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A very young Pete Gabrielli, P-E-T-E Pete Pete Pete The picture of the whole group below from 15 years ago inspired me to post this one as well.  Hard to say how I wound up with this picture or how I managed to keep it for all of these years, but here's a picture of Pete Gabrielli from what looks to be about 6th grade.

Me about to pour YooHoo on Scott Menet (Mike Capilo in background)ESL 1985 Yoo-Hoo CeremonyMe pouring YooHoo on Scott Menet with Drew Gallagher holding him down (Mike Capilo in background)

These could be some of my all-time favorite pictures.  (Special thanks to Tracy Holland for sending them to me.)  They're from November, 1985.  Center picture, from left to right, Mike Capilo, Drew Gallagher, Tom Holland with Steve Julian on his shoulders, Scott Menet, Tom Gallagher, me and Pete Gabrielli.  This was our Rotisserie League "Yoo-Hoo" ceremony, where the winner of the league (Scott Menet) would get a bottle of Yoo-Hoo dumped on his head.

That's not a car...theese is a car! This is a picture of Tom Gallagher's new baby, a 1968 Porsche that he obtained through eBay.  The previous owner was in Los Angeles.  After winning the auction, he was informed that shipping from L.A. would be about $1000.  Instead, Tom took a 1-way flight and drove the car all the way across the country back home to Philadelphia.

Look, I'm levitating!Penn State maturity at its best, hehehe Hey, who forgot to use deoderant this morning?We are - Penn StateKerry

It's hard to sit up straight with this great big genius head. Here's a picture of me and my pet Duck.

Turtle Crossing? This is a picture taken along a highway on our Maui trip.
I'm guessing you won't find a sign like this one
in too many places.  Nothing too interesting about
this picture itself.  I just thought it was a funny sign.

Why is Sue the only one with an I'm-wearing-a-stupid-hat look on her face?Title:  "Hats and a lot of teeth."

I could make millions as an artist if I wanted. This was my first attempt at Watercolor
during a class I took with Bev in 1999.

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