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Steve throwing a dart.....and Mike

Chris Hunter about to throw a dart.....and Mike

Nicola about to throw a dart......and Mike

These pictures make me laugh every single time I look at them.
They were taken on New Year's Eve, 12/31/00, in Pete's basement.

If I wanted to, I could make millions as a photographer.This is a picture of the sunset which I took from
our back patio when we lived in Wyomissing.
It makes a good background screen!

Two hotties in black Here is a picture of my sister-in-law Beth and my beautiful wife, Beverly, from Beth's graduation day at Kutztown University. Beth has since gone on to be the best teacher in the Lehigh Valley area.  I love this picture - they are both soooo cute!


Chris Mal and his Chick MagnetThis was the first car I bought upon entering the working world - a red 1992 Dodge Stealth.  I leased it to save some money and handed it back when the lease was up 5 years later. That car was a chick magnet. It even came with a scrapper to get them off your windshield upon returning home. I miss that car...



Keep your distance, you homo!Here is a picture from our '96 trip to Europe.  This particular picture was taken outside of where the Crown Jewels are kept.  You'll notice that I am trying not to laugh and the fine gentleman on the left looks none-too-pleased.  It seems I was not very in-tune with British traditions.  Just before this picture was snapped I thought a cute pose would be for me to put my arm around this guy.  Apparently that is a no-no.  He lept back and yelled in a fine British accent, "What are you, some sort of fag?!"

The three cutest couples in New York City. My dinner partners,
the Deanes and the Seilers,
from our trip to New York in 1999.

GPU studs take on New York.Here's a picture of Katie Curic
from the GPU Energy Spring 1999 bus trip to NYC
(and Joe Deane, me and Ken Seiler).

It's a good think this wine is the same color as my dress!Tamara, Carol & Bev (with high-hair)
from Bill & Holly MacFall's wedding,
a couple years before I met Bev.

I say we give Chris EVERY job.  All in agreement? Here is a scan of the time Gary Larson
enshrined the GPU Engineering Services
Project Leaders - Oscar Kebriti,
Bernie Chernisky, Curt Bonanni &
Rick Heffner - in his daily Far Side.

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