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Three bobble heads

Here's a picture of me and my Harry Kalas and Whitey Ashburn bobbleheads that Kerry & Matt Royer got for me.  Aren't the three of us the cutest bobbly trio you ever did see?!

It was a tough choice, chosing between Bev and Minnie Mouse.

This is a picture taken from the first vacation that Bev and I took together.  It was June of 1994, just 3 months after we started dating.  We took a trip to Florida which included Disney.  These pictures were taken in the Coral Reef Restaurant for our "Character Breakfast."  I think Minnie Mouse wanted me.

Bevvie Human and Minnie Mouse

  Blandon Sunset, 7/31/02
Blandon Sunset, July 2002 Was it the mushroom stench that caused these vibrant colors? Amish corn and a colorful Maiden Creek sunset...
These pictures were taken just a couple minutes from my house while on my weekly bike ride.  I'm rather proud of these actually.  They came out even better than I thought they would.  I took about a dozen shots and had a hard time deciding which were the coolest for the web-site.  The second and third were taken with the camera low to the ground and pointing up through a corn field.  Pretty damn cool, don'tcha think?

  Our San Diego Vacation, March of 2000
The beach of LaJolla, California Our San Diego vacation was in March of 2000 Sea Lions!
These pictures are all taken in LaJolla, a very rich suburb of San Diego.  The beach photos came out looking almost like paintings.  If you enlarge them you'll see that the water almost doesn't look real.  (Or, at least, it doesn't if you are used to the ocean waters of the Northeast!)  Adding to that effect, notice in Picture #1 that I caught a person in the foreground painting the scene.  The lumps in Picture number #3 are actually Sea Lions.  There was one section of the beach that was completely covered with about a 100 of them.  I really can't say enough good things about San Diego.  There is so much to do in that area, the weather is as perfect as you'll find anywhere in the contenental U.S., the beaches are beautiful, the downtown area is thriving (unlike many other cities), and it's exceptionally clean.

This is a picture taken at our hotel in Maui while on our honeymoon, and proves that I was a mental patient as long ago as 1995.

Me and my yellow construction friends

G'day blote!

Mary Kreisher, Tom Gallagher and Bob Kreisher from the Kreisher's vacation to Arizona in June 2002.


Kyle Julian's 1st Birthday Party, 6/23/02

Kyle Julian begins the process of dissecting his cake. Nice quaits player, but couldn't beat Chris and Wayne to save his life. Steve couldn't handle losing to me so he tried to change the playing conditions.  Hahaha. Cutie, and Cutie Jr. Missy and her Mom are the world's greatest cookie bakers.
Chris Hunter, voted most courteous quaits player of 2002 Steve doing his community service Bev and Jolie Rachel, Missy and yummy chocolate cake
Nice form, but how about tucking in your shirt. Who talks more, Marcie or Taylor?  Close race. Kyle, practicing his candle blowing out technique. Will be best friends forever if they don't kill each other first.
Wayne Beaver, my stellar quaits partner Marcie and Taylor trying to decide which cookie to eat first Kyle Julian Taylor and Rachel in the big pool.  That pool needs a life gaurd!
All of Steve's friends should be named Chris.  Chris is a really good name. Smile, you're on digital camera! There's only room for one of us in this here town...err...I mean, pool. I'd rather eat this plate than play soccer! Al Julian - good form, no quaits.
Chris and his woman Kyle Julian,
a very cute picture
Taylor Miller
striking a pose
The cake is gone, I think I'll eat the plate. Wayne Beaver and Big Al Julian

What a beautiful clear blue sky they had for their wedding!

Jeff Harlow and Robyn Stauffer were married on June 15th, 2002.  Thanks to a combination of my digital camera and Jeff's Aunt Dee, I have BUNCH of great pictures from that day.  CLICK HERE to see!

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