of Mexico.  This was the largest Red Porgy ever caught in Texas according to State records.  Unfortunately, the record was broken in 2007 by some tool named Jared McSpadden who caught his Red Porgy using a "cigar minnow".  Who couldn't break records using a cigar minnow?  That's almost like cheating.  See "Texas State Saltwater Rod & Reel Records."

Kiss My Bass

Julie, Suzanne and Drew

Julie, Suzanne and Drew from our trip to see Marillion around 1993.

Mike, Drew and Marc...Drew was way ahead of his time as far as socks go.

Bottom right picture: Me, Phillip Andre, Greg Andre, Marc Moyer, Mike Moyer and Drew Gallagher.  All of these pictures are from our days coaching the 6-7-8 year old Antietam Indians in 1985.

This guy let Derek Wilson steal baseball cards from him.

This guy once peed on me, but he's in denial.

Title of picture: NICE SOCKS!

Me, my bike and my biker babe.

Bev and I from our 1999 day trip to NYC, stopped in at the Harley Davidson Restaurant.

Drew at Timberline, 1992

Drew Gallagher looking cool in the locker room at Timberline around 1992.  (I have another picture from this same roll of film - Drew flexing with his shirt off.  I'll gladly show it to anyone who is interested.)

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