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That little house is a shed that's in our back yard.

Yes, the sky was really that blue, it wasn't digitally altered.

I can also show you some of my needle point if you want...just kidding.

More cool pictures from our backyard, taken with our new digital camera.  Yeah, I know, taking pictures of flowers, I'm such a woman.  But, you gotta admit, these are pretty damn cool.

First ever live appearance
5/31/02 @ The Crab Barn

For more info check out..

Mr. Hand!
The Official Band camera geek edited the pole out of the middle of this picture.
What happened to the pole?  Ah, the magic of photo editors...
Is this picture cool looking or a piece o' crap?  I couldn't make up my mind.
Is this picture psychedelically cool or a piece o' crap?  I couldn't decide.
The guitar player looks like my boss at GPU.
The guitar player kind of looks like my new boss at work.
Dickie hits the drums HARD!
Dickie hits the drums HARD HARD HARD!
Z Slick Chick and Z
Mr.Hand groupies,
Brenda from Ga Ga Gorilla and Z.
Official Mr. Hand Camera Babe
Official Mr. Hand camera girl and visitor of this website.

Mike Moyer's College Graduation Party, 5/18/02

Mike was captain of the Millersville hockey team Master Raker Cloe was only 6 weeks old when this picture was taken. You shall refer to me only as "THE MYTH!" Now, I thought you told us on the bus that you would be playing for the Flyers by now.
Drew gazes lovingly into Margaret's ear Jolie slept through half the party and cried through the other half. Tracy's fiance Chris was interrogated by Drew through most of the evening.

Clockwise from left:
(1) Michael holds up his authentic personalized Flyers jersey
that Drew, Margaret, Bev, Jolie, Tom, Tracy and I bought for him;

(2) Nicola Dalonzo, Master Raker;
(3) Kristi's 6 week old Pug, Cloe;
(4) Scott Allen, a.k.a. "The Mighty CJ", a.k.a. "The Myth";
(5) Tom and Tracy discuss where Scott Allen's pro-hockey career dreams when wrong;
(6) Tracy's fianc´┐Ż Chris, Tom Holland, Michael, Tracy Holland;
(7) Bev and 3-month old cute-as-a-button Jolie;
(8) Drew looks lovingly into Margaret's ear.

Me and a gigantic leaf in Maui.  I just thought this was a really funny picture.  It was taken on my honeymoon in 1995.

Is it a leaf or catcher's gear?

Drew Gallagher on the cover of the May '88 Stickball Digest!

Here's a big-time collectors' item!  The very first ever issue of Stickball Digest, as created by Tom Gallagher.  If I remember correctly, there were only about 6 issues with the picture of Drew that Tom drew free-hand on every single copy!  It was "published" in May of 1988.

For the season, Drew led the league in average (.525), followed by Chris Mal (.515) and Rob Miller (.500).  Tom G led in Home Runs with 19, followed by Drew (18) and Mike Capilo (15).  Someday maybe I'll add all of the final Stickball stats to this website.

This is Tom and Tracy Holland's Mom, Carol Holland, at the age of 19.  Little did this ice skater know that years later she would be bombarded almost daily with beanbags and orange street hockey balls, and left to clean up the empty bag of Doritos.

Carol Holland, Police Dispatcher

Mikey Z!

(Sorry, Dickie, I had to steal this picture.  This is too damn funny.)  As seen on the Dickie Delp web-site:
New issue of Playboy with
     "Tiffany" on the cover - $5.95
One Bottle of Nikolai vodka - $11.99
Having your friends photograph your drunk ass,
passed out in the Lewis kitchen- PRICELESS

Pretty picture of my hot wife Bev from our Honeymoon in Maui in 1995.  This was taken at a botanical gardens that we visited.  Apparently I didn't like the shoes that Bev was wearing that day because I didn't get them in the picture.

My little pettite flower amongst lots of little orange pettite flowers.

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