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This chick is so hot she's on fire.

These pictures I title "If Bev was a president she'd be BABErham Lincoln."  More pictures from 1994.

This couple is sooooo cute together.

Women, don't stare at this picture too long or your head with explode.

This picture I title "Pile of Studs."  It's hard to say what is going on here exactly, but it's safe to say that there aren't many women who wouldn't want to be in the middle of this pile.  This picture was from 1994.  In particular order in this photo are Steve Julian, Butch Miller, Mike Capilo, Drew Gallagher and I.

I just got a digital camera - a Canon G1 - rated the #1 digital camera by Consumer Reports.  These pictures here are some "test" pictures that I took and they turned out to be rather impressive.  (Left) These are some of Bev's violets that I caught in the early morning sun.  (Center) This might appear to be a field of Daffodils, but it's actually just a potted gift we received when Jolie was born.  I took this picture with the Daffodils sitting on the hospital room window sill the morning after she was born.  (Right) These are some beautiful flowers that we received from Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley and her family. 

Bev's Violets, 2/10/02

Daffodils in the hospital window, 2/12/02

Flowers from Cathy (Ketcher) Rowley

Dean Stremba and his new dirt bike.  Picture taken February 2002.

Dean should run over the kid across the street with his new bike...

Le Plane!  Le Plane!

This is the tattoo that Steve Stremba got on his arm in February 2002.  This picture was donated by Steve for my website to increase the web-coolness factor by 100%.

This is the '94 Mustang Cobra my Dad bought in February 2002.  It had only 70,000 miles when he bought it. '94 was the 30 year anniversary of the Mustang, and he actually had a '64 Mustang when he was younger.

1994 Mustang Cobra

Rod Stewart wrote a song about these legs.

My hot wife in a skirt showing off her hot legs and putting away some cold milk at our townhouse in Wyomissing back around 1996.

Four hot studs A picture of 8 people who are very VERY full.

Dinner with the Moyers/Kreishers/Gallaghers, 12/26/01
Picture on left: Marc, me, Drew, Mike
Picture on right: (Front) Sue, Mike, Drew, Margaret; (Back) Missy, Marc, Bev, me

CASTLE OF VERSAILLES (built in 1623)
Near Paris, France (Part of our 1996 Vacation)
These pictures that I took do not do justice to the vast beauty and immensity of this place.  Additionally, both the outside AND inside has to be seen to get a full appreciation of both how ornate it is, and just how absurdly wealthy King Louis XIV must have been.  The castle, one of the largest in the world, has more than 2,000 windows, 700 rooms, 1250 fireplaces, 67 staircases and more than 1,800 acres of park.  The park gardens full of flora, fountains, sculptures and waterfalls are just as spectacular as the castle itself.

Castle of Versailles

Castle of Versailles

Castle of Versailles

Castle of Versailles

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