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Look, I'm a monkey! This is a picture of my brother-in-law, Bill, my sister, Lynn, me and my enchanting wife, Beverly.  The background and lamp-post in this picture looks like we're somewhere very quaint when we're actually just outside of Ruby Tuesdays at the Berkshire Mall creating a scene.


Andy and AnnHere's a picture of former Pittsburgh Pirate Andy VanSlyke photographed with Ann Esposito, the wife of my friend and former co-worker Joe Esposito.

"You're a Jerkface!" - KerryGPU Firm Representatives
Kerry McGuinness & Sue Hohenadel

Cool picture looking out of a Swiss castle This is a picture from our trip to Europe a few
years ago looking out of a castle in Switzerland.
The castle was built in the 600's - not the 1600's, the 600's.
There's nothing particularly historic about this
picture really, I just thought it was kinda neat.

Christmas '99 at Ground RoundThe two coolest people to have ever worked at GPU.These are 3 of my best friends from work.
Kerry, Lisa and Sue.

Fort Walton Beach Wiffleball World Series Another picture from the great Fort Walton Beach,
Florida trip.  I'm glad we took pictures of this feeble
attempt at displaying our manhood.  It's small
proof that we did something on this trip besides
eat, sleep, watch Sportscenter and go to Sammy's.
This picture is of Greg about to take a swing against Drew.

An Exeter Moon around 1992Here is a picture that I took a few years
ago looking through some trees at a full moon.
(Makes a decent background screen!)

Derek (Hinkle) and Derek (Petersen) Here's a picture of Derek Hinkle and Derek
Petersen taken two years ago in my back yard.

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