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Drew Gallagher's 30th Birthday Party
February 26th, 2000, "Drew Wants You to Be a Millionaire"
What would a celebration be without The Drew Dance? All eyes were riveted on Master of Ceremonies, Drew Wine

Joe Esposito on a PNC Bank ad at Heinz Field

This picture is of a friend of mine, Joe Esposito, who used to work at GPU.  According to Joe:  "It was taken at the last game at Three Rives Stadium.  My brother is in the middle of the picture with the Kordell jersey and I am in the far left of the picture playing with my digital camera that I just bought a week before the game.  The guy holding the sign was from Allentown, PA.  That was his first trip to TRS.  The picture must have been taken early in the game because the old man standing behind us in the Picture had a bloody forehead in the 4th quarter after someone threw a glass beer bottle from the upper level.  I wonder why they airbrushed over my Pirates hat?"

This is a picture of me and Bev from our treacherous Pocono Whitewater trip back around 1995.  Also on this trip was Pete Gabrielli, Steve Julian, Jeff Harlow, Drew Nosti, Tony Rodriguez, Jeff and Kim Werner.

Dangerous waters, yikes!

A hot dog with a hot dog

This is me, July 1970, one month short of my second birthday.  I kind of look like Dennis the Menace, don't you think?  Such a cute kid.  One has to wonder...what the hell happened!

Our San Diego Vacation, March of 2000
Cool guy on bike in front of Hotel del Coronado
Quite possibly our favorite part of our San Diego vacation was the day we spent in Coronado.  Coronado is a suburb of San Diego across the bay from San Diego.  We took a ferry to get there, and then rented bikes and wandered through this old-fashioned oasis.  That's me in the picture above, as a matter of fact!  It was a great deal of fun, an absolutely beautiful place, and very relaxing.  Coronado is described as "a town so wholesome that the biggest controversy in the local weekly paper may be a teen reader protesting an anti-skateboarding ordinance."  It has fine beaches where you can catch glimpses of dolphins in the surf, watch Navy planes make their long, low descent to the Naval Air station north of the island.  And, of course, the highlight of Coronado is the Hotel del Coronado - shown partly in the background in my photo above.  It opened in 1888.  Countless celebrities have stayed, dined and played there.  The place is massive, elegant, and is a site to behold in and of itself.  We wandered inside just to check it out.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that we wouldn't be able to afford to stay there!

The Thriving Snow Covered Metropolis of BlandonHere's a cool picture of our house during the first snow of the year, 12/05/02.  It turned out kind of interesting as the flash seemed to make the snowflakes look like little glowing stars.  The original picture was almost 100% black because the camera underexposed everything, as I expected it to.  Then I lightened everything up in Adobe PhotoShop.  It really is amazing what you can do with a digital camera and some good software.

3 Buddies

Three managerial geniuses: Drew Gallagher (left) and Chris Malinowski (right), former managers of the Antietam Indians 6-7-8 year old Softball team; and Earl Weaver (center), former manager of the Baltimore Orioles.  This picture was taken in Cooperstown, NY in 1990.

Our 2001 Vacation to Charleston, Hilton Head, Savannah
5/05/01 thru 5/12/01
Interesting shot at Fort SumterWhen discussing where we would go in 2001, Bev suggested Charleston, to which I responded "Huh? What is in Charleston?"  I did a little research and was impressed enough to go there.  I was not disappointed as it turned out to be one of the best vacations that we have ever been.  Perfect climate,Spanish Moss hanging from the trees at Boone Hall Plantation beautiful clean city, friendly people, great restaurants, gorgeous scenery, plenty to do and plenty to see.  I could actually see myself living there some day - maybe after retirement.

The downtown Charleston area is almost bizarre in its beauty.  How they
Sunset in Hilton Head.  This was taken while on a boat moving EXTREMELY fast believe it or not.managed to keep the entire downtown area in its original condition is amazing.  There are just about no modern buildings to speak of, and everything is kept in pristine condition.  Just wandering the side-streets and looking down back alleys was worth the trip.  I'm not sure ho"Rainbow Row" along the waterfront.w they get EVERY home owner to take such pride in their upkeep.  If you looked This is me actually IN an indentation in this tree.  I'm so funny!behind most of the homes you'd see mini-botanical gardens with water falls, fountains - and some even playing soothing music for the passers-by.

We hit Fort Sumter, Cypress Gardens (including a canoe trip thru the swamp which, believe it or not was the highlight of the trip), beautiful beaches,
Boone Hall Plantation which has the last remaining slave homes, and MaPicture of the Cypress Trees taken looking straight up in the air.gnolia Plantation which required a full day to explore the home and surrounding property, and plenty of hot-spots downtown.  (Be sure to walk down to Rainbow Row and its beautiful and amazing colorful mansions along the bay!)

And the food!  WOW!  If you go, be sure to eat
Taken from our canoe paddling through Cypress Gardens.dinner at one or more of the these:  82 Queen, Poogan's Porch and Magnolia's.  Some of the best food I've ever eaten.

Then we spent a day in Hilton Head where we took a dolphin cruise and spent the rest of the day riding rented bikes.
Another sunset picture from Hilton Head.
Savannah was not nearly as impressive as Charleston.  In fact, if we had it to do over, we wouldn't have bothered with Savannah, and would have just spent more time in Charleston.  We didn't find there to be nearly as much to do in Savannah, and the downtown area just wasn't anywhere close in charm or cleanliness when compared to Charleston.

Here are some of the more interesting scenery picture
The scenery in the gardens at both Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantation was amazingly beautiful!s that I took.  This was before I bought a digital camera, so these are scans which don't do the original photos justice.

This is my nephew Pierce from around 2000 at a McDonald's playland in Allentown.  Pierce is Bev's sister Deb's son.

My nephew Pierce at the McDonald's playland in Allentown.

Blue Sky in Blandon, 9/11/02
9/11/02 9/11/02 9/11/02
I guess this is sorta my 9/11 tribute.  Like the sunset pictures taken on "Picture Page 11," these were taken just a few minutes from my house while on my weekly bike ride.  It was 9/11/02, one year after the terrorist attacks.  It was almost strange just how beautiful the entire day was.  I don't remember the sun being so bright and the sky so blue.

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